Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 143

「Everyone please line up~」

We were on the outskirts of Magatan. I was with the group I had just joined to do work and Vuela was standing in front of us.

She was a young Eternal Slave wearing a deep green dress.

Yuria’s daughter Vuela.

Nearly the same as her mother…….no, just as they wished both mother and daughter were my slaves.

Of course, she was my child as well.

We stood in front of her neatly lined up.

Each of them seemed physically fit and suited to manual labor.

The weakest looking one was undoubtedly me.

「Tothay…we will be making lots of houses.」

She had inherited her mother’s calm speech pattern.

She had lisped a little bit and it was adorable.

「We have a place to work. We need a place for garbage.」

Garbage disposal huh?

It seems like this request was to create the garbage disposal device we had developed.

With the increase in people a garbage problem was born. This thing was the solution.

It seems we were making them.

「You and….you.」

Vuela chose two men from the right side of the line.

「This is the list of the materials and the warehouse.」
「Got it!」
「Leave it to us!」

The chosen men set off.

Vuela separated the men and sent them off to different tasks.

They all went about their work in high spirits.

Finally it was my turn.

I looked at Vuela who stood before me.

「What is it?」

I asked but Vuela didn’t answer.

She stared at me with her cute face and adorable round eyes.

I wonder what was wrong?

「What is…your name?」
「…….I’m Sakimori.」
「It’s different. Not Master……..」

Vuela shook her head.

She suspected me for a moment.

I had been disguised completely with magic. My looks were completely different from usual.

It was less a disguise and more of a complete transformation.

But even from that Vuela perceived something.

I had been shocked by the words she muttered.

「Um, what…….what should I do?」

I changed how I referred to myself in that sentence. (he went from ore to boku)

「Take this」

Vuela said and handed me a folded piece of paper.

I opened it and looked inside.

「…….a blueprint?」
「Construction, plans.」
「I see」

The blueprint was broken up into different color blocks.

「This, what color is it?」

Vuela asked.

She pointed to a spot on the blueprints at the very edge.

The place she was pointing was red.

「It looks to be red.」
「Red huh?」

Vuela said and took out her Slave Card before laying out a magic circle.

She took a few steps forward, stopped, and asked again.

「What color is it here?」
「That place is red too. The next one is blue.」
「Red, then blue.」

Vuela listened to my instructions as she put down magic circles.

It suddenly bothered me. Who had made this blueprint?

Was it Yuria? Or was it a different slave?

In any case…

Vuela was cute as she took a break after she finished laying out the magic circles.

The little Eternal Slave who had her chest puffed up in pride after a job well done was adorable.

Without thinking I patted her head.


—Magic has been charged by 5,000—

Vuela had a charmed smile on her face. It was precious.

But, Vuela suddenly jumped back in surprise.

I wonder what’s wrong.

「Th-that’s no good.」
「No good?」
「Vuela has Master.」
「………ah, I’m sorry about that.」

So that was it.

Being happy about having an unrelated person pat her head would be bad for a slave.

Vuela had leapt away vigorously and now had a complex look on her face.
Seeing her so troubled was no good and honestly stealing my own slave from myself was a complicated feeling.

In order to stop this, I took a breath and decided to become Townsperson A completely.

After that I mixed in with the other men and began carrying materials into the circles.

Halfway through we got a break and the men took out snacks with practiced movements and gave them to Vuela.

Vuela happily ate the sweets.

As I thought she was a cute child. A sight that would make you smile.


I suddenly realized something.

She accepted the sweets from the men and smiled as she ate, but Vuela wasn’t giving a magic charge.


I had a hypothesis, so I went to Vuela with some sweets.

「Vuela-sama, this is delicious too.」

I said and held out a treat.

「Thank you」

Vuela said with a dazzling smile.

—Magic has been charged by 15,000—

Suddenly my magic was charged.

Vuela’s smile hadn’t changed, her snacking hadn’t changed either.

But when the other men gave her something, nothing happened. Only when I handed it over did a charge occur.

It appears that only when I caused the smile would I get a charge.

Well, I suppose that it makes sense.


Vuela came over and looked at me.

She looked shy as she bashfully fidgeted and finally resolved herself to speak.

「I’m sorry. Thank you.」

—Magic has been charged by 3,000—

It was an apologetic thanks.

I had the further feeling that I was stealing my own slave from myself.

It was strangely fun, but it looked like she was troubled. From now on I’ll try not to get my slaves caught up too much in my disguise work.

I had decided that when I saw Yuria run over.

The untransformed Yuria.

The men got into an uproar and Vuela ran over to her.

Then I had a thought.

Steal my own slave from myself?

Doing that gave a very different feel with Vuela.

I wonder…….if something would happen if I tried it with Yuria?

Maybe it would help loosen the conditions for her smile which were usually so high.

At worst it would be a waste of time. I’ll give it a try.

As I thought that and wondered how to do it…

Yuria walked in a straight line towards me and stood in front of me.

「Mas——you’re Sakimori yes?」

Yuria fixed her words after a deep breath.

Yes, right now I was Sakimori of Magatan.

「I have a job for you, follow me.」
「Got it.」

I nodded and followed Yuria.

Vuela also followed behind me.

The other men looked on enviously. They sent me off saying 「you’d best listen properly to Yuria-sama」.

Then we arrived in an empty area.

「There’s trouble Master.」

She said.

Her faced looked to be at her wit’s end.

That’s right, I remember.

{You can handle anything unless there’s an emergency.}

I had told Yuria that.

「Is there an emergency situation?」

Yuria nodded firmly.

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