My Sister the Heroine, and I the Villainess – Volume 02 – Chapter 27

I try to remember.
Allowing my consciousness to concentrate and pull out the memories. The wheels in my head turn, it compares these memories with reality. The time when Mishuli and Leon met. Was I here at this scene in ‘Destiny Labyrinth’? I frantically dig into my memories of a past life in order to answer this question.
And the answer comes to me.
I am quite sure that I was not present in this scene in ‘Labyrinth Destiny.’ The present was not moving forward just as it had in the story. Even if there was some overlap in lines that were spoken, it was clearly far too much to imagine that it was all due to fate.
Leon was not a subject of fate. I shouldn’t be so suspicious. I decided that all of this was in my mind, and returned my consciousness to the conversation occurring between Mishuli and Leon.

“But really, I’m glad. I, I thought that I was going to die back there.”
“Die? Why is that? I don’t think they would do that.”
“Oh, right. I just thought that all nobles were frightening people, but I suppose there are some good ones, like you.”

Leon was being treated by a servant that I had called, all the while he was chatting rather pleasantly with Mishuli. His injury had only been a light bruise and some scrapes. Nothing noteworthy. We could not possibly allow some unknown child to enter the mansion, but I couldn’t ignore Mishuli’s plea either. And so I had called a servant here to do some quick first aid treatment.
Leon Nardo should not be someone with any particular issues. He may have been a bit of a rascal at this point, but he was still mostly sensible. So, well, I did not think there was any danger in him talking to Mishuli. I know that. I had knowledge of his profile and backstory from my memories of the game. And I mentally decided that there was no problem with him.

“Oh, right. My name is Leon. Leon Nardo. What’s your name?”
“It’s Mishuli.”
“Mishuli… Mishuli, huh. Hehe, got it.”

As I listened to them from the side, I could feel that my face was looking more and more displeased.
This was strange. I was a proud lady of the upper class. At least, I don’t believe that I had ever forgotten what a lady should strive to be. I had been educated by Mariwa, been trained to accept reality and to deal with anything. One day I would use this genius brain of mine to become a shining star that all of society would see.
There was no way that I was so self-serving that I would become this irritated just by seeing Mishuli talk with a boy.
Now that I think back, whenever Charles and Mishuli would talk as friends and trade words without reservation, I would only look at it with a pleasant feeling. Was this not proof that I was an older sister with the biggest heart?
But then, what did this mean?


There was no way that I had anything but a big heart, and yet I was clicking my tongue.
No, I did not like this at all.
What did I not like about Leon? It wasn’t so much to do with fate, I just did not like that he seemed to be getting along with Mishuli. I did not like how Leon’s face had turned red when asking for Mishuli’s name. I did not like how happy he looked when he had heard it.
I noticed that the maid who had now finished treating Leon was glancing at me now and then, aware that I was not in a good mood. Her eyes said it all. My lady, please be calm.
So I even looked unamused from the view of others.
I suppose I just objectively looked displeased then. But I could not help what I did not like. I was so consumed by this feeling of annoyance that I had abandoned any effort to try and control this emotion. I searched for the reason for this, and then realized:

“But Leon, how did you get hurt?”
“Ahahah… I was playing with my friends and I suppose our joke went a little too far. Yes. I’ve never seen such pretty blonde hair as yours. It’s amazing.”
“But older sister’s hair is prettier, you know?”
“Huh? Older sister?”

Perhaps this scene I was witnessing was of a bad boyfriend trying to claim Mishuli.
This theory that I came to raised my sense of annoyance to the higher rank of anger. My heart became it’s fuel, with a roaring sound my eyes began to burn ferociously.

“By sister, do you mean…”
“Hey, you commoner.”

I said with a voice so low that I could hardly believe it. Leon let out a short shriek. It was most terrible of him to answer the call of a lady with a scream. I added his ill-manners to the list of things that I despised about him. I pulled Mishuli towards me so as to separate her from him.

“I hope that you realize that you are being treated in a way that is not appropriate for your status?”

Of course, I meant that he should not be talking with Mishuli so casually on their first encounter.
I spoke the words much slower than necessary, and Leon nodded repeatedly as he shook like a loose bundle of sticks.

“And your time has now ended. You have been treated, now begone from here.”
“Huh? Bu, but…”

I followed Leon’s gaze and narrowed my eyes.
He was looking at Mishuli instead of the maid who had treated him. I admit that my archangel was so adorable that she would inevitably catch one’s eyes, but he should not try to depend on her mercy a second time.

“Hey, you commoner. You have a lot of nerve to avert your eyes when I am talking to you.”
“Uh, um, no… I, I apologize!”
“Ohh. I am impressed that you at least know how to make an apology. Your parents have not failed you it seems. And for that, I will let you off this once. But you must never come on the Noir property again. If I do catch you again… You understand what will happen?”
“Ye-, yes. I understand!”
“That is good.”

I snort loudly and end the conversation.
I knew that if I threatened him a little here, it would give me an advantage the next time we met. My most angry disposition was also calculated. I would never do something so childish as to act purely from emotions.

“Well… I suppose I’ll leave now…”
“Yes, be gone already. …It would be most tiresome if he got lost on the way, escort him to the gate.”
“Yes, my lady.”

Of course, I would not allow Mishuli to accompany them and see him off.
I commanded the maid who had treated him to take him to the front gate, which she agreed to do with a wry smile. Leon did not resist this and he followed her willingly.

“…um, sister.”

This measure of dealing with him that my genius mind had conceived had been executed perfectly. As I sighed in relief, Mishuli’s bright blue eyes peered into mine with a teasing expression.

“Are you in a bad mood?”
“…Me? Never.”

Hearing my answer, Mishuli laughed most happily. She was better than anyone at reading the emotions of others.

“You are lying, sister.”
“…How did you know?”

Every year it becomes harder and harder to hide things from her.
For some reason, Mishuli seemed even more cheerful than usual now that she had seen through my lie. She wrapped herself around my arm tightly.

“Ehehe. So you do become annoyed by it too.”
“Hmph. Of course, I become annoyed sometimes. …Though, you seem to be in a good mood now.”
“Yes. Something wonderful just happened.”

Mishuli said, and there was a bounce in her voice. She sounded so happy, I could feel myself starting to pout.
…Was it perhaps, because she had so much fun speaking with Leon?
As Mishuli almost never left the mansion, her entire world was very small. The only people she had talked to that was near the same age was I and Charles and later Surfania. And so it may have been pleasant for her to talk with Leon, even if he was slightly older. Perhaps it had been a rare excitement.
But, I still did not like him.
As my feelings of hostility began to strengthen once again, Mishuli began to touch my hair all of a sudden.

“Sister. It’s the same color, but completely different.”

Mishuli smiled with delight as she stared into my eyes.
Both I and Leon had hair and eyes of black. It was true that it was the same color, black is nothing but black. What did she mean by different?

“What do you mean?”

Mishuli laughed gently at the question.

“It’s a secret!”
“…I see.”

There was no beating her.
Her concealment was world-class in adorableness, and my pout could not help but turn into a smile.


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