Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 99

Evening, Battleship construction site.


I was a short distance away watching when Maya arrived.

She stood next to me and looked at the battleship as well.

「It looks like it’ll be complete soon.」
「According to Yuria it should be complete by tomorrow. Either early or late tomorrow.」
「That aside…is it really ok? Can we really use it? It cost a lot of money and time right?」

It was the thing that took the most magic and time up till now.

The magic wasn’t as big of a deal.

As long as my slaves were around I could produce it infinitely.

「Don’t worry about it, I said you could.」
「That so? Then I’ll use it gratefully.」
「Please do」
「By the way, what is its name?」
「Things like this need a name right?」

She was right.

It was a battleship so it had to have a name.

「You have any ideas?」

I passed that ball to Maya.

「It can’t be my name.」

Recently there had been more occasions like this so I stopped it instantly.

Maya pouted.

「At least let me finish…」
「If I have a town, a weapon, and then a battleship all named after me…how much of a narcissist would I be seen as?」
「But it’s good anyways…」
「Sorry, but no. Anything else?」
「Nope. If it’s names for children, everyone has thought of them…but not for a ship.」

Maya tilted her head. So my elite guard had all thought of children’s names.

I had thought she was making a joke for a moment, but she seemed completely serious.

「Sorry, it doesn’t look like I’ll be much help.」
「It’s fine. I’ll think of it. Thanks for the thought.」

I thanked her and Maya laughed and left.

I was left alone to my thoughts.

A battleship name….that’s a bit difficult.

I wonder what would be good in my previous world.

I remembered something from a game I’d played not too long ago.

I also remembered battleship naming criteria from my previous home, Japan.

Battleships should have old style names.
Aircraft carriers should have something to do with flight.
Cruisers would have mountain and river names.

If I tried to use these criteria in this world I didn’t have anything to use.

I had Ribek, Magatan, Bisk….

「Ribek, Magatan, Bisk…」

I murmured to see how it sounded.

Nope, that’s no good. Nothing seemed to fit.

「Nnnnn, this is hard.」
「Is there something difficult?」
「Hm? Oh it’s you Nina.」

Nina had arrived at my side.

Just by arriving near me a small nosebleed started.

「What’s going on?」
「I have a report. The magic circles have all been laid out, all that is left is to put in the materials. We should be finished tomorrow as planned.」
「I see」

I looked at the construction site.

My five slaves were all gathered at a single spot.

The need for Slave Cards was over, so it seemed like they were taking a break for once.

「Nina, could I request something of you?」
「Yes! Tell me anything!」

I took out my DORECA and created five pieces of cake.

I gave them to Nina.

「Please give this to them.」
「To the Slave-samas right! Ok!」

Nina took the cake and ran over, she gave the cake to them and returned.

「I gave it to them!」
「Good job.」
「They were very happy.」
「I see.」

I got three magic charges leaving out Yuria and Raisa.

「Ah…….how wonderful.」

Nina said entranced.

「What’s up?」
「As I thought, the Slave-samas are special existences to your Majesty!」
「Well that’s…」

They were special to me both practically and mentally.

My five Eternal Slaves were all special existences.


I got it. I just thought of a good name.

It was perfect…it made me feel like it was obvious.

It felt like no matter how much I wracked my brains I would still end up with the same result.

「Nina, I have a request.」
「Ok! Tell me anything!」
「Enact four minor changes on this battleship. You don’t have to do it now, but when Maya and the rest use it they should be attached.」
「I got it! Aahhh, I can work for his Majesty again…..」
Nina said in a trance.

I looked at the nearly completed battleship.

First Slave Class Warship Risha.

I felt that name was most suitable.

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