Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 159


I used my Palladium Card DORECA and restored the half-destroyed Devil King’s Castle.

The castle that had been destroyed by the Evil God’s power was now restored through the Goddess’s power.

It was back to being a castle that wouldn’t fall even under the force of a thousand.

「It’s amazing to grow this far….no to be able to use this much power.」

The Goddess’s atmosphere had changed.

She was no longer like a small shivering animal…instead she had returned to the intellectual atmosphere of when I had first met her.

However, she no longer felt divine.

I couldn’t feel the aura backed by power.

After all, that power was now within the Evil God.

「Even more so with a card I never planned for.」
「So you set Black Card as the upper limit?」
「It’s the limit for humans….or it should have been.」

So this card doesn’t have a limit…

「In the first place you were an irregular existence.」

The Goddess said with a self-deprecating laugh.

「Listening to your slaves, making them smile, and giving them joy…I never imagined a person like you. Seiya was more normal in how he acted.」
「Is that so? You don’t think that such innocent and lovable existences deserve to be cared for?」
「Normally people won’t think like that.」
「I can’t understand that.」
「Normally more people can’t understand your point of view.」

Well let’s forget about that.

I looked between the Goddess and the Evil God.

The Evil God’s face was constantly changing expression.

I could no longer feel her ambiance…her aura.

She just stood there and I could only see her as an androgynous beauty.

That should be because both of her powers were completely sealed by my Palladium Card.

Finally the Evil God let out some self-mocking laughter.

「It seems like no matter what I do it’s useless…」
「Were you trying to do something?」
「Yes. I thought of nearly 10,000 methods and tested them but…」
「All in these few moments?」
「Cruel child. To steal someone’s reason for living.」
「Didn’t you steal many people’s lives yourself?」
「Will you be taking my life?」

The Evil God asked with a thin smile.

No, it was more a challenge than a question.

At least that’s how it felt to me.


Lilia arrived next to me.

「Lilia thinks you should kill her desuno. Right now you can erase her completely desuno. That will save the world completely.」
「Arisa thinks so too dano.」

Arisa agreed as she also stepped up next to me. They both appealed to me.

「Certainly…that would be quick and easy without leaving any future trouble.」

The main reason the world ended up like this was the Evil God.

As long as she was annihilated all that was left was to reach the happy end in a straight line.

For that reason, their suggestion was correct.

I once again turned to face the Evil God.

「Smart child, that’s the correct decision. If you do it then…」
「Please don’t decide my heart as you please.」
「……what do you mean?」
「I won’t be killing you.」

Lilia, Arisa, and the Goddess.

Their voices came together perfectly.

However, the most surprised was the Evil God.

She had a thin smile on as always…but I could clearly see the turmoil in her eyes.

「Are you sane?」
「I don’t need to kill you. I have sealed all your power…that is enough.」
「Strange child. Why would you…」
「I love smiles. My Slaves’ smiles are number one but I love the smiles of other people. Rather than unhappiness and anger I prefer smiles and happiness. That is my core.」
「I should smile as well?」
「That’s right. My desire is to see everyone in this world able to smile.」
That’s right.

I understood.

I had enjoyed the feeling of being a king of my country…but in the end I finally realized why I had been working so hard.

I wanted to see the people’s smiles.

In order to see their smiles I worked.

I was able to succeed! I was able to bring the smiles back to the people in this crumbling world.

With this DORECA and my slaves…

「Sad child. It’s like you’re the slave of those smiles.」
「I guess so…it’s to the point where I’m called the Slave King.」
「It won’t be like that for me. My happiness comes along with destruction.」
「People can change.」
「I will not. Once you die I will be released and begin once again.」
「At that point it will be my loss. If I die then I will have to take you along with me.」

The Evil God and I glared at each other…no we locked eyes.

The atmosphere stagnated as we stared then…


The Goddess couldn’t help but snicker.

「It’s your loss.」
「Seems like fun.」
「What a wonderful smile.」
「You’ve become able to laugh instead of being a dull woman like you used to.」
「It’s thanks to him. I’ve been watching over him all along after all.」

Is that so?

Well she was a Goddess after all and she summoned me.

Rather than watching over me, it wouldn’t be odd even if she was keeping me under surveillance.

「He’s quite a bit of fun. You know Sistra? I became his fan.」


「Now that he’s declared that he’ll let you live and make you smile…you know what that means right?」
「Serves you right.」

The Goddess said with a teasing smile.

The Evil God’s smiled crumbled.

Up until now the Evil God had always had a thin smile plastered on her face.

It was as if a glass mask was shattering.

「Dreadful child.」

She glared at me. It was a bit frightening.

But…it wasn’t bad.

「Lilia, Arisa.」

I faced my slaves and said.

「We’ve got a bit of a big job…we need to reform the Evil God. Help me out.」
「Reform the…..」
「…..Evil God」

Mother and daughter exchanged glances.

Finally the two of them smiled and looked at me.

「Leave it to us desuno! Lilia can do anything for you desuno!」
「Arisa will do her best to help Papa-sama dano!」

With the infinitely welling magic from my slaves’ smiles.

I can make the destroyed world happy again.

Yes…I truly can.

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