Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 166

「And so I was thinking to get them a Master.」

I had called Khorkina and told her my plan.

The Regrets’ regret…that they were born Eternal Slaves yet couldn’t find a Master. Their regret.

It’d been prolonged and now they turned out like this.

「Get a Master…you mean us?」
「Yeah, that’s right.」
「Ahahaha just forget it. It’s been this long and we aren’t even Eternal Slaves anymore.」
「Is that how you really feel?」
「Un, it’s fine.」

Khorkina nodded and refused.

Well, I was sure that they’d refuse at first.

「Are you really sure?」
「I’m asking you one final time, are you truly fine with this?」
「I just said it right?」
「I see…I really didn’t want to have to do it this way.」

It was a lie.

I had already predicted I’d be refused by Khorkina.

I was sure that the other Regrets would definitely refuse, but I thought that I would have a 50/50 shot with Khorkina.

That’s why I asked her first.

This was a frequent stubbornness displayed by regretful peeople.

Khorkina was going through it as well.

「This way……what are you planning Akito-chan?」

I raised my hand to send the signal.

Before I called Khorkina over I had contacted my country and set up the plan.

「What the heck are you doing? ….nothing’s happening.」
「It takes a bit for the impact.」
「Impact? ——Kyaa!」

The moment she asked, the ground shook.

A thunderous roar echoed as the ground shook and rocked making Khorkina lose her balance.

「Wh-what are you doing Akito-chan?」
「Risha Class above ground battleship. It’s Risha’s main battery.」
「The main battery of a battleship!?」

I said and we heard footsteps approaching.

Troops marched through the path blasted out by the main cannon.

「Your Majesty!」
「You were quick Svetlana.」
「Svechi! What are you doing!?」
「Sorry but it was my Master’s orders.」

Khorkina groaned.

It looked like she had plenty she wanted to say, but as a former Eternal Slave she clearly understood the weight of the words 「My Master’s orders」.

The Master’s orders held that much importance to an Eternal Slave.

It might even be enough that they would obey an order to kill their siblings or parents.

In comparison to that, the order to invade and take control of her previous country was nothing.

「Svetlana gain total control.」
「I order you to capture everyone. My highest priority order is the capture of the Queen.」
「By your order」

Svetlana said and led the soldiers in their invasion.

The usual sounds of war…screaming and angry yells…were mostly absent.

I thought they might resist more, but they didn’t.

Well even if they did there wouldn’t be an issue.

I placed handcuffs that I created on Khorkina.

「Ok then, let’s go.」
「Go where?」
「The fate of women of a defeated country shouldn’t be much different in this world.」

I declared with a smile.
In the middle of town everyone was gathered up.

The mostly unresistant Regrets were all arrested and led here.

In the center were Khorkina and the Queen Jenya.

「What do you think you’re doing?」
「If a country sends soldiers into another and defeats it…it’s war. I’m sure this instant end to the war will confuse history scholars in the future though.」
「I’m asking what you think you’re doing?」
「I’ve never gone to war so I wanted to give it a try.」

Jenya glared at me coldly.

Of course I wasn’t serious, but it didn’t seem to reach her.

Even so she was wearing a face of indifference.

「Now then, all you Regrets have become my prisoners. Prisoners who lost the war.」
「So what?」
「As the defeated country, all women are to be made slaves.」
「That won’t be happening.」
「「「That’s right, we won’t be humans’ slaves after all this time!」」」

As if detonated by Jenya’s voice the lifeless Regrets suddenly rose up in defiance.

As I thought, the Regrets were absolutely set in their obstinance after all this time.

This was within my predictions as well.

「It’s about time they arrive.」
「About time……what are you plotting Akito-chan?」

The moment I was answering a hole appeared in the ground.

There a single woman showed herself.

Her lower half was a snake, she was the Underground Queen Lyra.

「I have arrived late Lord Emissary.」
「It’s been a while Lyra, how have you been?」
「Well. I’ve given birth to many children and I invite you to come visit sometime.」
「Got it.」
「And, for what purpose did you call me Lord Emissary?」

Lyra said tilting her head.

「I thought to give you some manpower.」
「The nest has become fairly cramped right? Plus you’ll probably need some soldiers soon right?」
「That is so…but Lord Emissary humans are a bit……」
「Yeah I know.」

I nodded.

「Humans hunted you relentlessly so you don’t like them right?」
「So I prepared non-humans for you.」

I said and pointed at the captured Regrets.

「They are…..?」
「They’re former Eternal Slaves, they are called Regrets.」
「Ah, they’re not humans……」
「I’ll give you all of them. Go ahead and use them as you need.」
「Is that really okay?」
「Thank you Lord Emissary!」

Lyra leapt out of the hole and clung to me.

It was a tight hug just like when we were making eggs.

I softly pried her off me and turned to the Regrets….Jenya and Khorkina.

「And so all of you are Lyra’s slaves from today onward.」
「That can’t! We are——」
「As you can see Lyra is not a human. Plus you all have no right to refuse. You lost.」

It was mostly just a farce though.

However, it was surprisingly effective.

They all had a slightly different look in their eyes from when I first saw them.

「We….we’ve become slaves?」
「We have no choice but to become slaves……」

They were all murmuring amongst themselves.

I could see a hint of what they had long been missing…..happiness.

A happiness they had lost after changing from Eternal Slaves.

The ice was melting.

The resistance with Queen Jenya at the center slowly dissipated.

The Regrets were all feverishly looking at Lyra.

I quietly separated myself from the scene.

I took Svetlana and quietly withdrew.

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