Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 158

(TN: Author decided on Evil God’s Gender)
DORECA Palladium Card.

The card within my hand was letting out never before seen brilliance.

「A new card?」
「Pitiful child. A new card doesn’t change anything. I’ve sealed all the powers of it already.」
「Is that so?」

I went through my menu and chose something from the list.

Payment…magic alone.

The next moment numerous magic circles appeared and engulfed the Evil God. They then transformed into swords.

Swords created at the same coordinates as her body. The Evil God was turned into a porcupine in an instant.


She was completely shocked. I could tell she hadn’t seen this coming.

「Looks like I can use my powers again. What’s more….」

The attack just now…it cost me Zero magic.

With emergency magic creation I would usually need to utilize 10 times the magic to create it…but the actual usage just now was zero.

Is this the special ability of the Palladium card? Or maybe…

No I should stop overthinking for right now. I had something I needed to deal with.

「Why can you use it!?」
「Not sealing my power as well backfired on you.」
「Ridiculous child, your power is nothing compared to the power the Goddess granted you you know?」
「So that’s why you only sealed my DORECA?」
「That’s right, it would’ve been a waste of effort.」
「And I’m telling you that backfired. This is no longer that card.」

I held up the Palladium Card and looked at it.

「After fusing with the second card it is a completely new thing. Your seal no longer works.」
「Want to try sealing this one? Want to try doing the same thing to this card?」

I smiled at the two to reassure them.

That’s right. It should be fine.

It was conjecture…but it was close to conviction.

Though she may be the Evil God, it shouldn’t be able to seal the DORECA as she pleases.

The DORECA was, after all, a crystallization of the Goddess’s power. Furthermore, without help the Evil God was completely incapable of reaching the Goddess.

Indeed, only by using Seiya was the Evil God finally able to achieve her goals.

Most likely she had also used Seiya as a vessel to seal the DORECA.

That’s why I didn’t believe she would be able to do it again.

Maybe once the Evil God absorbed the Goddess’s power properly it would be possible…but she hadn’t done so.

The Evil God herself had informed me even if it was unintentional.

That’s why the Evil God couldn’t interfere with this card.

I was almost certain of this.

That turned out to be true.

She laughed a bit and looked impressed.

「Smart and hateful child…It looks like you understand everything…」
「It’s simply a guess.」
「Either way. However, you seem to be misunderstanding something. Do you think you can win now that you can use the card?」
「I intend to. If I let you go you’ll go around destroying the world again right?」

If so then all my efforts up till now would disappear like smoke.

No, it would be even worse.

I glanced at Lilia and Arisa.

Eternal Slave…my slaves.

Such an adorable and lovable race would be extinct.

It’s something I couldn’t allow to happen.

「Ok then, let’s settle this.」
「…..I wonder if we couldn’t come to an accord. If you treasure those girls then I can guarantee the safety of you and them.」
「It feels like you’re offering to give me half of the world.」
「Amusing child, you’re comparing those girls to half of the entire world~」

I nodded.

「The Eternal Slaves, my slaves are worth at the very least half of the world to me.」

Lilia leaked tears as Arisa clung to my waist.

—Magic has been charged by 10,000,000—
—Magic has been charged by 10,000,000—


The Evil God looked as if she’d eaten a bitter bug.

「I suppose that means my answer is already decided.」
「Foolish Child. Then die.」

The Evil God held up her hand.

At that moment my card lit up with light.

The shining Palladium card…I reflexively opened my menu.


I felt like I saw a face for a split instant.

The face of a man who had arrived in this world with me.

Truly only an instant. So quick I thought it was an optical illusion.

At that moment an item appeared in the list.

It required at least 20,000,000 magic.


Taking an instant to read the description and another instant to create it. I immediately activated it.

A huge amount of magic gushed out and a magic circle engulfed the Evil God.

「It’s useless….no matter what it is.」

The Evil God said and finished aiming at me…….but nothing happened.

The attack that should have appeared…….didn’t.

「Wh-what’s going on?」
「I’ve jammed and sealed your power.」
「What did you say?」
「The power within you. The Evil God power and the Goddess power. Both of them were powers that Seiya possessed. And so…..」

I held up my DORECA and showed the Evil God.

「Within this I have Seiya’s power.」
「And you used that to seal me?」
「That’s right. Now…what will you do?」

I asked the Evil God.

She had an extremely vexed and angered look on her face…..but she didn’t do anything…….she couldn’t do anything.

I saw that and finally confirmed my hypothesis.

The Evil God couldn’t get rid of the Goddess’s power within her…and this seal was a continuous one.

In short the Evil God….

Had her power sealed practically for eternity.

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