Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 152

The next day.

I’d thought of various things til morning but I didn’t end up hitting on a good idea.

Lilia, who had accompanied me for most of the night, dozed off near the end so I carried her up to the bed in the loft.

Maybe she had sensed that her mother was lying next to her, but Arisa’s face spread into an angelic smile as she slept.

Lilia also mumbled as she happily slept.

I wanted to always see their happy smiling faces.

However it’d be bad to interrupt their sleep so I left the room and climbed down the stairs.

So I wouldn’t make too much noise I stepped outside.

In the chill of the morning I took a deep breath of cool fresh air.

After refreshing myself I started to leisurely walk.

「A weapon huh….」

I was still mulling it over.

I’d made many things since I came to this world, but most of it was from the DORECA or was based on it.

Now that I wanted to make something completely original I couldn’t come up with anything good.

「Hmm, maybe I should just make something with the DORECA. I can have Nina and my slaves develop something out of it maybe…」

I felt like that would be faster than what I was doing now.

In fact was there a real reason to be so worried?

In the first place did I need something like a weapon?

I took out my DORECA and looked at it seriously.

My power was this, the power to use this to make anything…my strongest power.

「Hmm, that’s not quite right.」

My strongest power——was my slaves’ smiles. I can’t forget that.

That aside, my power to create things….comparing that to a weapon….was this really worth so much worry?

… this might be so. It truly may be the case.

For a while let’s try it without a weapon, from now on I’ll try it with the concept of being unarmed.

When I started thinking like that, my horizons seemed to open. They really might have.

Changing my thoughts I walked around the island.

After walking for a while, an eerie forest appeared before my eyes.

A forest huh? Let’s take a look.

If it was a dangerous forest then I’d just leave it as is.

After all this island would soon play the role of a Demon King’s stronghold.

For the purpose of repelling intruders it’d be best if it was dangerous.

Then, I entered the forest.

Human zombies emerged and I destroyed them bare-handed.

There were dog and wolf zombies as well. They had exposed ribs and eyes dangling from their sockets.

When they dashed over to bite me, I dodged and ripped them in half.

There were bird zombies as well. They had red eyes and teeth sprouting from their beaks. They were certainly visually scary.

I defeated them one after another and continued.

Yeah, I think I can leave this area as it is. I think I should let it be.

Zombie Island and Zombie Forest.

It gets passing marks as the surroundings for a Demon King’s Castle.


This time a monkey appeared.

Vicious face and sharp claws. A Slave Beast.

Defeat it and it turns into a human. The monster I’m most familiar with.

This was the first time I’d seen a different monster than zombies here.

It felt fresh.

Though it was fresh I couldn’t bear to leave it like this. I’ll defeat it and turn it back into a perso……..


It took an instant. I had no idea what happened.

I felt a strong shock and my body was sent flying.

My back hit the tree as it groaned and cracked like it was going to snap before it stopped.

I placed my hands on the ground to get up when I felt a sweet and salty taste of blood rise up in my throat. I spit it out onto the ground.


I groaned and took some panacea.

My body recovered as my brain flashed back to understand what happened.

I looked at the direction I had been blown away from.

The monkey was there dancing and chittering as if making fun of me.

「That did it?」

It can’t be I thought.

The slave beast was the weakest monster ever even for a normal human…it was so weak that even if you were unlucky it could beat an infant at most.

Its dangerous impression was completely fake.

For me to be done in by such a creature, it was truly unbelievab——


Thanks to the distance this time I was able to react.

The monkey flew towards me with incredible force and swung its right claws at me.

Even with the distance it only took a moment or two for it to appear before me. I couldn’t dodge.

I crossed my arms and guarded.

I felt a burning pain and was tossed away once more.

In the air I took out another panacea and drank it. I was out of panacea that I usually had within easy reach.

I landed and saw the monkey chittering away again.

Without a doubt, it was the one who did this.

This one…….is strong.

Even if I wasn’t unarmed it would be strong. In fact…

「Isn’t this the strongest thing I’ve faced?」

Stronger than the scorpions, the Elka, Maxim, or a Dragon.

Even stronger than the Evil God…..Seiya.

Physically this monkey was above all of them.

「Then I don’t need to hold back.」

I wiped the blood from my mouth and took out my DORECA.

For various reasons I couldn’t leave this one alone. I had to deal with it.

「20 Iron Swords first」

The magic circle appeared around the Monkey surrounding it.

Then I used emergency magic creation.

Clang! And the magic light receded leaving behind swords which stabbed forth.

Inside that space——the monkey’s body was stabbed.

It was a situation where I forced it to take my attack. An inescapable long distance attack!

Using one of the DORECA’s various creation abilities I had turned the Monkey into a Hedgehog.


The monkey was angered. The next moment the swords broke off and fell to the ground.

「Oioi, didn’t work at all?」

No it did work? The monkey was clearly enraged so it must have worked a bit at least.

Then do it again——I thought…

It disappeared from my field of view.

I felt something striking my back. The monkey that had been in front of me was suddenly behind me attacking.

It had moved at ultra-highspeed and hit my back. It was absolutely faster than me.


I placed an emergency magic circle directly inside my body.

The panacea was created within my very flesh, healing me in an instant.

I fixed my stance midair and held out my DORECA again.

「Iron Sword」

The instant the magic circle appeared around it, the monkey dodged to the side at ultra high speed.

It dodged before the creation, the magic circle stayed floating there uselessly.


I landed and faced the monkey.

It might have been my imagination but it looked like it was proud of its success.

No, it wasn’t my imagination.

「Don’t you screw with me you little…..」

Anyone could tell from the pounding vein that had popped up on my forehead.

I had snapped.

It’d been a while since I’d truly gotten enraged.

「Fine….if you think you’re hot sh*t………」

I stood swaying as I stared balefully at the monkey.

「I’ll show you….this…is my power.」

I held my DORECA and took a breath.

I created a number of magic circles.

Not just one or two. Not even one hundred or two hundred.

I covered the forest in magic circles.

Nearly 1,000 in total.

Magic light flickered and glowed everywhere as light arrows flew around with reckless abandon.

The forest was in complete upheaval as zombies wandered around here and there in complete confusion.

The monkey was completely taken aback. It quickly looked around itself.

Then it started running. As fast as ever…it ran.


The direction it was escaping in had magic circles as well. I poured magic into them and created iron swords.

The monkey continued without pause.

The magic circles in front of it….

Creation, creation, and more creation.

Finally after dozens of iron swords stabbed into its body, the monkey collapsed to the ground and died.

Good grief, giving me so much trouble.

I erased the remaining magic circles and returned things to normal.

I remained on guard and thought.

What was that monkey? Was it an endemic species of this island?

If there were more of those lying around then this island might be a truly good find for a Demon King’s Castle.

What should I do? I wondered when…

Finally the monkey faded away and its body was covered in light.

「Ah, it properly turned back into a human? ——wait…」

I was surprised. Incredibly surprised.

Because, what the monkey turned into wasn’t a human.

It was…….the Goddess.

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