My Sister the Heroine, and I the Villainess – Volume 03 – Chapter 51

I hurt Surfania physically and made her cry, but unfortunately it was insufficient to make me feel satisfied.
I know because I hardly yielded to Mariwa while enduring her torture. It is difficult to break one’s spirit simply through inflicting physical pain. Especially with an obstinate person like Surfania. She would simply revert to her normal self the next day. She’s the type who never learns.

I, on the other hand, am very angry.

I will never be satisfied until I take her down for her evil atrocities. Her attitude gets on my nerves as well, so I decided to organize a party.

In order to put it into fruition as soon as possible, I directly consult the eldest Calibrachoa sister regarding my plan to host a party. As a good organizer, she accepts my idea enthusiastically. She probably wants to do something about that shut-in sister of hers. I don’t understand why Surfania dislikes her so much even though she’s just trying to help.

In any case, the eldest Calibrachoa sister readily accepted my proposal. I’m still a child, so the party will not be too grand. It will probably be a small gathering among friends at most.

As juniors, we will most likely be engaging in discussion with upperclassmen and graduates of the Royal Academy at the party. It would be embarrassing if we had nothing to focus on, so it is of utmost importance that we have some engaging topics in mind. It will be convenient since I’m a prospective student and the eldest sister is already enrolled. Having our own networks will surely make a varied and interesting gathering.
Furthermore, it is a party that is jointly organized by the Calibrachoas and the Noirs. I have been building my connections at a young age. There are many people associated with me as the Duke’s daughter, and it feels good to have my social status known to so many people. It will doubly effective with the eldest sister of the Calibrachoas present. This plan is sure to succeed with the collaboration of our families of a duke and a marquis.

It’s a good opportunity to let Michelie in on the fun, so I request that the party be held at the Noir house. We will consolidate the details soon, but the rough plan seems solid.

Father was surprisingly agreeable to the party as well as Michelie’s attendance. I honestly thought he would object, but he gave his consent, muttering something like “……I suppose it would be best to give her a little exposure to society in order to discern her character.”

I don’t really know what the true meaning behind those words are, but the fact remains that having gained His Excellency’s permission, I can do as I please. What remains from here is coordinating with the schedule of the servants to set up the arrangements. There may be a lot to work on, but nothing is too difficult for a genius such as I.

I have only one goal in this grand scheme.

To see Surfania’s upset and confused face as she is thrust into this party.
I definitely enjoy organizing a party and socializing with people, but I take care not to forget to carry out my original intention. I want to see the clueless shut-in known as Surfania get lost in the waves of high society. The waves will only be enough to reach her ankles, so to speak, but it will be enough of a shock for her nonetheless.

“Heh heh heh, I’ll show you……!”

“Big sister?”

“Oh, sorry Michelie. It’s nothing.”

I return to my senses upon hearing my bewildered sister.
I’m in the same room as Michelie who is currently dressed up.
It’s already the time for fitting clothes for the party. I have time to dress up Michelie in a cute fashion, which is what gets me excited the most while looking forward to the party.
Wearing a pale blue dress that gives off a subtle impression, Michelie gently lifts up the hem of her skirt and casts an upward glance at me.

“Hmm, I wonder. Does it suit me?”

“It’s the cutest in the world.”

I give a fair evaluation of her cuteness.
The pale blue dress emphasizes her daintiness as if she was a fairy. It’s an ephemeral color, but it allows her golden hair to sparkle and her blue eyes to shine ever so brightly, making a vivid impression. There are no dresses that will ever be unsuitable for Michelie, but her current dress is especially matching. It’s so cute that it gives the illusion of leaping out at any moment.
My sister is, as always, the heroine of this world. I stand by my claim even after having becoming independent of her. In other words, it would be a fair assessment to say that she is the cutest person in the world, even if we weren’t family.

“I wonder why you’re so adorable, Michelie. It’s hard to think about, but it doesn’t matter because you’re cute.”

“Ehehe. That’s because you’re the coolest sister in the world. It’s not hard to think about, it’s natural!”

I pat her head in praise, and she relaxes her face in joy.
I was disappointed when Michelie was not allowed to socialize at the party years ago, but the Calibrachoas’ eldest daughter and I are the hosts for this party. There’s no harm in allowing Michelie to attend. I’ll crush anyone who dares voice a complaint against her. Unlike Father, who forbade her from attending that ball years ago.

“But is this really okay? It’s the first time you will be introducing yourself to many people. Are you afraid?”

“I’m okay, big sister.”

This party is also different from the Founder’s Festival two years ago. It’s a gathering of completely different people compared to those in the hustling and bustling streets. Having to socialize with such people at the young age of nine would be a lot for her to bear.
But her blue eyes show no sign of fear.

“I’m going to do my best. I’ll put in as much effort as you, big sister. I can’t always be relying on you. I have to become a true member of the Noir family, and bring pride and joy to the house. I’ll make everyone recognize me as your sister!”

Showing her determination, Michelie makes a small fist that’s gentle, yet strong.

“I’ll do my best!”

“……I see.”

Michelie has really grown up in these two years. She’s not just the cute little sister who always depended on me. She has her own goals to achieve, and she’s a real independent lady.
I’m so happy that I can proudly show her off around others. I pat her head and shower her with even more praise.

“I need the help of others instead of yours in order to win against Charles, after all.”

I tilt my head in response to her unexpected words.
Why is she bringing up Charles all of a sudden?

“I’m saying that I have to crush him from the sides…… Even though he’s royalty, he’s only the third prince, and he’s not even in line for the throne…… So I have to give it my all to best him……!”

I can’t hear her clearly as she’s goes from muttering to whispering.
Charles isn’t attending this party anyway. I never gave him an invitation, so there’s no way he’s coming.

“……Why are you suddenly talking about Charles?”

Michelie smiles boldly in response to my honest query.

“He’s my enemy, you know? That’s why I have to win!”


Her goal of winning is so far-reaching that even I, as a genius, have difficulty grasping everything she said.

Thus came the day I prepared for.
The day I host a small party at the young age of eleven, and the bright and memorable day Michelie introduces herself on the public stage. The day of opportunity for me to offer a grand welcome to my guests as the Duke’s daughter while showing my might as a genius.

“Hey, Chris. Why don’t you step out from behind me already?”

“S-shut up……!”

I, the “bug” in this world, blessed with the brain of a genius, am cowering in fear behind Surfania.
Author’s note: I have added a character poll at the bottom of the page.
Please click on the link to “Cutest Sister Popularity Vote” and cast your votes there.
As of right now, Chris and Michelie are having a friendly competition over first and second places.

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