My Sister the Heroine, and I the Villainess – Volume 02 – Chapter 26

There was garbage in the garden.
It was a nice, sunny day. As there would be no lessons with Mariwa, I decided to invite Mishuli to go out to play in the garden. I had gone on ahead and just now arrived.
It had happened to catch my eye, and I was a little bewildered by it.


I couldn’t stop myself from stretching out the sound as I stared at the garbage. I looked up towards the sky in an attempt to escape this reality, but it was not likely to erase the garbage from existence.
I once again returned my gaze to the problematic object.
And then, it moved.
Apparently, this piece of garbage was just not any garbage. As soon as it felt my gaze, it began to move. Judging by the way it stirred, it was probably raw garbage. I was sure of it.


The garbage groaned. It sounded like it was in pain. I supposed that the pain was the reason that it had been squirming about until now.

“Da, damn. Who, who are you…!”

The piece of garbage had actually started to talk now.
Ah, no, I must stop trying to fool myself. It’s gone a little too far now. It is unbecoming of a lady to try and dismiss reality. I must face reality for what it really is. If I cannot accept reality than I cannot learn to deal with it.
There was a filthy garbage-like person in the Noir house’s garden.
The garbage, who was apparently a common boy, did have one thing in common with me.
We both had black hair and eyes. We also seemed to be the same age. And while I did say that he was quite filthy, it appeared to be because he had been playing. His actual clothes seemed to be well-made, considering his common status.
It was likely that his family was rather well off. My guess would be that he had well-established parents who were merchants, lawyers or doctors or any such intellectuals.
But let me be clear. I have never met this boy before.
After all, as the daughter of a duke, I would never have any acquaintances who were this filthy. First of all, none of my acquaintances would do something so queer as to climb the walls of our mansion and then fall off.
However, I did know this boy’s name.
He was one of three boys who had the possibility of being united with Mishuli in ‘Labyrinth Destiny.’
Leon Nardo.
As far as the story went, he was a commoner that was brilliant enough to enroll at the Royal Academy. I am pretty sure that he was the same age as me. Even worse, he had the same hair and eye color as well. There was a scene in the game where he falls off the walls of the Noir mansion and is treated by Mishuli, so there was no mistaking that he was indeed Leon.
It was not very likely that there were many other wicked children around, who would to dare climb our walls.
Once I had accepted all of this, I looked up into the sky and sighed heavily.

“Why did you have to come…”

I complained, but in truth, I already knew the reason. If fate had been brought to a standstill because of a bug like me, it made sense that the others who I could not influence, would still continue to move as fate had dictated.
However, if that were the case, I knew an easy way of dealing with it.

“…I suppose I’ll throw it away.”

Leon looked very alarmed when he heard what I had mumbled, but garbage was meant to be thrown away. It did not matter to me if that garbage also happened to fall off a wall and cry in pain and was also a small child. I did not have the smallest shred of hesitation in throwing out this trespasser.
After all, this boy had climbed the wall that surrounded the Noir mansion. It could only have been to commit some sort of crime. Was he just testing his nerve or did he mean mischief? The fact that he would try to play with something from a noble’s mansion showed that he knew no fear. I could have no sympathy for him now.
But more than anything, I did not want someone so involved with fate to meet Mishuli.
It was my great fortune that I discovered him first. I must call the servants and have him thrown out before Mishuli arrives. If that happens, then his and Mishuli’s connection would vanish, this fateful event would not occur.
But really, I had a strong dislike for the garbage in front of me just by the fact that there was a chance he could end up with Mishuli. Leaving my fiance, Charles aside, I did not feel I could ever get along with Leon or the first prince. Fate was using them to separate I and Mishuli. I would resist this to the bitter end.

“Throw, throw away? What are you trying to do!”

If he had any ideas of what I should do instead of throwing him out, I would like to hear them. But it seemed that he at least understood that he had done something wrong. Leon’s face was full of fear. I looked back at him cooly.

“I’m sure you know what road lies ahead of you for trying to sneak into a noble’s mansion?”

By the way, the typical way for nobles to deal with common children attempting to sneak into their mansions was to rebuke them and throw them out.
Leon was clearly aware of what lay ahead of him, for his face turned pale and his body began to shake.

“I, I’m sorry… I, I was dared to by a friend…”
“Why would I care!”

I did feel like he was panicking to an abnormal degree, but I wasn’t interested in hearing excuses.
I needed to call someone and get this over with.
There was not much time left. I needed to hurry before Mishuli–


–Mishuli had come.

“Mi-, Mishuli?”

I turned my head with a movement like a rusty nail, and there before me was my archangel, the most adorable person in the world.
However, Mishuli’s gaze had gone past me and was looking at Leon, the intruder.

“Who is that person?”
“…It’s a person, right?”

I stated flatly, but Mishuli had rejected my answer, which was very unusual for her. I had only wanted to keep her interest away, but my deception had not worked very well.

“Uhh…yes. He is an intruder and will be gone very soon. Don’t worry about him.”

Right when I said that he ‘will be gone,’ Leon’s shoulders began to shudder. What was with him? Was he so scared of being scolded? I don’t remember his character being such a coward…


Mishuli murmured as she stared hard at the suspicious looking boy. She was paying a special amount of attention to the color of his hair and eyes.

“Are you hurt?”
“Uh, yeah.”

Mishuli had asked the question to him. She looked at him head on, gazing into his eyes. Leon looked taken aback by this but nodded.

“Oh. So you are hurt. …Wait here a moment!!”

Saying this, Mishuli turned around to face me.

“Sister. Let us help him!”

This suggestion was most sweet and worthy of Mishuli, but it gave me such a bad sense of deja vu that I started to become dizzy.

–You’re hurt. …Wait here a moment!

That line, it was the same as the one in my memories.


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