My Sister the Heroine, and I the Villainess – Volume 03 – Chapter 57

Being called to father’s office sometimes happened.

Unless he needed us for something, my constantly working father practically ignored us. When he did have some business or another with us, then he would summon us in this fashion. It was never about us, just his one-sided problems.

You could say I was a little annoyed. I wanted to try saying the words on my mind: ‘Is a daughter just a useful tool to you!’ but I never did.

Unfortunately, I knew why I was being brought in today.


That’s why I declared this as soon as I entered the room.

“I know why I was called today. So before you say anything, could you just listen to me?”

“Ah, you’ve arrive Chri-? Christina. You, aren’t you misunderstanding something again?”

Seems my father was disappointed I had stolen his thunder. Of course a genius such as I would not misunderstand such a simple problem. I was quite taken aback by his words. ‘Again’? Just what did he mean by ‘again’? That makes it sound like I’m always misunderstanding things.

I held a composed smile when faced with his eyes that seemed to be saying ‘my daughter is spouting nonsensical things again’.

“A misunderstanding? There is only one reason you would have called me here at this time. Frankly, it must be have something to do with the malicious rumours about me swirling about.”

“That is what you think this is about?”

I’m sure the surprise on his face was caused by the fact I had guessed his intentions so perfectly. The one misunderstanding is you father, underestimating me that far. I thought and let out a chuckle at his astonished reaction.

“Of course my father would worry. This is the only dent that could scratch my perfect reputation after all. But please rest assured. I have already identified the ringleaders. All that’s left is to crush them to pieces!”

While raising my voice I slapped down the list I had compiled on the desk in front of my father. Listed there were all the people who had dared twist and spread lies about me in high society. Still in shock my father quietly picked up the list.

“Hehehe, what do you think, father? Are you in awe of my abilities?”


As he surveyed the list that was the fruit of my efforts my father’s features seemed to sadden.

“Going this far, why couldn’t you put that effort into…” He sighed, “That’s enough.”

I didn’t understand the situation as my father’s words trailed off midway.
Somehow his reaction seems off. Even though he should be shaking with amazement at my genius, his expression is the exact opposite. It almost went so far as to be an expression of exasperation.
Sighing my father placed the list back on the table.

“Christina. I did not call you for such a reason.”
“Huh? Don’t lie to me father!”
“It’s the truth.”

Even though I thought he was just joking as a sore loser, he corrected me immediately. It seems his call today is truly about a separate matter.
After all my earlier confidence I felt a little off put.

“I-I see… It’s really not about the rumours?”
“No. It is really about something else, but since you brought it up I will address your issue. Christina, although it is a cruel rumour about you, do you understand why such a rumour is spreading?”
“Eh? That’s because it’s an attack against the Noir house right?”

The originator of the information was guests of the party, in other words children. It was unlikely that such young children, who had not even debuted into high society yet would be able to spread such rumours.
In other words, the people spreading the rumours are the parents.
Since it’s adults spreading the malicious rumours, there is no way it’s just harmless gossip. Nine cases out of ten, their aim was to ruin the Noir family by attacking the reputation of the only heir. it could also incidentally be a diversion. As long as it’s speaking ill of the Noire family, those people are fine with anything.
Perhaps out of agreement, my father nodded easily.

“You are half correct.”


He sighed before answering. “Yes, half. While saying they want to damage the family name isn’t incorrect, the truth is far more vicious. If the content of the rumors was just you then that would be fine but–”

“It would not be fine.”

“-It would be fine Christina.”

My pride will never forgive others sullying my name with rumors. My father ignored my interruption and continued.

“If their intention was truly to topple our family, then there was no need for them to include Michelie in the rumors.”


I had not expected her name to come out here.
If their intention was truly to topple the family, they would not be spreading flattering rumors about the adopted daughter. But with my little sister being such an absolute angel isn’t it obvious that rumors of her cuteness would spread? It was inevitable that such an angel wouldn’t be touched by such evil intent.

“Rumors of Michelie coming about at a time like this, it can’t be said to be just gossip. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“What do you mean? Is it really so bad that Michelie is becoming known?”

“It was I who gave permission for Michelie to attend the party. I had known this could happen but…That you wouldn’t understand is to be expected. Since it’s about the birth of that child.”


If it’s about Michelie’s birth, then it would be about her mother being the younger sister of the current King, Her Royal Highness, Evelia Edward.
But how was that even connected to the current rumors? All in all there was really no connection that I could see.

“That story ends here. More importantly have a look at this. It’s an invitation addressed to you.”

My father would give a clear answer even though I was so confused. Instead my father held out the envelope that had been sitting on his desk.
He had closed the essential part of the conversation while dodging actually answering anything. I was left only being able to grasp at straws. I couldn’t read my father’s face at all.
Looking at the face I was convinced to let the matter drop.

It was the face of a noble who had clearly drawn the line between his personal life and official role. Right now, this man was not my father, but rather an official with a job to do. Even if I tried to pry it out of him it would be useless.
Although I was frustrated at all the secrets, I still gasped when I saw the wax seal on the letter. My eyes couldn’t get any wider.

“Ugh- this is…”
“Aah. It is a summons from the royal family.”

The seal on the letter was without a doubt the royal crest. Of course I also had an idea of who the sender might be. Expecting the letter to be from Charles my face turned bitter.

“That guy…took him a while”
“I might add that it’s not from His Highness Charles.”

I blinked blankly.
I thought for sure that Charles had grown impatient and used his power to summon me, but it seems I was wrong. I had been so convinced it was from Charles that I hadn’t even confirmed the sender.
Before I could check the envelope for the name of the sender, my father said it out loud.

“That is a written invitation from His Highness the Crown Prince Endo Edward”

Although this conversation had been nothing like I’d thought, I will still shocked at the name he chose to throw out at the end. Upon hearing the name of the sender my thoughts froze.
However, being a genius that I was, I quickly regained my thoughts. Slowly I raised my face as I understood the truth of what was happening.


“What is it, Christina?”

“This, can I refuse it?”

“That is impossible. You have no reason to refuse it.”

Even though it was the first expected answer in this whole conversation, I couldn’t be happy about it. My shoulders fell at his harsh dismissal.

Endo Edward.

As the first prince of the country, he was next in line to succeed the throne. Along with Charles and Leon, he made up the last person of the three conquerable targets of Labyrinth Destiny.
And above all there is one thing that I had to mention.
If I was to describe his character in the game…It was one that he was prejudiced from the very bottom of his heart.

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