Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 150

「There seems good.」

We stood in front of the waterfront dazedly looking at an island.

「That island desuno?」
「Yeah, that island. An island is good, it’s surrounded by water making it automatically difficult to attack. It’s a natural fortress.」
「I see desuno.」
「How are we supposed to get there dano?」
「There should be something called a Board inside there. We’ll make it with emergency magic creation.」

I thought of something that had appeared in the bronze card and said to them.

「Understood. I’ll make it quickly desuno.」
「Arisa will make it dano!」

The mother and daughter pair competed to be the one to make it.

「Arisa is the child here desuno, leave it to your Mother desuno.」
「Mama-sama is always being useful for Master so you should give me some chances too nandano.」

This competition was wholesome to watch but I threw a little more into the mix.

「With the board there should be something called an oar in there as well. The one who doesn’t create the items will paddle us to the island.」
「They will」

They both gulped as they said that.

「Mumumu, I want to be useful to Onii-chan and make the board…」
「But rowing the oar is also really helpful too nandano.」

They stopped competing and were instead struggling to decide what they wanted.

They were struggling over which was better. The more I watched the cuter it was.

We weren’t in a hurry so I enjoyed the situation.

「If it’s this far then it’s a contest desuno!」
「That’s right desuno. Rowing the board needs strength so we’ll arm wrestle desuno.」
「I accept your challenge dano!」

The mother and daughter began arm wrestling on the beach.

It was becoming more amusing.

Of course Lilia won. A mother’s strength is obviously greater than her child’s.

「Yay desuno!」
「It can’t be helped dano…….」

Arisa had lost but she wasn’t particularly depressed. She took out her Slave Card and made the Board with only magic.

We placed the Board on the water and got on.

「Let’s go desuno」

Lilia got on last and started paddling with the oar.

The board slowly advanced as we peacefully made our way across.

「Haa, haa……….」

Lilia had been paddling by herself and was now exhausted.

「Good job, you did well. I’ll give you this.」
「Thank you very much desuno!」

—Magic has been charged by 100,000—

As we were crossing I gave Lilia an origami medal and she was overjoyed in an instant.

「Uuu….how lucky dano…….」
「If you do your best then you’ll get one too desuno.」
「Un, I’ll do my best dano.」

She did a small guts pose as Lilia cheered her up.

I brought the two of them along as we explored the island.

A monster appeared.

「W-what is this desuno?」
「It stinks dano……」

The mother and daughter hugged each other fearfully.

What had appeared looked like a human……but it was rotting here and there. I couldn’t see it as anything but a zombie.

I left the two behind me and stepped up quickly.

I punched the zombie tearing through its jaw all the way down to its chest.

「It wasn’t anything big. It moves slow too. The elka is stronger.」

It entered into the weakest class of monster I’d met since arriving in this world.

Power, speed, and defense.

No matter which it was, it was the weakest rank.

But the zombie………slowly stood up.

Then from deeper on the island more began to appear.

Finally near a hundred had appeared.

Coupled with their fearful appearance these zombies had enough power to destroy any settlement that may have once been on this island.

「For now let’s get rid of them.」

I kicked the ground and leapt into the crowd of zombies.

I began punching, kicking, and throwing.

The zombies were repelled one after another. They were individually different, there were even strong zombies amongst them.

Uaaaaa, they groaned and charged over at a speed that an elka would be ashamed of.

Before I realized it one had climbed a tree and leapt at me with sharp claws.

There was one that was horrendously fat and spit acid.

There were plenty of variations.

I went about defeating all of them with my bare hands.

Thanks to that my arms were covered in zombie meat and fluids.

This is kind of gross.


Both mother and daughter called me.
I turned to see the two of them staring at me with very complicated looks on their faces.

「What’s wrong? Are you alright?」
「Yes desuno. More than that I think you should use a weapon desuno」
「Papa-sama is strong but……….it’s dirty dano…..」
「Hm? Ohhh」

I looked at myself once more and…truly you could call my appearance gross.

In fact.

「That’s right a weapon.」

Slave Sword Eternal Slave.

Thanks to Seiya’s attack I had to destroy the blade that I had long used.

The barrier that destroyed everything would not disappear until everything I had made was destroyed. So I had to get rid of them myself.

After that…I hadn’t made another weapon. I was currently unarmed.

I had to change that.

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