Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 94

Zawal and the citizens were lined up in front of Bragadeleu station.

In the light of the setting sun I had boarded the train alone having finished the job I’d set out to do.

「Thank you very much for today!」

Zawal said and everyone bowed.

「For the King to come himself………I’m truly very grateful.」
「It wouldn’t be any different if it was me or my slave right?」
「Absolutely not! Everyone was waiting for Your Majesty to come, and they worked even harder today in fact!」
「…….just one thing ok?」
「What is it?」
「You can call out Bragadeleu repeatedly…but don’t do it while putting your hands together.」

Both Zawal and the citizens seemed dumbfounded.

「Just stop it.」

Just repeating it made it sound like words of thanks, but once you added the hands in a praying position you couldn’t see it as anything else.

It gave a feeling like Sieg Ze○n (ジーク・ジ○ン).

「I understand. If your Majesty says so.」
「That’s good. If something else happens tell us.」

The people saw me off as the train began running.

「Bragadeleu Akito」
「「「Bragadeleu Akito」」」
「Bragadeleu Akito」
「「「Bragadeleu Akito」」」

I feel like the words they spoke had evolved somehow…but I decided that it was just my imagination.

The train quickly increased to the proper speed and stably ran.

I think I can make it home before the sun completely sets.

「Menu Open」

I took out my DORECA just to take a look.

Card type, Country population, magic increase and decrease.

Just looking at it brought a certain enjoyment.

Presently, thanks to all the things I had made, I could somehow or another tell what was going on by the increase and decrease in the numbers.

300 magic was suddenly deducted twice in a row.

「300? Panacea huh? Did Nina get a nosebleed or something?」

I imagined it as I thought.

I was pretty much used to it, but Mira and the others seemed to still fall victim to the nosebleed shower.

「It’d be best if she got more familiar with it.」

I feel like once you got used to her, Nina was quite cute.

I continued watching the numbers increase and decrease.

Houses were made, clothes were made, pushinee was made in bulk…

Just by watching the numbers decrease I could feel that my country was growing, it was a happy feeling.

I eventually closed my DORECA and looked out the window.

A distance away from the railway was still wilderness.

I have to reclaim areas like this as well.


I suddenly saw a human figure.

I pulled the lever and stopped the train.

I got down off the train and ran over to the human figure that lay collapsed on the ground.

They were lying face down on the ground with long hair and a mantle covering their body.

A woman?

「Hey are you alright?」

I called out but she didn’t twitch.

Is she dying? Is she dead?

「Hey, get it togethe—–wha?」

I ran over and picked them up———and realized.

It wasn’t a person.

It was a thing that looked like a doll with black thread for hair.

This was not naturally made, it was clearly made to look like a human.

Why…..this is bad!
I thought, as the ground started shining.

I and the doll were in the center of a magic circle.

It was shining with a black light and was about 10 meters in diameter.

The light wrapped around my body restricting me.

「A trap huh!?」
「Hyahahahahahaha! You fell for it! The idiot fell for it!」

I heard a voice as some men appeared from behind a rock.

One led they way as more followed behind him.

Their clothes were all worn out and torn……but they were all dressed similarly.

「The remnants of Marato and Maxim huh…」
「Tha’s right, I’m Midolfan.」

The man named Midolfan approached while sneering.

He stopped right at the edge of the magic circle and smirked at me.
(Censored so google doesn’t yell at us)
「I never thought it’d be true, but it really worked. Just showing you a single bi*** would draw you out. You’re awfully cheap-looking for a King.」
「Whatever…why are you doing this? Revenge?」
「Revenge? You an idiot?」

Wasn’t this about Marato and Maxim?

「Am I wrong?」
「Dumba**~, those guys don’t matter at all. They’re the idiots for losing.」
「Those guys were birds of a feather, they got here by being all brawns and no brains. That’s why they lost.」

……..this guy.

「Forget about that, let’s have ourselves a trade.」
「A trade?」
「That’s right. It’s about the wreaths.」

Now that he said it, I understood.

So it was these guys.

The guys who occupied Magatan’s wreaths and sold them for higher prices.

I remember being told that they were the leftovers of Marato and Maxim.

「Oh King~, it’s not like we’re being crazy, we just want money for food and things…」
「Then don’t go ripping people off. I won’t interfere in normal business practices.」
「No no.」

Midolfan theatrically reacted and shook his head.

「Look at these guys your Kingship. These guys are all my cute little subordinates.」

Midolfan pointed behind him at all the men who were grinning and smirking.

「I have a duty to see them living nicely ya see? As a King you gotta understand right? Hm?」
「…..what do you want from me?」
「Li-st-en here~, I don’t really want too much. I just want you to stop cultivating wreaths.」
「If I say no?」
「Gyahahahahahahaaha. Your Kingliness, you’re not dumb and you can’t even figure that out?」
「You think you can win against me with this level of Magic circle?」
「Don’t bluff. This is a magic circle that was developed during the Evil God war an anti ma——」

I grabbed Eternal Slave at my waist and pulled magic out of my DORECA.

I resisted the magic light curling around my body.

「Gyahahahaha, (muda muda) it’s useless!」

I filled it with more and more magic.


「H-hey Head, this might be bad see?」
「The magic circle ain’t lookin’ good.」
「And——-he’s movin’.」

Several of his subordinates spoke up.

「Th-this can’t be…」

At that moment I crushed the magic circle to pieces with a roar.

I had loaded 100,000 magic in total.

It was enough magic to make a small town.

I could understand where they got their confidence, the magic circle was quite good.

I gripped my sword and looked at Midolfan and his subordinates.

「And so…」
「If I say no…what will you do?」

I said threateningly.

「E-even without the magic circle we have more people. Oi you guys, get him!」

On his order the men rushed at me.

I counted them more accurately this time…there were 38 in total.

With this many I wouldn’t even need to use magic.
「Welcome home Maste——what happened!? You’re covered in blood!」

Mira looked wide-eyed at me as I arrived at the Ribek station.

「What about you? You’re covered in blood as we——-it was Nina huh?」
「Yes…..once again….nose bleed…」

Mira seemed to get depressed, it looks like she’s not used to it yet.

「Ah, it doesn’t matter what happened to me. What happened to you Master?」
「It wasn’t much, some ruffians attacked me.」
「Ohh, so that was it?」

Mira looked unworried after hearing that.

I understand that it is proof of her trust in me, but it was kind of sad in and of itself.

「Anyways, they are all piled up by the rail. Heal them of any fatal wounds.」
「Eh? You want us to give them panacea?」

Should I really? Mira seemed to be asking with her eyes.

「If it’s Master’s order then I’ll do it…..but is it really alright?」
「I got it, I’ll go.」

Mira got on the train.

I saw her off as she left.

I just hope they’ll stop doing bad things with this…maybe even help out. A man can dream.

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