My Sister the Heroine, and I the Villainess – Volume 03 – Chapter 66

“As such, these gloves were made for me by Michelie and are as such a unique masterpiece!”


We were in the usual room in the Calibrachoa house. My close friend Surfania nodded at my boasting, all the while taking a close look at the gloves I was showing off.

“I see. That would explain the obsessive aura the gloves give off. This here is a curse pattern.”

“Bastard, it’s a good luck charm!”

Surfania’s misunderstanding about these gloves made by a pure angel caused me to say some words unbefitting of a lady. She didn’t explode in anger though. Surfania gives me a questioning glance as I refused to repent.

“To think you would come to my house only to badmouth me. Are you trying to curse me instead? Do you have some grudge against me? Please get over it. How can you be so cruel.”

“How many times do I have to tell you it’s a good luck charm?”

“My apologies. But, I won’t agree with you no matter how many times you say it.”

So stubborn. Even when I glare at her, Surfania simply returned my glare, without changing her tone at all.
Letting out a sigh, I give up trying to persuade her.

“Honestly…there’s no reason for an angel to make a curse.”

“Even if you say you’ve stepped back from overly spoiling her, you haven’t stopped your blind faith in your beloved Michelie. What was the point of stepping back?”

“Though I still love her just as dearly, I’ve stopped being so overprotective of her, wasn’t that the whole point?”

Since the moment I met her, I knew I would love Michelie the most forever. I’ve stopped smothering her for her own good, but it’s not as if I love her any less.
That’s why I have no intentions to stop telling everyone just how amazing my little sister is. The fact that, Michelie is the most important person in the world to me, will never change.

At my blunt words, this time, it was Surfania who let out a resigned sigh.

“So that’s it, …..still, I’m a little jealous of those gloves”


They’re a present from my beloved little sister after all. Not only am I delighted, but everyone around me must be so jealous. My expression melted a little with happiness as Surfania changed her tune.

“Not quite. Looking at how these were made, I don’t think I’m the intended target for the curse. This is definitely a curse for whoever kisses the hand of the one wearing these. I want a pair for myself….. the curse seems quite effective.”

“What the hell are you saying….”

With those envious eyes it seems she is actually being serious. Believing in such nonsense at our age is really pitiful She’s been a shut in for so long her thoughts have become pure fantasy.

“Don’t you see? Your sister was inspired to make these after hearing about what happened with Charles.”

“We, well yes but-”

Even if I thought she was saying rubbish my cheeks still blushed when remembering when he kissed my hand.

“Um well, certainly she was surprised to hear Charles had kissed me but she wouldn’t….”

“if you say so……Heh.”

Surfania broke into a triumphant smile as she saw me unconsciously stroking the back of my hand for some reason.

“Hey Chris, While it may sound like a fairytale to some… the end everything really was solved with a kiss.”


I had no smart retort for Surfania’s unexpected comment.

“Well, Chris is enough of a simpleton to be in a childish fairytale afterall.”


Even though watching Surfania hum with success was annoying as anything, I couldn’t argue back.
Since it’s that you know. Talking with Charles had healed our rift, with the kiss like a parting gift. That’s why I should tell Surfania she’s wrong but, there’s still that. Because I was so surprised by what happened, there’s no helping that it became the strongest memory of that day. ‘She’d understand if it happened to her’, I thought, and that was when I had a very good idea.

Surfania can say these things only because she has zero romantic experience. And because she has no such experiences she has absolutely no defenses.
Let’s test this a little.


“What is it Chris-”

Right as Surfania responded I knelt and took her hand. her words were cut off half way as I brought her hand close to my lips.

“Surprised right-”

My mocking words were cut off midway.
As I glanced up to see her reaction, she didn’t seem shocked at all! At her unexpected composure, far from panicking I pushed forward and calmly touched my lips to the back of her hand.
With the cold air of an adult, Surfania slowly crossed her legs with an with an aloof charm.

“What a nice position we’re in Chris. Let us greet each other this way from now on. Right now I am in a very good mood.”

‘Who the hell do you think you are!”


As Surfania went to respond like a royal queen, I flicked her right in the centre of her forehead.

“Wh- what…You were the one who went and suddenly did that.”

There was no trace of that imperial behaviour now as the weakling Surfania cried out and held the spot I had hit.

“Nonsense. What a face you’re making. Fate should have made you the villainess instead.”

“Fate? wait, what, villainess did you say? What kind of villain is that?”

“It’s nothing.”

I shook off Surfania’s question with a vague response. If I told her the truth about fate she would just make fun of me for the rest of my life.

“Come one, I’m curious. Villainess…Have you read a book even I haven’t yet?”

“That’s why I said it was nothing geez.”

I waved her off, even though she actually wasn’t all that far off. Surfania pouted but reluctantly let it go.

“I see….. then, want to play a boardgame?”

“Mm, not really.”

Surfania who has grown up at a snail’s pace has finally asked for a board game herself.
Still, I didn’t feel like staying inside for the rest of the day. Truthfully, on my way here I had heard something interesting.

“How about we go out today?”

“No way.”

“I see, I see…”

Even if she immediately declined my idea, I firmly grasped the back of her neck with a smile.

“Today we’re going out I said!”

“Not a chance!”

Not that I had ever intended to listen to her opinion from the start. So, slowly dragging her by the neck, I arranged to borrow the Calibrachoa family’s coach.

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