Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 156

Lightning struck down like heavenly judgment and partially destroyed the Demon King’s Castle.

Lilia and Arisa were left gaping at the disastrous sight.

「It’s…….coming again!」

Not at the building this time. I looked up to the sky and sensed something in this strange event.

The blackened sky and roaring thunder.

The lightning……would strike here!


I held my DORECA aloft and created a stone house directly above us. The lightning struck it and crushed it to bits immediately.

「Amazing Papa-sama!」
「Thank you desuno Onii-chan.」
「Both of you get behind me! You come over here as well!」

I hid my two slaves behind me and yelled for the Goddess (temp).

Even while doing this I didn’t let my gaze waver.

The sky was still growling and roaring. It was looking even more ominous than before.

「What happened all of a sudden desuno? What’s going on?」
「It’s probably….this one.」
「This one…what desuno?」

My gaze couldn’t help but flicker to the Goddess (temp). She was collapsed to her knees in fright. Looking at her like that made me doubt myself but…….

But, if this girl was truly the Goddess then there is a good reason for this.

That is——

「Fu, fufufu」

Out of nowhere laughter echoed out.

The voice reverberated all around as my two slaves clung to me.

「Wh-what is this desuno?」

I was……correct.

My bad feeling intensified along with the all-encompassing laughter. It was a familiar man’s voice.


The next moment a man fell from the sky.

He slowly stood.

Slowly unfolding his body from kneeling.

His appearance brought to mind the word 「descent」 or 「advent」.

The tenacious and bitter……Seiya.

Seiya, who had landed before me, looked like the Evil God as always…but there was something different about him.

What was it? How was he different?

If I had to say…….it was his aura.

I felt a completely different aura than before on Seiya.

「It’s been a while Akihito.」
「As I thought…it was you Seiya.」
「What’s with that expectation?」
「Of course I would…if she was the real one.」

I glanced at the Goddess (temp).

No, now that the Evil God Seiya had appeared I no longer needed the (temporary).

She was undoubtedly the Goddess.

「Her appearance, the extremely strong monkey, and you who descended from the skies. With this much evidence I can imagine what took place.」
「You stole the Goddess’s power.」
「That’s right!」

Seiya said with a big smile.

Both mother and daughter let out small cries of fear and clung to me further after seeing his ominous smile.

「I thought about it Akihito…..why I was unable to beat you. I even obtained the Evil God’s power…but why couldn’t I beat you?」
「I thought and thought Akihito. Why couldn’t I win?」
「Stop acting like a useless teacher Seiya.」
「As usual you’re an annoying bastard.」

Seiya laughed and took my jab in good humor.

「That’s right…it was the Goddess’s power. You were strong because in the end you possessed her power.」
「You also got her power in the beginning. Along with Raisa.」
「You’re wrong. What I got that day was a crappy imitation.」
「We both got slaves just the same…but why couldn’t I demonstrate a tenth……no a hundredth of the power you did? Why? Because it was a sham.」
「I don’t know what you did to receive that woman’s favor and I don’t care. What’s important is what I needed to do to get the real thing?」
「How could I get the real thing? It’s simple, I just kill you and take it. That’s when I understood. If the Evil God’s power wasn’t enough, if the leftover power wasn’t enough…..then I would go and kill that Goddess to get her powers. Then I would have enough power to be rid of you.」
「I see」

I glanced once more at the Goddess. Right now I couldn’t feel any power coming from her.

She was a normal human. A regular girl.

She must have watched while the Evil God destroyed the world. She watched from there.

A place where the Evil God’s power couldn’t reach.

But that is when a person from another world who had been there once, Seiya, invaded.

I understand.

Seiya spread his arms and looked at the sky as if in ecstasy.

「Now I understand, I can feel it, and I can do it!」

His face became more sinister.

「What can you do?」
「I can make all the humans in the world my slaves.」

Seiya said quietly with conviction.

I knit my eyebrows. I could tell that my face had stiffened at his words.

「If I make all the humans my slaves…then my power will easily surpass yours…..don’t you think so Akihito?」

This is bad. Very bad.

Everyone one in the world…not just Eternal Slaves but all the normal humans as well.

It would give Seiya who was never able to gain more magic power, a continuous supply.

If all of them were slaves, then even with Seiya’s poor methods he would gain enormous magic power.

That would be…..terrible!

「….I’m going to have to stop you here and now.」
「Can you? You don’t even have a weapon.」
「Even so…I will.」
「Fu…alright then a little warm-up is in order. I’ll casually beat you into the ground.」

Evil God Seiya raised his hands and I took out my DORECA.


The two of their voices were at their wit’s end. They could clearly tell that things weren’t going well.

「We’re doing it. Lend me your strength.」
「Yes desuno!」
「Leave it to us dano!」

The two of them nodded. If they were here I would manage somehow.

That was what I thought when in the next moment…

Black light ignited in the air. A mixture of black and red lightning fell.

It fell——and slammed directly into Seiya!

「Guwa! W-what!?」

He teetered and fell on both knees.

In an instant his body was burnt black and riddled with wounds.

「Wh-at is h-happening…?」

「Fufu, good work boy.」

I heard a voice. It echoed from everywhere just like Seiya’s had before.

It was one I had never heard. A voice that sounded neither male nor female. A strange voice.

I shuddered and felt a shiver run down my spine.

I felt pressure even stronger than before.

What……..was happening?

「Evil God……..」

The absentminded Goddess murmured.

…Could it be!?

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