Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 141

Next morning, I woke up.

「Good morning Master.」

Risha said with a smile and handed me a towel.

I grabbed the cool and damp towel to wipe my face.

After wiping my face I handed it back and realized that she was in a particularly good mood.

「What is it? You’re smiling so much.」
「I just remembered the old days a bit.」
「Old days?」
「When we were just starting out. I would wake up in the same room as Master.」
「Ahh right. I made you your own home but you said that staying with me was better.」

Risha said bashfully. She was as cute as always.

That’s true there was a time like that.

I returned the towel and began to stand up.

「Master…what will we start with today?」
「I’ve already decided. We’ll make the most important thing.」
「The most important thing?」
「That’s right.」

I took out my Black Card DORECA and placed a magic circle in the corner.

This one thing cost me 300,000 magic. It is probably one of the most expensive singular items I had created up to now.

I digress, but the total was close to Battleship Risha.

The magic circle sent out an arrow.

The arrow pointed straight at Risha and her hair began glowing.

It was a sight I had seen once long ago, when I first created the sword Eternal Slave.

At that time it was also Risha.

—Magic has been charged by 50,000—

Risha’s face had a big smile on it.

She hadn’t said a word, but I could clearly see her happiness.

The happiness that came from being useful to her Master. It was clearly conveyed.

「Please wait a moment Master, I’ll get something to cut my hair.」
「No that’s fine. I just need one strand.」
「One strand?」
「Yes, only one.」
「Is that so……」
Risha said a little discouraged.

I could understand.

I needed to follow up——I wanted to see my slave’s smile.

「I only need one, but it’s no good if it’s not you.」
「No good if it’s not me?」
「That’s right. It’s a proof of your fidelity.」

—Magic has been charged 100,000—

Just by looking at Risha’s huge smile, I was feeling happier.

Uh oh, it wasn’t the time to get caught up in her smile.

I accepted one strand of hair from her and placed it into the magic circle.

After accepting the material, the magic circle changed.

After a short while, a glittering whirlpool appeared.

It was like seeing a typhoon on tv….but the flickering made it seem mysterious.

「What is this Master?」
「If you approach you’ll know.」

I left the confused Risha behind and walked into the glowing whirlpool myself.

My vision turned white and the next moment my view had changed.

It was no longer a small and humble wooden home, it was an extravagant interior with a window looking out on a developed town.

It was Ribek, the Royal Palace.

「Th-this is……Master’s room?」

Risha followed soon after and emerged from the whirlpool. She wasn’t smiling but instead completely stunned.

「That’s right, it’s my room. My room in Ribek.」
「Wh-what is this?」

Risha panicked a bit at the suddenness.

To calm her I decided to explain.

「I set a magic door there—it doesn’t look like a door, but the DORECA called it that so I shall as well. The magic door is connected here. The effect is as you see, you can come and go as you please in an instant.」

I said and entered the whirlpool once again.

The view once again changed. I returned to the wooden home.

Risha followed and this time wasn’t shocked.

Then once again we returned to Ribek.

「It’s like that, we can move here and there easily. To properly infiltrate we need to be there often enough. We can’t be gone for too long.」
「Ah, that’s true.」
「And so, Risha should go through the gate daily and show your face for a while. I will go every now and then.」

Risha nodded and looked at the magic door seriously.

「To be able to make something so convenient, as expected of Master. Ah—」
「What’s wrong?」
「If we use this we can move lots of people and things. We wouldn’t need the train anymore.」

Risha said with an excited face.

It’s good that she realized it……or so I wanted to say.

「Unfortunately that’s impossible.」

Risha tilted her head in confusion. It suited the innocent Eternal Slaves.

「I think it’d be easier to show you. Anyone!? Is anyone here?」

I called out.

「Yes desuno~」

Lilia entered the room.

「What is it Onii-san?」
「Oh Lilia? Come stand here.」
「There? On the weird thing desuno?」

I nodded. Lilia looked confused but did as I asked.

She stood on the door…but nothing happened.

Nothing happened at all and Lilia looked confused.

I turned to Risha and said…

「It’s like this. The only ones who can use this are, you who gave your hair, and me who is your Master.」

Risha understood but the explanation went over Lilia’s head.

Risha looked at me and then at the Magic door.

—Magic has been charged by 100,000—

She had a bashful smile on her face.

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