Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 164

Regret’s Hamlet, Queen’s Room.

I stepped foot inside and was stunned.

I was horrified.

The hamlet where the Regrets lived was filled with a heavy air of depression and anger.

This room was the same.

However it was sever times……no tens of times…..

It was a hundred times heavier and darker. A feeling that pierced through to your heart.

In the center was a single woman.

A Regret with eyes that seemed glazed over.

「Yahooo Jenyanya, I brought Akito-chan~」
「Un, she’s the Queen ya know~」

This name sounded like a joke….I thought for a moment.

I suddenly realized that it might be Khorkina’s speech pattern.

She called me Akito-chan and Svetlana Svechi…

Then it should be the same with this ‘Jenyanya’.

She was the Queen…..but she probably called her by a nickname anyways.

It was just like Khorkina.

I turned out to be right.

「I am the Queen, Jenya.」

Jenya named herself.

The moment she spoke it almost felt as if the room had become colder.

It probably hadn’t since I only felt it for a few moments.

I simply felt a horrible feeling from her.

「Cute child. It doesn’t look like anything’s changed.」

The Evil God said from beside me.

Since she was the God of Regrets she must’ve known her beforehand, that should be why she said that.

That’s fine and all but…

「Cute huh?」
「I’m not cute.」

I knew that I couldn’t take anything the Evil God said at face value, but still I couldn’t help but wonder what she was up to this time.

I didn’t understand…but I decided to let it go for now.

「I am Akito.」
「Human’s King…what did you come for?」
「I came to make a town. A town for the Regrets to live comfortably.」
「Doing things on your own convenience…」

Jenya said with displeasure and shut her mouth tightly.

It was as if she was completely unwilling to talk any longer and simply cut off the conversation one sidedly.

I thought how I could remedy this…

I thought some more…

「Okay, since we got Jenyanya’s permission let’s go~」

Khorkina said pushing my back.

After we exited I asked,

「Is that really okay?」
「Un, after all didn’t Jenyanya say to do your thing?」
「Well I don’t think that’s what she meant.」
「It’s fine it’s fine, anyways what are you going to make? What should I do?」

I looked at Khorkina.

I had thought this when we first met but…

「It would’ve been fun if you were my slave…」
「Ehh? We’ve come this far and now you’re hitting on me? Akito-chan’s such an unpredictable guy!」

It might’ve sounded like seduction.

It might’ve but it wasn’t.

The source of my power was the magic created by my slaves’ smiles.

When my Eternal Slaves smiled and were happy in their hearts I would get magic.

To have the easily smiling and bottomlessly cheerful Khorkina would have really been fun.


The Evil God abruptly let out a scornful laugh.

「What is it?」

Her face clearly told me it wasn’t nothing, but I had other things to think about at the moment.
I began developing the Regret Hamlet.

First I needed to give it a good look around.

What was most noticeable was the Regrets’ apathy.

They were just like Jenya if not more so.

The Regrets were all listlessly moving about.

I saw Regrets here and there but I didn’t see anyone actually doing anything.

They were just surviving and nothing more.

They moved here and there absentmindedly, when it seemed they were about to do something they only got up to go to the storehouse, take out pushinee, and eat it.

They were basically living corpses.

It looked like practically all of them were like this.

I could understand why Khorkina and Svetlana were the top two most cheerful.

At that time……no it was probably still true.

I truly thought that sending them pushinee when they asked for food was a misstep.
「Well, this is why we asked for help. As you can see everyone is like this ok? They let productivity go to hell.」

Khorkina guided us around as she spoke.

By the way the Evil God was looking around nearby.

「Everyone’s like that, living without a life goal.」
「A life goal huh…」
「Regrets are former Eternal Slaves after all right? So this is what happens when they can’t serve their Masters.」
「It’s like dying a virgin and being told you’ll spend your next life as a virgin too.」
「I don’t really see the comparison.」
「Then if you were bald in your past life you’ll be bald in your next life~」
「Just stop it!」

It’s no joke when you think about the Gods in this world!

「Well, it’s that degree of difficulty that everyone feels.」
「I see.」
「Then, what will you be doing?」
「Something like a party.」
「A party?」
「More like making a resort.」

I was going to make a resort spot.

I was going to make one like what Risha and I had made before.

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