My Sister the Heroine, and I the Villainess – Chapter 31

We employed the aid of Surfania for our escape.
Or it may be more accurate to say that we asked the help of the Calibrachoa family. As for appearances, Surfania asked to go and see the market incognito. I and Mishuli were just there to tag along.
Of course, it was not as if I, Mishuli and Surfania were here lone. Right behind us were two servants from House Calibrachoa that were dressed as our guardians. So we had inconspicuous protection. Even the commoner clothes we had been given so as to not stick out, were prepared by the Calibrachoa family.
And all of these preparations were carried out not by Surfania’s parents, but her sister.
There were also general precautions taken so this information did not leak to House Noir.
Perhaps father would have allowed it, if I had asked to go and see the market incognito. As long as I was being monitored and protected by servants as well.
But I do not think he would have allowed Mishuli to leave.
Father was quite soft when it came to giving us what we wanted, but there were some lines he would not cross. This had to do with Mishuli’s birth, and the lengths that he would go to hide this information and ensuring that she was kept safe.

“Why am I in such a place… The sun is so hot, and I am tired of walking… I want to go home… I want to go back and read…”

And so we had asked Surfania, who was still complaining like the shut-in that she was, to help us execute this plan. Surfania seemed to be incredibly annoyed at having to rely on her older sister. Though the oldest daughter of the Calibrachoa house seemed to be very pleased with being asked for help by her younger sister, who was very clearly in the middle of her rebellious phase. Apparently, this older sister would often leave the house in disguise, and so she had been able to make these preparations for us rather easily.
The result of which was that I and Mishuli were successfully able to come and visit this market. And though this was my reward for winning a bet, I was still thankful to Surfania.

Even though it was quite obnoxious to hear her incessant complaining as she stood next to me.

“Surfania, you should stop right there. Don’t you see that we are outside? An unknown world? You win if you can have fun.”
“I know about the world, I’ve read of it in books. It’s lame.”
“Yes, yes.”

I shrug my shoulders at my stay-at-home friend’s stubborn words.

“Well, don’t they say that experience is everything? Let’s hold hands. Or we might get separated?”
“I don’t want to.”

Surfania looked at my offered hand and frowned.

“But, have you not seen this crowd of people?”
“Oh, shut up. I am not a child. Do you think that I could be separated so–buwah!”

Right as she was talking, the nine-year-old child that was Surfania, had bumped into a large woman.


Mishuli had raised her voice, but this woman was really, fairly large. Surfania had been stunned by this crash, and there was now a gap between her and us.
Of course, the wave of people would not ignore such a gap. Before we knew it people were squeezing their way through and passed us. The now open gap became bigger and bigger. We had no chance to close it again as the distance between Surfania and us increased.

“Hey, wai–”

Surfania herself seemed to be desperately opposing the flow of people, but she was still nine-years-old on top of being a young lady who had never properly left the house. There was no way that she could beat the strong onrush of people. She was pulled further and further away until we lost sight of her completely.
I and Mishuli stared in her direction for a moment before looking at each other.

“Sister. I think Miss Surfania may become lost.”
“She might.”

It was likely impossible for Surfania to return by herself, and it would be very difficult for I and Mishuli to find her in this sea of people. If things continued like this, we may never reunite with her again.
But really, there was no need to worry.
I looked towards the Calibrachoa servant who walked behind us and was returned a look that seemed to say, ‘Do not worry.’ As soon as she had been hit, one of the two servants behind us had rushed towards Surfania. It was only a matter of time before the servant caught up with her and brought her back. Mishuli seemed to have noticed what had transpired between me and the Calibrachoa servant and was relieved.

“Ah! Miss Surfania, she’s…”
“She’s back…”

It did not take long for the servant to appear, pulling Surfania by the hand. And there was, of course, a reason that Mishuli’s voice had tapered when she saw her.

“Oh, I hate this… I’m going home…”

Perhaps she had gotten scared after being separated once, but Surfania was now blubbering and grumbling through teary eyes.


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