Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 145

Ribek’s Palace. Yuria tilted her head and looked at me.

「You said they were in Akito right?」
「Got it, leave it to me. Contact Maya and tell them to continue the bombardment. Even if it’s ineffective continue to do so.」
「and Master will?」
「I will go to the town of Akito with Risha.」
「I’ll call Risha.」
「Tell her I’ll be waiting in Akito.」

Yuria nodded and left the room.

The fact that the invasion was in Akito was a small silver lining.

I had faith that this would work.

I had faith in the things I had built up since I arrived in this world day after day.

The things that were made with the DORECA were the highest order in this world.

Take for example the absolute barrier cast around the Palace.

No matter how it was attacked from outside it would not break.

It was the same even when I tried. I took all 12 of my slaves into True Eternal Slave and put in plenty of magic power. I attacked and it didn’t waver.

I wanted to do the same thing to Evil God Seiya’s barrier.

Seiya’s barrier defended against invasion and Battleship Risha’s bombardment but…

It should not be able to block the DORECA’s magic door.

………I think…probably. I had a strange amount of faith in it.

I headed to the magic door inside the palace.

I walked easily and stepped into the magic door.

There was no resistance as I stepped through and the world went white before me. I instantly finished my teleport.

I had arrived in my provisional house in Akito.

As I thought, the DORECA’s power was above that of the Evil God’s.

This movement was just one example that showed it was a power on a different level.


Risha’s voice came from behind me.

「So you’re here.」
「You’ve heard what’s going on?」
「Yes, Yuria explained to me.」
「Then I think you know, but this time it will be just you and me.」

The only ones who can use this magic door to infiltrate are Risha and I. Plus, up till now I had no free time to make another gate…….in fact at this time I didn’t really have a method to bring my other slaves here.

It would be just Risha and I.

「I’m relying on you.」

—Magic has been charged by 50,000—

Risha nodded firmly.

A smile flashed across her face, but her expression instantly changed.

「Master look out the window!」

I looked out the window quickly.

The outside was strangely colored.

It was as if the entire town was underwater. It was a poisonous color.

「I see, this is Seiya’s power that’s controlling the town. It wasn’t just a barrier. No wait, this might be another function of the barrier.」
「I see…….Ah Master!」
「I hear screams and sounds of fighting!」

I focused my hearing and was able to hear the sounds of battle.

There were clearly sounds of battle within this town.

「The people of the town may be being attacked!」
「It can’t be anything other than that. Let’s go Risha.」

I unsheathed my sword and touched the gem, sucking Risha into the blade.

The red jewel began glittering with light and the blade burst into flames.

Holding the sword I threw open the door and dashed out.


The poisonous colored atmosphere wrapped around my body. It was as if I was in water (except slightly thinner), and it made it more difficult to move.

(Are you alright Master?)
「No problem」

It was a bit difficult to move, but there wasn’t a big problem.

I needed to hurry.

The town was destroyed here and there with flames leaping up to the sky.

Monsters were here too.

Along the way there was a group of elka that I cut into pieces and burnt to ashes while moving past.

We finally reached the location of the fight.

Several citizens were being attacked by a giant Toroi.

(Master! Madway-san is!)

I hear Risha’s cry and saw Madway being held by the toroi.


I held my sword aloft and charged, cutting the toroi cleanly in two from behind.

The giant fell to the ground with a boom.

I ignored it and helped Madway get away from the collapsed giant.

「Madway! Are you alright!?」
「Here panacea!」

I poured the panacea down Madway’s throat.


I heard two voices cry out at the same time.
I felt a fell wind attacking from my back.


Turning I blocked with my blade.


The one who attacked me was Seiya.

I don’t know if it was because he drew out more of the Evil God’s power, but his appearance was even more malevolent than befor.

「How’d you get in here Akihito!」
「Like I’d tell you!」

The shock between our clash had sent the townspeople flying. I began pushing Seiya as hard as I could to take some distance.

Then we continued to exchange blows.

「Weak Akihito! You’ve gotten weaker!」

Risha gave off a saddened feeling.

She probably interpreted ‘her alone=weak’.

「It’s more than enough against you!」
「Don’t look down on me!」
「It’s simple truth.」

To console Risha that she wasn’t weak, I began to fight with more strength.

To be honest, I thought her alone was enough.

Certainly without several slaves inside my sword my power and diversity were weaker, but against Seiya right now I thought it was enough.

Slowly I gained the upper hand.

At this rate I would be able to defeat him in a few minutes.

「Akihitoooo you!……..You just thought that you’d be able to beat me in a little bit right?」

As we fought Seiya suddenly leapt back while shouting.

「…… what?」
「That negligence is fataaaaal!」

Seiya cried out holding his hand aloft.

At that moment it felt like something surrounded me.

The poisonous aura from the town gathered and thickened creating a dome.

(This is——)
「A barrier?」
「That’s right!」

I struck at the barrier around me.

A dull sound emerged and my attack was repelled.

「Muda muda mudaaaaaaaa! (TN: DIO) It’s the same as the great barrier around the town. As long as the enemy within doesn’t disappear it will not disperse!」
「So that’s what it was?」
「And from here I can do thiiiiisss!」

Seiya held out his arm.

The edge of the barrier glowed with poisonous light as it produced arrows of light with flew at me.

I swung my sword and blocked them.

「Good job blocking, but how about thiiisss!」

He swung his hand again and more arrows appeared.

The number was incredible and it was all I could do to defend myself.

Seiya saw through that.

「So this is your limit to blocking them? It’s time to pay the piper Akihitoooo~」

I put 5,000,000 magic into my blade and swung at the barrier with all my strength.

There was thick resistance, but the barrier didn’t break.


Seiya laughed uproariously.

「Why don’t you try some more Akihitooo!? Try some more!!!!」

I stopped attacking as Seiya laughed and screamed.

「And now……Despaiiiir!」

I let Risha out of the sword.

She emerged and turned back into her physical form.

「You’re resigned to your fate huh?」

Wordlessly I took out my DORECA.

I placed down a magic circle and smiled at Risha.

「Wa, yes!」
「Give me a strand of your hair.」

Risha nodded quickly and pulled out a single strand of golden hair before handing it to me.

I pulled out one of my hair as well.

「Muda muda mudaaaaa!(TN:Dio I can hear you) No matter what you do, it’s useless Akihitooooo!」

I ignored him and placed both hairs into the magic circle.

The magic circle transformed…….into two magic doors.

They weren’t even separated by a meter of space, they were left and right magic doors.

「Let’s go.」

I was calm so Risha calmed down too and nodded firmly.

And so we both stepped through the magic door.

Our view went white for a moment then we saw.

We’d returned to the same place.

More accurately, we had entered the left magic door and emerged from the right magic door.

It was a space not even a meter apart.


「Th-ththththat can’t be! The barrier disappeared!? What did you do Akihitooooooo!!!!」
「Let’s go Risha」

Risha returned to the sword.

Even though it was only for a moment, when we teleported we disappeared from the space within the barrier…so the barrier itself disappeared.

It worked perfectly, but I had absolutely no need to tell Seiya.

There was no need to tell Seiya who was descending further into madness.

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