Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 93

Town of pioneering and thanks, Bragadeleu.

I had come here alone.

Battleship construction, wreath production, and everyday tasks.

The things that were in need of doing had increased, so all my slaves were busy.

「Milor….I mean Your Majesty!」

After reaching the station I stepped down from the train and the Mayor Zawal, ran over to me.

He was as active as ever in both voice and movements.

「Were you waiting?」
「I see. Let’s walk and talk.」

I walked side-by-side with Zawal.

We strolled through Bragadeleu.

「It’s grown quite a bit. It’s hard to believe that there was once practically nothing here.」
「It’s thanks to your Majesty and your slaves.」
「I’m not all that impressive, I have simply secured your basics of living.」

I replied and realized something as we were walking.

「Now that I think of it, there seems to be a lot more second story buildings here than other towns.」

I guessed around 20% of them were two-stories.

My policy was to set up simple wooden houses, it is now the general policy that people get a wooden house.

2500 magic, abunoi grass x50, wood x300, busshi stone x10…that was all they were made of.

That was all they received.

If they wanted anything more they would have to pay an appropriate compensation.

I had entrusted this matter with Yuria since their Slave Cards had increased in rank.

「It feels like around 20% of them are second story buildings.」
「It’s all thanks to your Majesty. Everyone is working as hard as they can. They are working and building homes.」
「Oh? That’s strange considering that this town consumes the most pushinee…why would that be?」

I thought back to Yuria’s graph.

Among all the towns, Bragadeleu’s food request was the largest.

Though I say that it was a comparison between the other towns that basically needed zero and Bragadeleu that needed two.

「They are being economical. Your Majesty said they could eat as much pushinee as they wanted, so the people who wanted to add more to their homes put up with eating pushinee alone.」
「I see.」
「Was that bad?」
「Hm? No. I don’t care how much pushinee you use.」

At the very extreme, I wouldn’t even care if they all subsisted off of pushinee.

My rules and regulations would not interfere with people’s lives and choices.

「But, if that’s the case you should inform us about the situation ok? Yuria is keeping track of it, but there is always a chance there would be a problem.」

While we were talking we had crossed Bragadeleu and reached the other side of town.

The townspeople were there.

There were about 100 of them there and they were split in half based on their reactions.

Half of them looked at me with passionate gazes.

The brought their hands together towards me and chanted 「Bragadeleu, Bragadeleu」 as if it was a prayer.

Those were the people who had been here from the start.

The other half looked at me suspiciously.

They all looked worn out. They had the appearance of refugees.

「So those are the new townspeople?」
「That’s right. 2/3rds of them were turned back from slave beasts and the other third heard rumors and came here.」
「Rumors of your country your Majesty. It appears that there have been rumors here and there. If you come to this country you can live in comfort or that it is an Earthly Paradise and such…」
「It’s fine that they came, but when they heard that they had to work for better things, there are some who got sulky.」
「I see. Well, I will guarantee their basics, but anything more is their responsibility.」

Zawal nodded. He knows my policy.

Ok then, now all that’s left is to do it.

My slaves weren’t available, so I came myself.

Wood house, clothes, pushinee.

I made the basics for their survival one after another with my DORECA.

The original townspeople moved quickly as they cried out with joy, completing the magic circles.

The newcomers seemed dissatisfied at first, but were slowly influenced as the work went on, until by the end they were singing praises as well.

Praises were nice but…….


Hearing that called out repeatedly was a bit much.

Town of gratitude and pioneering.

I was a bit worried that it would soon turn into a religious town full of faithful believers.

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