Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 165

The resort I had made with Risha when we wanted to take a vacation.

I first loaded it using my DORECA.

Using my Save and Load function I brought it out just as it had been.

The things that emerged were of course all scattered about because of the topography, but I worked with Khorkina to adjust it.

「What’s a resort?」
「A place to play.」
「Play huh?」

Khorkina said with a distant look.

「Playing…I hadn’t thought of that…」
「You haven’t? How unexpected. Leaving aside the other Regrets, I thought you would be different.」
「Well I was…despite how I am now, I was a really serious girl you know? As an Eternal Slave I mean.」
「Ok ok」

I lightly dismissed her little joke.

Since Khorkina wasn’t my slave she couldn’t make use of all the DORECA functions.

That’s why I only had her help a little by making preparations and such.

「Next is….how many Regrets live here?」
「Around 100 people I think?」
「Then I’ll round up and make it for around 120.」

I took out my DORECA and made some dresses.

Just as I said I made more than needed. A total of 120.

「Have them wear these and guide them here.」
「I kind of get it…seems like this will be fun.」
Khorkina went around town.

Since Khorkina didn’t have a DORECA or a Slave Card, I carried the dresses.

Along the way Khorkina gave the dresses to the Regrets and forced them on the ones who were reluctant.

Most of them accepted the dresses then proceeded to do nothing. Khorkina had to forcefully change them into the dresses.

Most of the Regrets were neglecting their nutrition, but most of them had good figures.

And so we got them to wear the dresses and brought them to the hotel resort.

Once we got them into the banquet hall, we started a buffet style party.

Risha really enjoyed this.

It might only be a little, but this might make them happy.

I couldn’t feel any energy or spirit from the Regrets.

So in order to give them back some energy I planned to have a party filled with food for them.

Or so it was supposed to be.

None of them perked up, they just sat around the venue listlessly.

Tan beautiful girls wearing gorgeous dresses were gathered in a party…but all of them were sitting on the floor or leaning against the wall.

The just lounged lethargically.

It was a very bizarre sight.
「So you failed~」

I was a little ways away from the hotel feeling the wind blow.

The Evil God arrived next to me.

She had a thin smile on her face as she stood there.

「That’s not true.」
「Sad child. This is the first time you failed since you came here? Must be crushing.」

My first real failure?

That might be the case.

I suppose you could say it had been smooth sailing since I had been summoned.

I succeeded in doing what I set out to do and was able to overcome things with my Slaves’ smiles.

Finally I’d arrived at this failure.

The Regrets wouldn’t react to anything.

I got them all to come into the banquet hall…but none of them even cracked a smile.

It didn’t make them any happier.

That gave me…….a bit of a shock.

「Maybe my methods were wrong.」
「What’s so bad about it??」
「Unpleasant child, you want an answer so badly?」
「Yeah, I do.」
「Where’s your will to think for yourself?」
「Don’t have it right now.」

The Evil God looked down on me.

She looked at me with a chilly gaze.

I’d like to respond to it but…..I just let it wash over me without response.

「These girls were Eternal Slaves. Lovely and adorable living things. The Eternal Slaves that I know who have a Master can show many expressions and great joy. The Regrets should be able to show the same thing. Svetlana herself smiled and laughed. If I can get them to feel emotions and joy again any sooner…then my own pride to think of the solution myself can eat shit.」
「…….strange child.」

The Evil God’s expression changed.

From a chilly glare, to surprise, and finally a soft smile.

「Very well, then I’ll tell you this once.」
「Not just once, tell me everything.」
「Hasty child. It all starts with one.」

I nodded and looked straight at the Evil God.

「You may know this already, but Regret means repentance or leftover desires.」
「Think about the meanings of these words.」

The Evil God said and quietly left.

Remorse, Regret….Eternal Slave, a lifetime of servitude.


A flash of inspiration struck me.

Maybe I had just hit on the solution…..

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