Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 153

There was no mistaking it, despite only having met her properly the one time, it was that Goddess.

The one who had summoned us to this world, given us our DORECAs and granted us Risha and Raisa.

The one who had started everything, the main cause.

No matter how you looked at it, she was the one who had turned back from a monkey.

But wait….was she the real one?

She looked exactly the same, but maybe it was a doppelganger.

「Despite that…..that monkey was really strong.」

The real reason I thought that this was actually the Goddess was because of how strong the monkey had been.

It had overwhelmed me. If I had made mistakes I might have died.

In fact it had made me fight with my full strength.
It was that strong.

The fact that such an incredibly weak species was so amazingly strong…that really made me believe that this was the actual Goddess.

Now…what should I do?


She groaned and her eyes slowly opened.

Once the finally opened fully, she blinked twice, and looked around.

She sat up, and looked around once more.

「You finally woke up?」
「For now let’s talk. You know who I am right?」
「Hey come on an—」
「Umm…..could I ask something?」
「Starting with questions? Ok fine. What is it?」
「Where is this place?」
「And me…who am I?」

An unexpected development.

Where are we? Who am I?

For those to be the first questions, this was like…

「Are you saying… lost your memories?」
「I don’t know…but I don’t remember anything.」
「Not about me either?」
「Umm…..yes, sorry.」

How could this be? Things have gotten much more complicated.

I was going to ask if she was truly the Goddess, but for her to have no memories…

Of course there were plenty of people who had some memory issues when they turned back into humans.

It was because most of them had been killed by a monster and turned into a monkey directly. There were many who were confused due to trauma.

Despite that, there wasn’t a single one of them who couldn’t even remember their names.


She collapsed on her backside and scooted backwards.

「What’s wrong!?」

I looked where she pointed and saw 3 zombies emerge.

「Oh, you’re scared of the zombies.」

I used my DORECA to create an iron sword within each of the zombies’ bodies.

The zombies that had been defeated in one strike as they slowly collapsed.

「There’s no need to be afraid, I’m here.」
「Hmm….you really seem like a different person.」

I really couldn’t be thinking of her as the Goddess for now.

She has no memories but even so I couldn’t imagine that Goddess getting frightened of a weak zombie. She wasn’t that kind of character.

Even if she lost her memories, she shouldn’t have a complete change in character.

In the first place, Slave Beasts were all people who had been killed by monsters.

How would that Goddess have gotten killed by monsters? Thinking about it it was impossible.


A cynical smile rose on my lips. I ridiculed my stupidity.

「For now let’s go.」
「The place where I’m staying. Zombies will keep popping out here. Let’s go someplace we can calm down.」
Since she wasn’t the Goddess then she was a subject of my protection, a new citizen.

I thought to protect her until I could get her to one of my towns.

I turned and began walking.

「Ah, this dropped.」

I stopped and turned.

She held a single card that had fallen.

It was the magic card, the card that had once been Seiya’s DORECA.

I felt around my bag wondering when I had dropped it.

I usually didn’t use it compared to my own DORECA so I didn’t realize.

「Ok, here we go, have it bac——」

She picked it up and handed it to me.

The moment I held it…

The card that she and I held suddenly burst with light.

「Eh ehhhh?」
「Wh-what is this!?」

The surprised me, the panicking her.

We both looked on in confused agitation at the sight in front of us.

Why? Why was this card shining?

She removed her hand in a panic and the card stopped shining.

「……could you touch it once more?」

I asked her.

「Eh? B-but…」


It was much less than before, but she was still shocked.

The card that we both held once more began shining.

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