Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 155

「Onii-chan we dug holes and turned them into bogs as you said. We added the poison as well desuno.」
「Papa-sama I made a path down below dano.」
「Good job」

Lilia and Arisa finished the work I’d given them nearly at the same time and trotted over to me.

I left the simple work to them. Arisa was asked to make a path through the hill and Lilia was asked to create some poison bogs.

「I understand the path, but what the heck is the bog? Plus I don’t know why you’d add poison to it.」
「It’s a Demon King’s Castle after all so a poison bog is needed.」
「Is that so?」
「Yeah. Even a mid-level Demon King will have a poison area around their seat of power.」
「Why are you doing such a thing desuno?」
「There’s no one who would want a poison area around their throne. That’s strange dano.」
「Well that’s what a Demon King is.」

Both of them tilted their head confused. Looks like they didn’t get it. The style was important.

「Ok, finally it’s the main thing making the Evil Castle.」
「What should we do dano?」
「Order us to do anything desuno.」
「Let’s see……」

I took out my DORECA while thinking of the castle I had envisioned. I planned our next actions.


From the side the Goddess (temp) called out to me.

「What’s wrong?」
「Umm I heard you say just now but…are you the Demon King?」
「No I’m not.」
「But you’ve been saying you’re making a Demon King’s Castle.」
「It’s a bit long to explain. Just please understand that though I am not a Demon King I am making a Demon King’s Castle.」

She didn’t get it but for now she accepted it.

「Actually isn’t that a bit weird to ask me?」
「Normally the one to make the Demon King’s Castle wouldn’t be the Demon King. Normally it’d be the Demon King’s underlings or something right?」
「You can do so many amazing things that I can’t imagine that you are an underling.」

The Goddess (temp) said while looking at the ground and the hill.

「I see」
「In fact I was wondering if you were God.」

You’re the God here! In fact I could almost be considered your underling.

That’s what I thought, but I didn’t say anything.

「That aside…Papa-sama」
「What should we do next desuno?」

As I was talking to the Goddess (temp) the two of them pestered me.

In fact there wasn’t really anything I wanted them to do. All that was left was for me to slap a castle together.

I looked at my DORECA menu thinking so but…

「What’s wrong desuno?」
「Well, there’s something that I found for you two to do.」
「Really desuno!?」

Lilia was hooked and Arisa’s eyes sparkled.

Their spirits rose instantly.

「Let’s make some food.」
Near the castle construction site there were tables and chairs where we sat with the Goddess (temp).

I faced the mother daughter pair who didn’t understand why this was happening.

「I didn’t bring it up till now, but this person is…..yes a very important guest to me.」
「Is that so desuno?」
「Yes, quite the precious guest in fact.」

Lilia and Arisa’s gaze clearly changed when looking at the Goddess (temp).

As slaves someone introduced by their Master as 「a precious guest」 is a special entity probably.

「So for that reason I’d like you to treat her hospitably. You may use magic so please make her feel welcome.」
「Got it desuno」
「Leave it to Arisa dano.」

They got fired up and took out their Slave Cards.

They opened their menus and searched for things within them.

「Umm……what is this about? S-saying that I’m a……p-precious guest.」
「Sorry but I need you to cooperate for a bit. You just need to go along with what I said and let them entertain you as a guest.」
「Umm……I don’t mind doing that.」

But why? Her face seemed to ask.

I smiled back and didn’t say anything.

After a while Lilia and Arisa started making food.

They made each with emergency magic creation and placed the dished on the table. It went beyond a full course meal and became a smorgasbord.

It was an amount that would fill our stomachs to bursting if we finished it.

「Please eat desuno」
「That’s how it is. Please eat.」
「Eh? But this much is…」
「You can just have a bit of each.」
「U-un. Ok then…….」

The Goddess (temp) reached her hands out to the food. As expected the amount was too much so she followed my advice and took a bit from each plate showing us a very luxurious style of eating.

「It’s the first time I’ve had this kind of food.」
「Un, it’s really……somehow gives a Queen-like feeling.」
「Is that so?」

She spoke positively to me so I turned to Lilia and Arisa.

「The two of you….you’ve done well.」

The stared for a moment before both smiling and speaking up.

「We got praised by Onii-chan desuno…..」
「Arisa is happy dano……….」
「Lilia, Arisa」
「Yes desuno?」
「Do you have another order dano?」

The two of them looked excitedly at me.

Their blank faces, their smiles, and now their excited faces.

The two of them were so cute. Cuter than I thought when I had planned this.

That’s why now I couldn’t help but say what I thought.

「You two truly did well. You two are my precious slaves. I’m proud of you.」

—Magic has been charged by 5,000,000—
—Magic has been charged by 5,000,000—

Their eyes were wide open but I could see they joy in their hearts.
After the entertaining was finished I once again opened my DORECA menu.

10,000,000 magic charge all at once my power was overflowing.

Making the castle on the hill was unexpectedly expensive and I found myself short on magic. I hurriedly thought of some work to give them so I could praise them and make them happy.

1,000,000 would’ve been enough but they were so cute I unthinkingly spoke strong and heartfelt words to them resulting in this overflowing magic.

Well, looking at them smiling over there I could tell how happy they were.

Anyways I now had enough so I should get started.

「Alright, let’s go.」

I held my DORECA took a breath and chose what to create.

A magic circle appeared on the ground. It was huge enough to cover most of the hill.


I smiled at how surprised they were and put on the finishing touches.

I used most of the magic to use emergency magic creation.

The magic poured in as the magic circle shone with light.

A few seconds later…

The light dimmed and what appeared was a dignified and majestic castle.

A castle fitting to be called a Demon King’s Castle. A huge and dark feeling fortress.


The Goddess (temp) stood before it with her mouth hanging open.

She seemed speechless.

The Goddess (temp) who had her words stolen by the huge castle.

The next moment lightning and thunder shot down.

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