Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 147

The next day, town of Akito.

The town had returned to normal at radical speed.

To remove Seiya’s barrier I had to erase everything I had made.

After the barrier disappeared the surrounding area basically looked like a wasteland. However, right now things were mostly recovered.

It was because I used my DORECA to recreate everything using Emergency Magic Creation.

I had all my slaves go around and mark down what should be built where, and then I went around.

Finding markers and building houses.

Finding markers and building houses.

Finding markers and building houses.

I simply repeated that over and over.

The citizens of this town surpassed 2,000. Buildings alone would surpass 1,000 in Akito, but through the morning almost half were finished.

To satisfy food needs, I made a mountain of Pushinee. Then when I was taking a breather…


Madway had arrived at some point and called out to me.

With the majority of people who called me -sama or Your Majesty, the oldest of my acquaintances, Madway called me with -san (Risha excepted).

「Madway? Are your injuries alright?」
「Thanks to your medicine I’m all better. Leaving that aside…may I continue?」
「What is it?」
「This method of doing things causes you quite some trouble, right Akito-san?」
「This method…you mean emergency creation?」

Madway nodded.

「…..somewhat. After all the magic usage is 10 times the amount normally used.」
「Then how about we return to the usual method? The citizens can all work together. You don’t have to do everything by yourself Akito-san.」
「I thought of that and Yuria did some calculations.」

I smiled bitterly.

「Certainly that would keep magic costs down…but we wouldn’t have enough materials or enough people to carry those materials. If I laid down the magic circles and left it to you, it would take days to restore the town.」
「If I do it, then it’ll end by today at the latest.」

Madway opened his eyes wide.

Between a few days and a single day.

Which was the best option and which we should choose wasn’t even worth asking.

「……even though I know…」

I tilted my head and started walking.

Madway followed as I walked around creating things.

Along the way I was thanked and complimented by the citizens.

「Akito-san is really amazing. Something that would take 2,000 people a few days to finish can be finished by you within a day.」
「Oh that?」
「It’s too amazing. I can’t even put words to it.」
「Even if you don’t say it, I don’t mind.」
「Again…what is it?」

I couldn’t help but stop walking.

Maybe it’s because I noticed something different.

He also stopped walking and looked at me.

His gaze was extremely earnest.

「Please make this world one under you. Please do so with your power Akito-san.」

The Goddess had told me this, and now Madway told me this.

This was……most likely the first time someone in this world had asked me.
Evening, my home in Akito.

In my guise as Sakimori, I returned with Risha.

「Fuu~, that food was delicious.」
「Good job today Mast——Dear.」

Risha corrected herself.

It looks like she wasn’t used to it as she accidentally called me Master sometimes.

Since I thought it was cute I decided to tease her a bit.

「At this rate why not just call me Master in this form as well? There are husbands and wives who do that kind of play…」
「Please let me… you Dear. At least in this form.」

Risha said in a voice that seemed likely to vanish.

It seemed like she didn’t dislike it. She was just embarrassed.

She wanted to call me Dear, but she was shy. That was the feeling I got.

「Got it, that’ll be fine.」
「Ah, but when we turn back I’ll call you Master properly!」

She declared with nervous energy.

I guess the thing she likes calling me most is 「Master」 after all.

Her panicked state was cute as well.


I took a breath and composed myself.

I heard a voice from outside.

It hadn’t been long since the town was revived but they had raised a big fuss and threw a huge celebration.

The entire town was filled with revelry.

In truth Alcohol and luxury goods were still available.

Seiya’s barrier only went after 「things I made」. I had mostly kept away from making luxury goods.

These kinds of things had gradually piled up as things got more prosperous.

Since almost all of it was still left over, the town decided to hold a celebration with the goods.

{Cheers for the King!}

Outside the house was a noisy guy.

Looking outside there was a pair of men walking down the street with arms around each other’s shoulders.

They were drunkenly staggering so it seemed like they had drunk quite a bit.

「They’re saying things about you Dear~」

{Cheers to Risha too!}
{Nice Slave-sama!}

「They’re saying things about you too~」

Risha blushed. She wasn’t used to this kind of thing.

「But still……as expected I’m tired. Plus——」

I took out my DORECA and opened the Menu.

「I used most of my magic.」

Just a while ago my magic had been nearing the limit, but all at once it had drained.

All I had left was 30,000. Compared to what I had yesterday it might as well be almost zero.

Well, eventually it’ll go back up.

「The leftover magic…may I use it?」
「Hm? Yeah that’s fine. You don’t have to mind that much and go ahead.」

I gave out the 30,000 freely.

When giving Risha and the others their Slave Cards I was prepared to leave some measure of magic expenditure to their discretion.

In fact, if they didn’t things wouldn’t progress since they’d be asking me for each and every thing.

30,000 magic would normally be a number that I wouldn’t even mind.

Well, I understood why she asked this time. Though it may be only 30,000, but it was all the magic I had left.

I understood, but hopefully she’d use it wisely.

「Please wait for a bit.」

After obtaining my permission, Risha took out her Slave Card.

She opened the menu and chose something.

I was wondering what she’d make as I watched.

She placed a magic circle down and it soon turned into an item. It didn’t use materials…it was an emergency magic creation.

「Good work today Dear.」

Risha said and handed me a shortcake.

「Yes, when you’re tired having something sweet is good.」
「I see……」

I was a bit surprised. I didn’t expect Risha to know that kind of thing.

A shortcake cost 3,000 magic and with emergency creation it came to 30,000.

In short…all my remaining magic had gone into making this cake.

「Umm…….did I make you feel bad…….?」
「No, I was just surprised.」

I absolutely never expected Risha to use the magic to make a cake.

「Thank you.」

Risha blushed.

「Since you made it why don’t we eat together?」

I said and held the cake out to her.

「Ah, yes!」

Risha was flustered, but seemed very happy as she fed me the cake.

She held the cake out to me and I ate. Then I did the same to her.

The first cake I’d ever gotten from my slave was extremely delicious.

And with that the incident was finished. I revived the town and solved the issues.

Finally when we finished eating the cake.

—Magic has become ZERO—

This was the first time I’d heard this announcement. Along with it, Risha’s Slave Card began shining as it evolved into a Golden Card.

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