Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 144

(TN: The Author seems to have forgotten that he said Yuria wasn’t disguised)

「Yes Mast——」

I blocked Yuria’s mouth quickly.

While covering her mouth I looked at Vuela.


Vuela had her head tilted as she looked at me and Yuria.

She was giving a hard stare.
She had a very strange look on her face.

This is bad. Vuela was Yuria’s daughter. No matter how much Yuria was changed by the magic, if she kept staring then it was possible for her to find out.

I exchanged looks with Yuria and she calmly nodded.

I moved my hands.

「Nee~ Dear~」

As if she was a completely different person she swayed her body as she moved and called out to me with a sticky sweet tone.

It was an 180 degree change from Yuria’s usual attitude……it was an incredible act.


Vuela’s confusion looked like it was getting even more profound, now she was looking very troubled.

「Our house is in big trouble~. I need your big muscly arms dear~ please come~」

Yuria and I walked away as if escaping.

We didn’t want Yuria to be exposed. If we were found out then the damage would be considerable.

That’s why we escaped as quick as we could.

We left and Vuela didn’t follow so it seems we weren’t discovered.
We stepped through the magic door in Magatan and arrived in Ribek’s palace.

When we arrived we deactivated the magic and I was about to ask Yuria what was going on.

「Can I report?」

Yuria immediately went back to her usual speech pattern. I was secretly relieved.

Well…….Yuria had gone all out in the wrong way when she started talking like a gyaru…to be completely honesty it was unpleasant.

However, the relief was temporary.

「We’ve been attacked, the town has been occupied.」
「Mu. Who would dare?」
「Information from a survivor says that it is the Evil God.」
「That thing……..」

Evil God.

I suppose we should call it the Second Generation Evil God.

The first had destroyed the world and been defeated by the hero.

The Second Generation was the man who had been brought to this world with me, Seiya.

He was meant to use his DORECA to restore this world just like me. Eventually I ended up having him killed, but he was revived using the Evil God’s power.

「I see, that bastard. Where’s the Risha?」
「It’s undergoing maintenance. It’s made of multiple DORECA parts so it’s not considered 「one thing」 so maintenance takes some time.」
「An unexpected weakness. Certainly if it was normal we could just repair it once. Composite things take more time. Did he aim for that?」

Yuria nodded calmly.

Maintenance would be delayed, but honestly just relying on one ship was asking for trouble.

It wasn’t the case this time, but if it was me I’d set a diversion to send the battleship so I could attack my real target.

Before long I’d have to start construction on the Second Battleship Mira.

「So, the situation?」
「The maintenance finished and it moved there quickly, but…」
「There is a barrier cast over the town using the Evil God’s power. The main battery was fired but it didn’t budge.」
「Mu………this is worse than I thought.」

Yuria nodded and looked at me.

‘That’s why I called you’ her face said.

Certainly this was a matter that required me.

「First off the barrier. What is it?」
「We don’t know. We’re investigating.」
「I see」

I thought for a bit.

A barrier that didn’t even budge after getting hit by Risha’s main cannon.

「Maybe it just didn’t have enough power. Yuria, gather all the slaves.」
「Master will do it?」
「True Eternal Slave with the 12 of you inside should exceed the power of the Battleship by many times.」
「Understood. I’ll also call Svetlana who’s fixing the tracks.」
「He broke the tracks as well? He’s being careful.」

Seiya, you really did it.

「Hurry. Since he cast a barrier he most likely won’t destroy the town completely anytime soon. However I feel like something bad is going to happen. I don’t know if he can, but if he makes them his underlings then it’ll be troublesome.」

Yuria started running with a tense face.


She stopped and turned with a confused look on her face.

「I forgot to ask. Which town was invaded?」

‘Oops’ Yuria’s face seemed to say.

She blushed a bit.

Yuria was adorable.

She cleared her throat and answered.



「The town of Akito」

Oh so that’s what it——wait the town of Akito!?
The outskirts of town a group of men were being cornered.

They were suddenly attacked by a group of monsters so even though they had weapons they were slowly cornered in a dead-end.

「Mayor! What should we do!?」

One man asked in a shout.

The surrounding men all payed attention.

Their gazes gathered on the Town’s Mayor, Madway.

He was now leading the townspeople around in resistance, but they were now cornered.

「Sorry, I got you all involved.」

After seeing the bombardment from Battleship Risha, he had judged that reinforcements had arrived and tried to do a pincer attack on the monsters.

He had believed in the power of the battleship as he gave his orders.

However the ship’s attack had been blocked, it didn’t reach them.

For that reason the attack Madway had organized was cut off and cornered.

「It’s not your fault Mayor.」
「Everyone thought that it was the right time to counterattack.」
「That’s right. Who could expect that the battleship attack wouldn’t work?」

They all consoled him one after another.

They sympathized, but even so they felt regret.

Somehow they had to break out, Madway thought.


The wall collapsed and a monster appeared.

It was the strong armed monster, Toroi.

It reached down and grabbed Madway.

「Bastard, get your hands off the Mayo——kuwa!」
「Stop I……gufu!」

The men attacked the toroi trying to save Madway, but they were hit away one after the other.


Madway started to lose consciousness.

His captured body grasped in the monstrous hands of the toroi began to go limp.

The world started to go white.

So this is as far as I get………


A shock ran through his body.

His vision started flickering for different reasons.

He realized he’d been thrown to the ground as dirt entered his mouth.

What happened, he wondered as he raised his face.

There he saw his savior.

His savior who held a sword burning with flames which had cut the strong giant in half.


He had arrived.

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