Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 151

「Well for right now…let’s rest.」

I said as I looked at the sun setting in the western sky.

「Understood desuno. I’ll prepare us a place to spend the night desuno.」
「Ok wait.」

Lilia stopped right as she was about to begin moving.

I took out my DORECA and opened the menu. I used Save and Load with emergency magic creation.

Where there had been nothing before, now a house appeared.

It wasn’t just a normal house, it was an arbitrarily long house.

I took the pair inside with me.

At a glance it looked like a normal home’s interior with a table for cooking and a bed for sleeping.

In the middle there was a stairs leading upwards.

It was a loft.

「There’s a stairs dano.」
「Yeah, you want to climb up and look?」
「I’ll go dano!」

Arisa used her short arms and legs to scurry up the stairs. Even if she fell she’d be fine. I approached the side of the loft slowly.

Lilia followed next to me.

「There’s a room up there too desuno…….room?」
「It’s not exactly a room, it’s a loft. You’ve never seen something like this?」

Lilia shook her head.

「Never desuno.」
「I see. This is like a place I used to live in. Looking from the outside it’s a normal house but it has an additional room or two up above.」
「I see desuno.」

I started to speak as I looked upwards.

—Magic has been charged by 5,000—

Arisa, who’d climbed up to the loft, leaned over the side with her eyes sparkling like a child.

「Amazing dano! There’s a second floor in the room dano!」
「It feels like a secret base right?」
「That’s right Papa-sama!」

Arisa was excited as Lilia smiled..

The loft house was surprisingly Highly rated.
After eating dinner, I created a pen and paper and began writing.

I was planning for my new weapon.

Something different from Eternal Slave, a new weapon.

I was thinking about what it could be.

I couldn’t really think of anything….so instead I began writing what it needed.

First, it needed to be related to my slaves.

That was obvious since I had 12 adorable slaves that needed to be praised and made to smile.

The weapon needed to be able to wield that power and turn it into strength. As the successor to Eternal Slave it was even more essential.

Next, I wanted it to be developed from scratch.

I didn’t want it to be something granted straight from my DORECA. Instead I wanted it to be like this loft where I put various things together to create something original.

Other than that I had various other smaller requirements, but those two were the biggest.


Lilia came down from the stairs and stood next to me.

「Is Arisa asleep?」

I asked Lilia as I looked up to the loft.

「Yes desuno. She was running around so much that now she’s more deeply asleep than usual desuno.」
「Well she was running up and down the stairs after all.」

As I remembered her excitement I unintentionally chuckled.

「What are you writing Onii-chan?」
「It’s a plan for a new weapon. Do you have any ideas Lilia?」
「A weapon for Onii-chan? Hmmm」

Tilting her head she contemplated.

「Copy Lilia and Arisa desuno.」

What the heck was she saying?

「Like with the zombies today use Lilia and Arisa a lot desuno. That’s Onii-chan’s weapon desuno.」
「Like a summoned warrior type of thing?」
「Like that desuno!」
「It doesn’t really click with me.」
「Is that so desuno………」

Lilia muttered as her shoulders fell.

She was sad her suggestion didn’t get used……which means she was serious about what she’d said.

That was amazing in its own way.

「What were you thinking of Onii-chan?」
「Various things…first I thought of a gun.」
「Yeah, first I’d make a magic gun and use various consumables to make bullets. Materials from you slaves. Each of them would probably have different effects and I would be able to make special bullets.」
「I see desuno.」

I told Lilia about one of the main ideas I had been thinking of.

It wasn’t really clicking with me so I sought out Lilia’s reaction to the idea.

I went through various ideas with Lilia to see if she’d react especially well to one, but up till now there wasn’t a winner.

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