My Sister the Heroine, and I the Villainess – Volume 03 – Chapter 56

Nasty rumors could spread like wildfire.

The mediocre had a preference for vulgar gossip. There were the amusingly exaggerated rumours, and the exaggerated rumors they used as entertainment were practically baseless. Compared to the news, enjoyment is gathered from this kind of thing because of jealousy and envy. Even though they gain nothing, the false sense of superiority they have watching others fall gives them pleasure.

How worthless.

Let me clearly state it; there is nothing more vulgar that using words to ruin the lives of strangers. It’s even more unbelievable that, while knowing full well just how unfounded the rumours are, they continue to spread them again and again.

Saying it’s just a common entertainment, they act like that’s just the way it is. There are humans who live their lives in such a way. There is no air to complain with among people like that.
But when it is an aristocrat who pretends to be noble while spreading such things, just what are they trying to achieve?
One could even say that when it is an aristocrat spreading the rumours things take a turn for the worse. This evil that afflicts our narrow society, a place where there is no truth and a bad reputation will follow you for life as it’s transmitted for enjoyment.

If I was to cut straight to the point, basically the rumor that I ran away from Charles at the party the other day is currently spreading through aristocratic society.

“Hehe, hehe”

And here I was, the subject of rumour, sitting at my desk writing. Assembling the information I heard from people here and there, I had finally arrived the answer I had searched for.
The rumors going around still only mostly speculation. People are doubting that the daughter of the Noir family, known for her intelligence and beauty, could really have made a blunder like the rumor says. Others speculate that Charles being known for his eccentricity must have done something to cause the scene. That the image of a lady I had accumulated up until now would not so easily crumble at such rumors was taken as further proof that the rumor was mistaken.
However, the problem in the first place is that such a rumor is still spreading.

“Hehe, hehe hehe hehe”

As I glided the ink across the paper my laughter leaked out. Even I had to say that my echoing laughter sounded creepy. Even so, it’s not like I have even the slightest intention of stopping.
Along with my bad rumor is the rumor that Michelie of the same house is said to be an angel, but that is only a small comfort.
Right now, I am rather angry.


The humiliation. I cannot endure those rumors, doubting the absolute embodiment of perfection that I am, being spread around. And there is no way that I, Christina Noir, am not someone who would content oneself with the passive stance of simply bearing with it.
If you are facing an enemy, then you have to crush them completely. There is no room for hesitation on this battlefield.
The course laughter that had been flowing without stop was suddenly cut off. Listening to them whispering about me all over, and assembling that information I had finally worked my way back to an answer .

“Hehehehehe, I did it…I’ve finally done it!”

Along with pleasure, it was a list compiling every obsession and grudge that I had compiled with everything I had.
What I had before me was a list of every soul who had dared to gossip and spread the rumor of my bad reputation. From talking to people who were told the rumor, I could locate those who had twisted and distorted the story. It is exceedingly difficult to pinpoint the exact source of a rumor. It had proved difficult even for a genius like me, but I had perfectly accomplished putting together a list such as this.

“Mwuhaha….to think you ever dared to look down upon me. This is why they say that words can cause disaster!”

As I held up the list to the light I felt my spirits rise.
Now then, the people named here, I wonder why they sunk so low. Even if my power and influence are that of an eleven year old, there was no limit to my methods. I shall make it so you will never forget name of I, Christina Noir.
This list was compiled by shaving off my precious time with Michelie after all. I wouldn’t let that sacrifice go to waste. I am a woman who turns back when she is killed after all. And we always come back for revenge. I will make you regret making a fool out of the genius of a century, I, Christina Noir.
Just as my thoughts started to shift in a dark direction there was a knock at the door.

“Milady, may I come in?”

“If you must.”

At the interruption to my revenge plans I couldn’t help the sour expression I showed.
There’s no class today, and it shouldn’t be cleaning time. There had better be a good reason for a maid to come and interrupt my revenge plans. If this wasn’t about Michelie, I would be very annoyed.

“What business do you have with me?”
“The Lord is calling for you. As he is waiting in the study, I have come to assist your preparations.”

What the-? Father had called for me?
Even upon hearing it was a request from the highest authority in the mansion I only nodded.

“If that’s the case then I’m not going. I am in the middle of something. Please convey that to him.”

“Please go, Milady. The lord will cry if you do not.”

I thought this maid had recently warmed up quite a bit.
Even though in the past she would have panicked at my reply, now the door opened without me even agreeing.

“Excuse me Milady, I’m coming in.”

“Wha- hey! I didn’t say you could come in here.”

“I have already received prior permission from the Lord to force my way in.”


I was taken aback at the reply. I mean, I knew I was putting the maid in a tough spot by refusing the lord of the house’s summon, I never thought they would actually go and get permission beforehand.
While I was dumbfounded, the maid smoothly made her way to the closet.

“Well then, I shall assist you in changing.”
“….I understand.”

While I was a genius, I could still be defeated if I didn’t properly prepare beforehand.
I waved a white flag and became obedient to the maid who had become surprisingly sharp.

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