My Sister the Heroine, and I the Villainess – Volume 02 – Chapter 46

The next 4 to 5 stories will be written in third-person.

Charles Eduard was in a good mood.
He was humming a tune and there was a bounce in his steps as he walked. A smile even bloomed on his face. It would hardly be necessary to explain why his spirits were so high. It was because of his interactions with his betrothed the other day. In fact, Charles had been in such a good mood for the past few days that his caretaker, Oxe had been watching him from a distance as if something was terribly wrong.

The day for Charles to visit the Noir mansion had finally arrived. Charles’ mood reached a new peak as he and Oxe opened the door to the room where his beloved fiance should be waiting.


He called the name of his beloved fiance, but a plate was what flew towards him.
This plate had been created for the purpose of eating and not to be flung around. It was made of hard clay and as it was not very flexible, it would easily shatter on impact. It was almost a miracle that he was able to dodge it in time. It hit Oxe instead, and he groaned as the plate fell to the floor and shattered.

“…I missed.”

So said the culprit who had been facing Charles, when the plate was thrown. Appearance-wise, she was short and cute. Her petite frame instilled others with a desire to protect her. Her soft, golden hair made you want to pat her on the head. Such were the qualities of this princess-like girl. But her blue eyes were glaring with a murderous intent that far exceeded mere dislike of an enemy.
As he did not see the person he had expected, Charles’ eyes narrowed.

“…Mishuli? What are you doing? Where is Chris?”
“That’s what I should be asking you.”

The two mortal enemies glared at one another.
Mishuli’s rage needed no further description, but Charles too, had now completely lost the last remnants of his good mood; he looked very displeased. The atmosphere in the room had turned into something threatening in instant. And the only adult present, Oxe, did nothing but fuss about incoherently. Even if it hadn’t been Oxe there, this was not a scene that could easily be settled. Christina was the only person in the world who could have managed it, but this scene of carnage had only occurred because of her absence.

“Charles. What did you do to my sister…?”

Who knew how that voice could erupt from such an adorable mouth, for the question sounded like something from the depths of hell. Why was this young child’s mouth now an abyss? Any ordinary person would have trembled at this strange phenomenon, but Charles had perceived now, what Mishuli’s purpose for being in this room was; the corners of his mouth rose.

“I don’t think I’ll tell you.”

The second missile was launched.
The plate that she must have borrowed from the kitchens, now flew in the air as it headed straight for Charles. Mishuli had even prepared a small table in front of her, and there was a stack of plates on it. But Charles had anticipated this attack, and he easily stepped out of the way.

“I hate you, Charles! You should just go away! Go home! Don’t you ever come back again! You stay away from my sister!!”
“I hate you just as much! Also, where is Chris, anyway!”
“Why would I ever tell you, stupid! Maybe she got bored of you!”

He dodged the next plate that had been launched towards him without restraint, but he did not miss those words. His face twitched.

“Ha, haha, hahaha. …Mishuli, shouldn’t you stop playing the innocent child already? You try to act good all the time, but you know Chris will be fed up with this act eventually? Chris said she likes honest people. She said that she likes me!”
“Are you stupid, Charles? Do you want to die? I am not playing at anything! I just like my sister, so I am naturally sweet to her. It’s you, Charles. You do realize that she is only saying those things to you because she is kind-hearted enough, and you are of the royal family? You are so stupid. You are stupid, Charles!”
“No, I’m not! Chris even kissed me on the forehead!”

The two blonde haired and blue eyed children were angelic and adorable, but they clashed with their emotions and filthy words. Mishuli was especially enraged to a point that it was surprising her golden hair wasn’t standing.

“Is, is that why she is in such a state…!”
“Ah, Mishuli. There, there, how do you feel right now? Are you jealous? Are you so jealous that you’re grinding your teeth?”
“Huh? Not really? I and my sister kiss each other on the cheek every morning and night! It’s like a greeting for us!”
“But I and Chris, we a mutual affection for each other. Unlike some girl who has nothing to cling onto but her sisterly bond! We fought as individuals to arrive at this point!”
“You can say what you want! Her number one has always been me! It always has! She even promised it to me!”
“Do you really think you can remain her number one without doing anything? I will be her number one in no time! I look forward to seeing your reaction when that day comes. Blaaahhh!”

Mishuli’s roar was no longer that of a human voice. She had completely lost it now as she came for Charles in an attempt to grab him by the collar. Charles would not allow himself to be beaten, and he pinched Mishuli’s cheeks as hard as he could in retaliation. Chris was not present to mediate, and the situation was headed towards utter chaos.
Oxe was at a loss on how to deal with such an idiotic fight by two people who were both much younger and much superior to him in rank. That the adopted daughter of a duke and the third prince of the country would fight over such a senseless thing was more than he could have imagined. Finally, a hand tapped on him shoulder as he stood there.


It was Duke Noir.
It was likely that a servant had heard all the clamor and came to him for help. Would he be able to mediate in this situation? Oxe had such expectations, but the Duke only silently made a drinking gesture.
Let us drink as if nothing has happened.
That was was Duke Noir was saying.


Was that really the thing to do as the adult? Oxe thought, but Duke Noir shook his head silently and pointed towards the two fighting children.

“I’ll gouge it…I’ll gouge out that forehead with this spoon!”
“And I’ll tear off these cheeks from your face! Then maybe you will learn to be a little quieter!?”

The duke’s daughter had found a new weapon in a spoon, and the prince was stretching her cheeks as if they were melted cheese. Finally, Oxe admitted defeat.
He at least made sure that Duke Noir ordered a servant to clean up the broken plates to prevent anyone from being hurt. With that done, it was unlikely that any injury would occur, and so Mishuli and Charles would be allowed to fight to their heart’s content.
Oxe saw that the servant who came was none other than the woman he had feelings for, and so he nodded hopelessly and followed the Duke out of the room.
Surely, the fight would eventually end as he drank with the Duke. Setting aside whether or not his hope would become reality, prayer would cost him nothing.
And as he was doing his best to escape reality, he thought a little bitterly for a moment.
If only Lady Christina had been waiting here according to schedule, then none of this would have happened. But what was she doing now?

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