In an R-18 Otome Game, I Will Protect My Chastity to the End – Chapter 10


I felt so tired even though there’s just the school entrance ceremony and homeroom today…..

Sighing heavily, I staggered my way back home. You can’t always have what you want in life. Even though I’m living my life this simply, how did I end up losing my nerve like this.

By the way, the main hero DID end up in the same class. Well, I guess of course he would be in the same class as the heroine.

He’s seated beside the heroine but I don’t think he’s interested in her. The heroine went ’Thanks for your help this morning!’, and flashed her brightest smile while saying it, but Tounouin-kun practically didn’t give her any response.

In the game, Tounouin-kun was supposed to show her, who just moved in, around the town, but after homeroom, he just hurried back home.

Maybe, this place does similarly look the same as the gaming world but, in actuality, is a different world and isn’t exactly restricted to the game.

If that’s how it is, then there’s no need to be afraid.

Tounouin-kun seemed like a normal high school student and when you look at Kurekamiji-sensei, he also feels just like a normal teacher. They both don’t seem to have any hint of being a yandere at all but…….

While thinking about it walking with heavy steps, a car came rushing from behind. I stopped at the end of the road, surprised. It abruptly passed by me, with a screeching sound, it came to a halt.

It was an all-black luxury car. No scratches, tinted windows.

Th-this is quite problematic.

The rear door opened suddenly, a man in a black suit brusquely came out. He was slender but you can tell on top of that suit was a well-trained body.

Short black hair and black sunglasses. An air of intimidation exudes from his body that can make you tremble in fear. Right after, the door to the passenger seat opened, and a similar man in a black suit came out. He’s definitely the macho-type, as expected, he has that same black sunglasses.

The man who came out from the back seat came rushing towards me.

Wh-what should I do!?

An old lady walking nearby hurriedly left after seeing them.

You’re right, of course no one wants to be involved with people who looks like they’re from a yakuza.

I wanna run away too!!!

While I thought about it, I steeled myself, and turned a blind eye.

[Young miss!]

The man in black from the back seat called out with a crisp voice.

[Why are you walking around alone!? Didn’t Shou-san tell you to definitely not leave your school until someone picks you up!?]



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