Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 96

The next afternoon I headed out to Ribek’s shopping district alone.

My slaves were working on the battleship construction as usual, I had received a report that it would likely be finished within three days.

In the meantime, I’d do what I needed to.

When I reached the designated place, a single woman stood there.

She looked like a forty year old mother filled with spirit.

「You’re Inessa?」
「Yeah, sorry for having you come out this way your Majesty.」
「Don’t worry about it. And so…this is the place you want it?」

Inessa nodded. Behind her was a single story wooden house.

I had come here to demolish the house and build a new one according to the request.

There had been requests like this before, but my slaves had taken care of it.

Right now they were indisposed, so I came in their stead.

「So, what kind of building?」
「You know, the one with the thing on it, that goes like this, and then this.」

Inessa said while gesturing with her hands.

「Oh, the terrace type that Nina developed?」
「That’s called a terrace?」
「The one for food and drink businesses?」
「Yeah yeah, that one.」

Inessa said with a sparkle in her eyes.

「I want to open up a bar here. Did you know your Majesty? Opening a bar has recently been very profitable. Everyone wants a drink on their way home from work.」

That’s good to hear…in two ways.

The world had been revived enough to the point that people can relax and enjoy themselves after a hard day at work.

Since it was getting popular I think I’d want to go out for a drink with my slaves.

「Wherever you go your Majesty is a subject of conversation in the bars. They say that it is thanks to you that we get to drink alcohol and where you might go. There are even men that eat pushinee all the time to save their money for drinks.」
「I see. They’re enjoying life.」

It seems my system was seeing practical use.

「I thought you might say that your Majesty. Everyone is saying that you are a once in a generation wise king.」
「Is that so?」
「I’m also thankful to you your Majesty.」
「My husband has always been working for you. He’s made so many things and recently he’s been working on that big ship——」
「The battleship?」
「Yeah, that. Thanks to his work on that, we were able to make enough to build this shop.」
「Well, I’m happy for you.」
「Yeah, I can’t really express how grateful we are.」
「Don’t worry about it, I’m going to start.」
「Ok. I asked your slaves about the materials and prepared them. I also got some people together.」

Inessa pointed to a pile of materials.

Next to that, there were three brawny men on standby.

「I can use the materials, but I don’t need the manpower.」
「Eh? Will you be alright without them? The slave-samas said that three people would be needed.」

If it was them, they’d say that.

「Well, just watch.」

I took out my DORECA and stood in front of the house.

First I used 「Deconstruction」 and erased the former home.

Then I used load to load the saved item I had made previously.

I used a suggestion Nina had given me. She had said that it might be best to make each item once and save them to the save list so that I could load them later. Basically I was saving blueprints.

I created what Inessa wanted, a terrace type building.

The magic circle appeared on the ground. It was quite complicated.

I went over to the materials and tossed them all in.

There was quite a lot, but since I was tossing it all into the same place, it didn’t take too much work.

The magical light enveloped the materials and a building came into being.

This entire process only took about three minutes.

Well, that’s how it is.

This time was irregular since I had to come out, but it might be better to use this save*load function.

I should consult Yuria on this.

Well I had finished what I came to do and I turned to face Inessa.

「It’s done.」
「Amazing……..that’s so amazing your Majesty!」
「It was finished in an instant!」
「I’ve had the girls come make things for me many times before, but they take ten times as long.」
「The slaves are amazing but the King is even more amazing.」

Inessa was stunned and so were the three men on standby.

Well yeah, the DORECA was on another level than the slave cards.

It was obvious that it would take less time than the girls.


「That’s right your Majesty…since you’re here, why don’t you come have a drink. Be our first customer.」
「Is that ok?」
「Of course. Come on you guys, get the food and alcohol and the tableware. Go carry it over.」
「Hey Inessa, since we have him here, why don’t we have some women come to pour the King some drinks?」
「Good idea. Do you know anyone around here?」
「Leave it to me.」

Being a bit dumbfounded, things got moving without my input as I was pushed into the store I’d just made.

It had been all normal up till here, but somehow I ended up getting wined and dined like crazy.

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