My Sister the Heroine, and I the Villainess – Volume 03 – Chapter 65

Somehow the story of reconciliation between the fiances had became rather distorted. For some reason everyone seemed to think that His Highness Endo had called me to the palace to make us reconcile.

According to the rumor, Endo was a kind elder brother who had been troubled at Charles’ estrangement from his fiance, and had personally worked hard to bring us back together. Thanks to his tireless efforts the Duke’s daughter Christina Noir and the third prince Charles Edward returned to their previously close relationship.

How on earth did the story end up like this.

The only true part is the result, the rest of the rumor is just fantasy. Even so, why are people giving His Idiot Highness credit? Even if I can rationally understand it, my heart won’t. No, rather, this must be the work of Viscount Igusa. This must be how Endo’s retainers cover up what a horrible person he actually is. By overwriting his disgraceful behaviour into some kind of moving tale. Well, this kind of common gossip was still preferable to the old malicious rumors.

Even though Mariwa would surely tell me to just grin and bear it. Especially since it’s working in your favour, I couldn’t accept him rising in people’s esteem. As I was in the middle of trying to understand how strangely the world works, the door was flung open.

“Bis sister! You in here?!”


I jumped a little at Michelie’s over-the-top energy.
Unlike father, Michelie was free to come into my room whenever she wanted, but usually she would at least knock.

“I am here, can I help you with anything?”

Even though when we were younger I could understand everything about her, now that I was keeping my distance there were more and more moments when I couldn’t read her. When I asked the reason for her visit, face sparkling with energy she showed me what she was holding.

“Look, I made gloves! I wanted to give it to you. Ah, I’m sorry. I forgot to knock.”

“Ooh, so that’s what it was. Don’t worry about such a small thing. I’m always happy when you come to see me”

She had probably wanted to show me as soon as possible. As she held out the gloves, I finally recovered from my shock and smiled at my little sister.

Michelie was really into embroidery right now. While she had previously learned a little bit from a maid. Recently, she had become very passionate about it. To be precise, it started when I came home from the palace. It seems that as I was telling Michelie about what happened with Charles, she was hit with sudden inspiration. As such she had thrown herself into embroidery these past few days.

It’s not like I have any interest in embroidery myself. I’m just not cut out for such constant detailed work. Once I had learnt the basic skills I was content to never embroider again. Though I was still honestly pleased that Michelie excelled though, even if it wasn’t a shared hobby.

“Anyway, you really worked hard. It took a lot of effort to make right?”

“Yeah, I worked really hard!”

An older sister should always encourage and praise her little sister, even if they don’t care about the actual hobby itself. While one should always boast about their own achievements, there is no older sister alive who wouldn’t praise her little sister for trying her best. Even if I had distanced myself, I am still truly her older sister. That’s why I praise her. There’s no reason to be harsh like Mariwa. I’m not a demon big sister.

“Hehe, Michelie is indeed my little sister. Your effort is always rewarded with results.”

“Ehehe, I’m your little sister after all!”

Even though I was holding back and couldn’t hug her like I used to, Michelie still seemed pleased even with just my words.

“Hey big sister. Would you wear these for me?”

‘Of course”

“Yes! Then can I have your hands?”


There was no reason to reject her cute request so I obediently held out my hands.
After patting the back of my hand as if to gently wiping away a stain, Michelie finally put the gloves on me. As expected the actual gloves had probably been made by a maid. The smooth silk fit me perfectly.

There was no way someone as inexperienced as Michelie could have made such a complicated pattern. The white gloves were adorned with cross stitches at the wrist and on embroidered on the index finger was a slightly crooked heart.

So cute.

Especially the heart. I could feel the love that had gone into it. The small mistakes just made it all the more lovely, as I brought it up to my face I noticed something on the back of my hand.

“Michelie, what is this pattern?”

This part was done with thread matching the gloves, so I hadn’t noticed it at first.
I didn’t think I had seen such a pattern before. Unlike the other designs it seemed to be some kind of geometric pattern. I wouldn’t have guessed that such symbolic patterns were a hobby of Michelie’s.
Michelie smiled widely at my question.

“It’s a curs—-I mean a good luck charm!”
“I see, a good luck charm!”

I felt my mood rising at the pure energy in her voice.

A good luck charm. That makes sense. It’s popular among girl’s around Micheli’s age. I nodded in understanding as I traced the white thread that made the good luck charm. it felt like a reflection of Micheli’s heart.

“By the way, does this good luck charm have a specific effect?”

‘Ummm well, It’s a talisman that with repel Charl—I mean enemies from coming near big sister. It wards off evil? Something like that.”

“Oho, what a promising effect!”

It’s perfect in supporting a genius such as me. Even if I don’t know where the charm came from, Michelie still embroidered it for me. Those feelings are what matter. While the gloves aren’t appropriate for high society, I can surely wear them around the house or with close friends.

As long as I wear this, it should keep His Highness Endo from coming near me. What perfect timing for such a gift.

“Michelie always seems to know just what I need”


This time not just with words, I praised her by patting her head softly. Michelie squeezed her eyes shut as if it was slightly ticklish.

“…..I think that’s more true for big sister”

“Hmm? What was that?”

“Well-, nothing at all”

Michelie just shakes her head and smiles as I missed what she mumbled.

“More importantly, big sister. If you wear them it will make me very happy. When you’re at home or….especially when you go out to meet your friends!”

My sister is a true gem.
I agreed with a big smile, something made by my precious Michelie, of course I was going to show it off whenever I could.

“Sure, I definitely will.”

“Thank you big sister!”

Hand in hand, we shared our love and eternal sisterly bond.

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