My Sister the Heroine, and I the Villainess – Volume 03 – Chapter 54

It’s not as if my mood cleared up after bullying Surfania.

The reason I bullied her was because she was being irritating, that’s all. It had nothing to do with the feelings I’d kept bottled up from the Charles situation boiling over all at once. That’s why even if I make Surfania scream and cry it will not erase these murky feelings.

Having said that, my inclination these days of going off at Surfania at the drop of a hat was not that great either. Of course, most of the time she starts it. But even if it is mostly legitimate self defense, I still can’t say my actions are suitable.

When I ran away from facing Charles at the party, I only made the situation more complicated. Add to that blowing up at Surfania and I was pretty much irredeemable.Even though I knew that to resolve the whole thing all I need to do was going and see Charles, for now I kept putting it off. Yup. Let’s do that some other time.

Putting off meeting with Charles for another day, for now I went to apologise to Michelie.

“It isn’t something my big sister needs to worry about though?” Even though by running away, I had pushed everything onto her, my little sister didn’t look fazed at all.

“Rather, the fact that you relied on me at that time made me happy. Because of that I understood that even I could be useful to you. That’s why from now on please rely on me more and more!”


With her good mood showing on her smiling face, there was no doubt that things with my sister had worked out fine. With her being so cute I couldn’t resist the urge to squeeze her with a big hug- but I had already decided since two years ago to not smother her so much. Holding back the skinship, I lightly brushed her golden hair instead.

“I’m sorry I’m such a shameful older sister… Even though my little Michelie has grown up so well, I’m in this sorry state.’

“It’s not like that, big sister. The person who knows best that my older sister is the coolest in the world is me after all. So don’t worry about stuff like that.”

“No, this time it’s out in the open. Even more so because it happened at an event hosted by our family. I even caused trouble for the eldest daughter of our friends the Calibrachoa’s… ”

“If it’s that person they aren’t the sort to think badly of that. If anything she’s the person you least need to worry about offending.”

Even though yesterday was their first meeting, it seemed that Michelie had clearly grasped the personality of the eldest Calibrachoa daughter.

In reality it’s because that person is willing to let it slide, that I must make sure to properly apologise. That is what they call social etiquette. Even though an apology might just appear to be a formality; to ignore that and snub her would be the worst act one could commit. In the future I will need to properly call on her and explain myself.

“Also, the atmosphere at that time didn’t turn nasty, so I don’t think you need to worry about that either. Everyone was a bit perplexed, but that was all. Even Charles didn’t seem particularly put out, so you don’t need to dwell on it so much big sister.”

“…I guess”

The age bracket invited was young enough that most were still very childish. That was the only reason it didn’t cause a large fuss. Even though Michelie’s words should have been good news – I couldn’t honestly celebrate.

Of course, it was me, the organiser, who threw away her responsibilities that was in the wrong so, knowing that the people there weren’t put out by my actions should have been a good thing. That I hadn’t left them with a bad impression was, by all rights, something to be happy about.

But even just a little…I wish they had been troubled.

I would never tell a soul – but I wanted them to have cared.


In response to my mouth unconsciously frowning, suddenly Michelie’s blue eyes seemed to see straight into my mind.

“I am most displeased.”

I gave a start at being so easily seen through.

I’d been an open book to her since long ago, I’d given up trying to figure out how she saw through me. I wonder why this person could always see detect the slightest changes in emotions. This time as well, she could see straight through to the source of my dissatisfaction. Her eyes narrowed.

“That Charles, just ignore him.”

“No, Michelie,”

To think she could see all the way into my heart with that sharp perception, only to follow up with such words. I had to admire the growth of my little sister. Even so I had to shake my head.

“I’m the bad one. I need to accept that I’m in the wrong.”

“Big sister is not bad. The one in the wrong is entirely Charles.”

As I thought, Michelie is truly kind. Puffing up her face like that, unconditionally protecting me even though I’m the older sister. Even with that frustrated face my sister is cute. I gently patted her golden curls in an attempt to soothe her.

This cute little sister of mine was steadily growing up to be so strong. She could stand on her own feet now. Rather, she had become such a reliable person that she could support me instead.

With this, for someone like me, there was no choice but to become someone who could stand beside her.

And with that our exchange was ended by a knock on the door.

“Aaaah, she’s here.”

It would appear we had a visitor. At the sound of the knock Michelie’s face soured into one of resignation.

Even Michelie had people she couldn’t deal with, and we both knew who was on the other side of the door. She hurriedly approached the door, letting me be the sacrifice for today.

“Good luck, big sister!”

“You said it!”

As the smiling Michelie clenched her fist in a show of support, the door opened.

“Please excuse me for interrupting, Lady Christina.” In the space before the opened door stood two ladies.

One was a live in maid, though she was still young, she was in the middle of splendidly working for us for many years. Next to the maid was someone who need no introduction.

“Lady Chris, I am sorry to interrupt your conversation, but it is time for class”

She didn’t look over 40 years old, with her perfectly straight spine. There was no softness in her strict tone or severe expression.

The tutor employed by the Noir house, Mariwa Toinette.

“G-Good afternoon, Ms Mariwa.“

“Good afternoon, Lady Michelie”

Brief greetings were said as Michelie and Mariwa passed each other. Michelie who normally stood down any enemy, bowed quickly and barely glanced at Mariwa as she exited through the door. It seemed that even Michelie was afraid of Mariwa at times.

Well, it’s not as if I don’t understand being afraid of Mariwa.

“Well then. I’ve already heard, Lady Chris.”

Once Michelie had departed and after confirming that the maid had closed the doors Mariwa opened her mouth.
Upon opening her mouth, Mariwa let out a voice that sent cold shivers down my spine.
In reality Mariwa is actually incredibly scary.

“What? What are you talking about?”

“I’ve heard that you abandoned your own party. Moreover, you even left cleaning up your mess to Lady Michelie.”

It was useless of me to try and feign ignorance. There was no escape left in her brief summary of what had happened. I felt like clicking my tongue at having been found out, but indulging that impulse would just lead to more trouble.

“Where did you hear such a thing…?”

“Anywhere and everywhere.”

She really does have a healthy supply of gossip and information. It was hardly a situation where I could curse the quick-eared Mariwa. Even as she spoke indifferent words, Mariwa’s aura is both peaceful and severe.
If I was to simply classify her feeling today, it would be of unsupressable anger.

“I thought you had awakened as a lady, but it seems I was mistaken. Today, let’s mend it by reviewing etiquette again, shall we?”

Today’s class will be an especially strict one it seems.

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