Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 142

Town of Magatan

Slave Beast Provisional House.

Yuria and I had transformed using my Magic Card. We were doing the same thing as with Risha in the town of Akito.

I was making a Magic Door that would connect with Ribek.

With this Yuria and I would be able to go back and forth with ease.

We had succeeded in infiltrating this town as well.

Yuria was being reserved by my side and looking out the window.

I wasn’t really doing anything and just looking out the window.

「This is a bit surprising.」
「What is?」

As usual Yuria was quiet and calm as she answered.

Risha and Yuria were both the calm and quiet type but Risha’s quietness was based in courtesy and consideration while Yuria was more just blunt.

I decided to explain.

「Since this is a provisioned house for new people I thought it would be on the outskirts, but this place is almost right in the middle.」
「That’s true.」
「Normally the price of this land would be more expensive. Wouldn’t it turn into something like a downtown area or a shopping district? But looking around these houses aren’t developed…….is there something I don’t know?」

I asked Yuria.

Making a town, then developing it.

I had done plenty of that type of work, but partway through I mostly delegated it to Yuria.

That’s why I asked Yuria….but she quietly shook her head.

「Sorry, I don’t know.」
「Is that so? Well, it’s fine.」

Yuria didn’t know so she honestly admitted it.

Her character was very important to me, so I thought that it was fine as is.

At the same time, maybe her 「not knowing」 was good.

Since I’d delegated almost everything to her, Yuria was more knowledgeable about my country than I was.

That’s why we came here incognito to find things out from a citizen’s point of view. It was a bit strange, but we were able to find at least one thing that we didn’t understand quickly.

It was a good start.

「Ok then, I’ll hang around this town for a bit. Yuria has work in Ribek right?」
「Then don’t mind me and go on. I’ll be back by evening, so unless there’s an emergency you can handle it.」
「Got it.」

She nodded and started to step through the magic door.

「Ah, wait a second.」
「What is it Master?」
「……I’ll get you a little souvenir so what would you like?」

I thought for a bit and asked.

Yuria thought for a bit and answered.

「I see」
「Un, well then」

She calmly nodded and stepped through the magic door.

U~n, as I thought…it wasn’t going to be that easy.

I asked hoping to make her happy, but Yuria’s reaction was weak.

She had the weakest undulations in her emotions amongst my six slaves. Unless it was something that really made her happy she wouldn’t show me her smile.

Even with the 「Young Married Couple」 setting that Risha reacted to, Yuria didn’t really have any reaction.

{This setting is efficient, as expected of Master.}

Is the only thing she said.

I wasn’t looking for flattery, I wanted her to be happy and smile.


I pulled myself together and went outside.

「Hey, you’re the new guy who moved in right?」

I’d barely opened the door when a young man called out to me. It almost felt like he’d been lying in wait.

It was a slender androgynous looking man.

It was due to his clothing and pose that he didn’t look like a woman.

「I’m Sparov, you are?」
「Nice to meet you Sakimori-san.」

I shook Sparov’s hand.

By his looks he was good mannered and his behavior was soft.

「Do you live around here?」
「Over there」

Sparov said as he pointed to a house three houses away.

「It’s a bit old, but it’s my home.」
「That’s close. So we’re neighbors.」
「Yes, I’ll be in your care. By the way, how did you come to be here Sakimori-san?」
「Uhh…..apparently I was a monkey? And somehow I turned back.」

I told him my prepared answer.

「So it’s that pattern. In the previous era——we call it the previous era—do you have any memories of the previous era?」
「It’s all so vague, I don’t really remember.」
「That sounds tough. But there are cases like that so don’t get discouraged.」

He warmly encouraged me after the blatant lie.

My conscience twinged.

「Since you just arrived here you haven’t gotten a job yet right?」

I replied with my previously thought up lines.

「It seems like you can live without working in this country. I was thinking of taking it easy and maybe getting some work on a daily basis…」

I said a similar thing back in Akito.

In all honesty I didn’t have the free time to get myself a full time job. More accurately something like a salaryman would be impossible.

I had to do my primary job as King, plus I needed to infiltrate six towns so this was out of the question.

I had no time to get myself a job, so it had to be like this.

「Is that so? I think that’s fine. It’s a country where you can do so. Ah, if you ever want some work then tell me. I’ll introduce you. However when you do I’ll need you to follow a rule.」
「A rule?」
「Yes. At that time I’ll explain, but I’ll need you to wear this.」

Sparov said as he took out a badge.

「That is?」
「It’s Yuria-sama’s badge. Our association is supporting Yuria-sama so——ah by Yuria-sama we’re talking about this country’s excellent slave-sama, also these slaves are………」

Sparov explained about the country, the King, and his six slaves.

Along with the King there were six slaves. They decide their positions on how excellently they perform.

I almost said that there were 12 slaves not 6…..but I caught myself.

「There are probably people from the old era that don’t like slaves being at the top……but they’ll probably get used to it.」
「I see」
「So for work, especially when you have work that shows some results, you put on this badge to appeal.」
「I see」

I threw in some suitable words every now and then, but as the main person involved in this I was surprised.

They all seemed to have decided things on their own.

I didn’t understand what was really going on, but I probably would when I put on the badge.

「Of course I won’t force you, everyone has their own circumstances after all.」

I thought for a bit.

Might this be…….a chance?

I thought of Yuria who I had just parted with.

She almost never showed me her smile. Her lower limit on charging magic was frighteningly high.

Until now I had reached it somehow or another a couple times, but the effect was weak. I had thought that it might be a mannerism.

But what about this? If it was this thing that Sparov was talking about?

If I were to stir up things like this?

Instead of just as a Master, I could find new ways of making them happy.

I could use this to increase the amount of things I could do for them as their Master.

I thought for a bit and decided that I could indeed.

「Got it, I’ll join.」
「Is that so? We welcome you.」

Sparov was pleased with my answer and gave a big smile.

No, it’s not you. I don’t care if you give me a big smile.

My slaves’ smiles are best.

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