Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 149

Palace Office. Yuria picked up the ringing phone.

「Hello. Un, un………got it. Wait for instructions.」

She said, nodding while taking notes. After hanging up the receiver she went to the blackboard and changed Magatan’s needed essentials meter.

Clothing and shelter each went up by one.

「What happened?」
「There were 11 families with new children. There are 4 families who want to move. Recently there have been more of them.」
「Oh? By more of them you mean…..」

I counted on my fingers. By calculating in reverse…..

「Mostly from the people who moved into Magatan after Master arrived.」
「I see. A time of rapid growth then a baby boom?」

Anyways, it was a good thing.

「What should we do?」
「I leave it to you.」

Yuria nodded expressionlessly and picked up the phone.

「Hello. Please tell your mother that when she’s done there she should head to Magatan.」

Based on what she was saying it was clear she was speaking to one of my kids.

If it was Yuria’s daughter she wouldn’t speak like that so it should be one of the others.

I gazed at her as she gave orders.

After creating the telephone town creation went even more quickly.

Before they would have to return here to report which would take half a day, but now it took only an instant.

It was now possible to get requests instantly and for emergencies to be reported on the spot.

「Master there’s a big fire in Bisk.」
「Who’s the closest?」
「Svetlana and her daughter.」
「Send the both of them. Tell them to do whatever needs to be done to stem the flames.」

Yuria picked up the phone.

Just like that I was able to remain in Ribek to give orders to various places.

Like this maybe I didn’t even need to be here.
In the unrestored wasteland Lilia and Arisa were walking together with me.

We weren’t using the trains that connected the towns, we were simply walking.

「I think it’s about time desuno…where are we going?」

Lilia asked.

「I haven’t decided.」
「You haven’t decided desuno?」
「Yeah, anyways I want to get away from Ribek…or any of my towns.」
「What will we do when we get away?」

Arisa asked with her head tilted.

Eternal Slaves’ special trait is a short time as a baby and a relatively long period as a young girl.

Hearing from them they would remain as a young girl for around 10 years before once again suddenly growing into a full grown woman.

During their young girl period they wouldn’t physically grow, however they would grow mentally.

Lilia’s daughter Arisa was young in appearance but her behavior had become much like her mother’s.

「Hmm, I think I’ll make a castle.」
「Like the palace desuno?」
「Instead of that…..I wanted to make a Demon King’s Castle.」
「A Mao-jo (Evil jaw)….what kind of jo (jaw) is it?」

The question was quite amusing.

I couldn’t help but laugh a bit before answering.

「A Demon King’s Castle is a type of design. It’s like a King’s castle but mixed with a dungeon. It’s just more convenient to call it a Demon King’s Castle. Ahh, in this world I suppose it would be called an Evil God’s Castle instead.」
「Why would you do something like that desuno?」
「Because having my castle in town gets the townspeople caught up in it.」

I smiled bitterly.

Til now the same thing had happened many times.

The world’s biggest enemy, the Evil God Seiya.

He would come aiming for me and when that happened the towns would get caught up in it and there would be casualties.

I was thinking on how to remedy this when I remembered Lyra.

The Snake Queen living in an underground labyrinth.

The labyrinth I had made to block invaders….I thought that I could use that sort of thing to help deal with Seiya.

A Demon King’s Castle type structure. A place where 「citizens」 would not get caught up in these attacks.

If I were to say what made me put this into practice…it was the phones and magic doors.

Even if I were to build my castle far away, using the phones and the magic doors I could deal with anything that might come up.

Those were my thoughts.

I had repelled Seiya time and time again, but due to the time when I had no choice but to destroy everything, I thought that I should live further away.

「I see, so now you want to make a castle desuno. Making a genuine castle is really exciting desuno.」
「Arisa is excited for a Slave King Castle too nandano.」
「Slave King Castle?」

Arisa nodded energetically.

I see…The Slave King’s Castle?

It sounded a bit strange but it wasn’t bad.

「Slave King Castle huh? Ok that’s what it’ll be called.」
「Yay~ nandano!」

—Magic has been charged by 30,000—

Arisa pumped her fists in the air and hopped around. It was adorable.

「Is that ok Onii-chan? You decided it so lightly…」
「Slave King Castle is fine, it’s a fitting name for my castle. It’s well thought.」

I patted Arisa’s head. Her cute smile got bigger.

「If Onii-chan is fine with it then it’s ok desuno.」
「Ok, naming aside…I’ll have you two help me build the castle.」
「Yes, we’ll work hard to build it up~」
「I’ll need you to help me with capture more than building.」
「Capture desuno?」
「That’s right. I want to make this castle for me alone. It’s a castle with the concept that even I can’t get past everything to enter.」
「That’s impossible desuno. It’s impossible to make a dungeon that Onii-chan can’t get through. You’re the strongest in the world desuno.」
「It’s fine Papa is making it himself nandano.」
「But Onii-chan is trying to clear it himself as well desuno.」
「Oh, that’s right nandano…」

Lilia and Arisa both tilted their heads in thought.

They seem to have been confused by the concept of me trying to make a dungeon so hard that even I couldn’t clear it.

「It’s a contradiction.」

And just like that I enjoyed how cute they looked as I continued to search for a proper place for my castle.

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