Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 91

Ribek Outskirts.

There we had begun the construction of the battleship.

There was Risha and Lilia with their slave cards and citizens who had been hired with money.

They had all come together to construct it.

There were magic circles popping up here and there as they placed materials inside them, slowly but surely completing it.

It looked less like construction and more like making a huge plastic model.

Maya and I were watching this sight from a distance.

「Once it is finished you girls can use it.」
「We can?」
「It should help you do what you’ve been doing. It has nitoka on it and if needed you can engage in hand to hand combat.」
「I see.」
「Incidentally it has some residential spaces inside of it. If you use it, then you won’t need to sleep outside anymore. No more sleeping in tents.」
「That’s great.」
「You need to care for your bodies. You’re going to have my children right?」
「…….y-yeah, that’s right.」

Maya said blushing as she looked down.

After a short while of furtively glancing at me, she opened her mouth to speak.

「Did something happen to you?」
「What do you mean?」
「You seem different.」
「After all whenever we brought it up you were as slippery as an eel, but suddenly you just brought it up yourself. I’m happy but……it’s very different.」
「I see.」

Different huh?

I feel like the Goddess said something similar.

「I don’t feel like I’ve changed all that much.」
「That’s not the case——-wait…」

Maya stopped and smiled.

「If that’s the case then it’s fine.」
「It’s fine?」
「Yes. It’s important to us that you said you would give us children after all.」
「I see…so you’re fine with that.」
「Yeah, I’ll tell everyone.」

I exchanged a promise with Maya as she smiled.

There were now two reasons to look forward to the completion of the battleship.
Palace’s reception room.

The head of Magatan, Gerashim, had come to see me.

「It’s been a while. How have you been?」
「Thanks to Akito-san people are living well, I am living a stable life as well.」
「I see, then as long as your happy with it.」
「It’s stable with more abundance than before…it’s just that…」
「That what?」
「Recently there have been people getting drunk and violent. This has caused various problems.」
「Alcohol huh?」
「Un. Magatan was originally a town famous for their alcohol. Did you know? It’s called 「trousseau」 alcohol.」
「What is that?」

The name was a bit awkward for alcohol.

「It’s a very old custom in which a batch of wine was made at the same time as the birth of a girl. Once the girl was grown and was about to get married it was taken out and became trousseau wine. It matured for the entire time she grew up so it was quite delicious and valuable.」
「Huh, I see. It does sound good.」
「Un. And there is another version where it was brewed and stored for between one or a couple of years to be sold later.」
「That type has recently started being made again and has appeared in the market……..but there are two problems. First, there are people who get drunk and gets rambunctious.」
「That’s nice, it means that it is becoming more accessible.」
「Akito-san you shouldn’t say things like this.」
「I know I know. I’ll make sure to crack down on it properly.」

Even though I didn’t think much of it myself, it was a different matter when it came to the management of the country.

I need to properly control this, but not so much that people can’t enjoy themselves.

I have to take both into consideration.

「and the other problem?」
「This wine uses a type of wreath plant, but it grows in specific areas. It is also very hard to grow domestically, leaving no choice but to find it out in the wild.」
「I see. Well I guess it’d be something like that.」

I guess it was something like eel in my previous world.

「Recently that location has been occupied.」
「Un, occupied. The former subordinates of Marato and Maxim have done so. They are the ones who resisted you to the end.」
「The remnants came together?」
「Un. Even so I wish they’d go away if we told them to……」
「But they want an unbelievable price to do so?」

Gerashim nodded.
I see, that’s the case.

I understood most of the situation.
「We went to investigate.」

A few days later Maya entered my office.

「Good job. Sorry to rush you, but how was it?」
「It was pretty bad. They’re all fairly well armed and completely entrenched.」
「I see.」
「And the wreath? All of them are being guarded closely. It’s a very tight guard making it practically impossible to steal them out from under them.」
「So they’ve tried to make it so that we have no choice but to pay the price they set?」

Maya nodded.

「They were also high-handed in their talks. 「If you think it’s too expensive think of how valuable it is」」
「It’s a pretty obvious reaction.」
「The prices they sell the material for causes the price of alcohol to shoot up. It would increase the price of one drink form 300 yen to 3,000 yen.」
「That’s bad…」

The 「yen」 made with the DORECA came in paper denominations of ten thousand, five thousand, and one thousand. It also came in coin denominations of five hundred, one hundred, fifty, ten, five, and one. It was the same as the japanese yen, with approximately the same buying power.

A single drink would cost 3,000 yen…that’s ridiculous.

Alcohol was a luxury good so I usually would not interfere, but I couldn’t leave it like this.

「If you helped Akito, it’d be solved quickly, but please leave it to us. We’ve clearly looked into their military strength. We can definitely eliminate them.」
「No, wait.」
「If we completely crush them like that we’d be acting exactly like Maxim and Marato.」
「But if we leave it like this then they will be able to control the prices as they please.」
「That’s just how a monopoly is.」
「Then we just leave it like that?」
「I never said that. All we need to do is crush their monopoly.」
「That’s right, so we’ll go take it from them.」
「Your Majesty!」

As Maya continued to emphasize solving it through force Nina jumped in the room.

Leaping in while bleeding from her nose was a bit horrifying.

But I had since learned that her nose bleed was a promise of something good to come.

「From your look, it seems it can be done.」
「Yep! As your Majesty requested, I have found a way to make the wreaths!」

Mira, who had been working with Nina, walked in behind her and nodded in confirmation.

I took out my DORECA and looked at my menu.

There was the wreath developed by Nina.

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