Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 161

Twelve Slave.

That phrase floated to my mind as I looked at the girls in front of me but it wasn’t that catchy so I forgot it soon after.

Inside the Demon King’s Castle, the throne room.

Unlike the Palace Residence we had constructed before, this was completely a castle.

For that reason the Throne Room was much more spacious and formal.

I was seated on the throne with my twelve slaves gathered to the sides.

On the left Risha, Mira, Yuria, Lilia, Raisa, and Svetlana were lined up.

On the right was Chasri, Irina, Vuela, Arisa, Bella, and Olga. (TN: I adjusted the names a bit.)

They faced me lined up in order of when they became my slaves.

They were on either side of the red carpet that stretched to the end of the room.

The sight felt right. I wondered if there wasn’t some word for what was going on here….

Well forget about it.

「Congratulations Master! Now there shouldn’t be anymore enemies who can pose a threat to you in this world.」

Risha, my first slave and the one who had known me the longest said.

「That’s how a villain would speak desuno…It’s not appropriate for Onii-chan.」

My fourth slave Lilia said. Truly it was a pretty villainous way to put it.

「Why not? Now that we don’t have any strong enemies it’s true.」
「Unpreparedness is the greatest enemy. There are still, enemies amongst humans.」

My second slave Mira followed up with a positive note while my third slave Yuria brought us back to reality.

And so the twelve slaves in front of me began speaking.

I remembered a saying “3 women gathered together makes things noisy” (wow). Now that I had 4 times that amount it was certainly boisterous. It wasn’t a fitting thing for the formal area we were in.

However it didn’t feel bad.

My lovable slaves were talking about so many things for my sake, there was no way it would feel bad.

I simply sat on the throne and watched them.
The Demon King’s Castle was connected by magic doors. The doors that only allowed me and my slaves through.

I had sent out my slaves to make the rest of them but had stopped Svetlana.

「Do you have any orders?」

My sixth slave Svetlana.

She was a gallant and warrior-like lady.

She had once been a member of the race known as Regrets.

Regrets were Eternal Slaves who couldn’t find their Master before a certain age. Slaves who wanted to serve a Master yet couldn’t find one.

In a sense they were a sorrowful race.

Due to fortunate encounters she was able to return to her Eternal Slave form and become mine.

「Instead of an order I have something I’d like to hear from you.」
「What is it?」
「The Regret’s country. Tell me where it is.」

Svetlana’s breath caught in her throat.

「Why…….would you…….」
「…….I think we have lost the method to turn them back into Eternal Slaves.」

The one who had made them was the Evil God.

Those killed by the Evil God’s methods became Slave Beasts and if I killed those slave beasts they would turn back into Eternal Slaves.

I told Svetlana this.

However, the Evil God’s power was now sealed. In other words this would remove this method of turning them back into Eternal Slaves.

When I realized that I felt half guilt and half wasteful.

「I’d like to at least allow the Regrets to live with comfort.」
「…….Thank you.」

Svetlana was moved to tears.

—Magic has been charged by 100,000—

However, she still smiled.
Svetlana taught me where the Regrets lived.

It’d been a while since I took independent action.

The Regrets’ country contained power that rejected Eternal Slaves.

None of them could come with or meddle in the country.

I understood this and set off on my own.

It was fairly close to the Demon King’s Castle so I decided to depart from here.

I left the castle and descended from my self-made hill.

There I saw the Evil God.

She was leaning her back against a tree and seemed to be waiting for me.

「What’s up?」
「I’ll come with you.」
「With me?」
「You’re going to the Regret’s place right? I’ll be useful.」
「Why? Why would you be useful now that your power is sealed?」
「Strange Child…haven’t you realized it yet?」
「Rushaya gave you the Eternal Slaves. If just like that…I was the one who called you here then….?」
「Rushaya……? The Goddess you mean?」

The Evil God nodded.

That’s fine…but what does she mean?


It can’t be!

「Smart boy」

The Evil God said with a suggestive smile.

「I am the one who gave birth to the Regrets, their God.」

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