My Sister the Heroine, and I the Villainess – Volume 04 – Chapter 102

Three days have passed since Rona and Catalina ran away.

“It’s finally over……”

I’ve finally disbanded the fan club and emptied the classroom. I bury my head on the desk in exhaustion.

I hunted Canaria down to her room, and thankfully I managed to get a list of the fan club members.

Privacy? Like I care. I’m strict towards my followers. They created the fan club without my knowledge, then ran away without giving me any explanation. Why should I care what they think?

Also, thanks to my methods, I was able to gather the members of the fan club and convince them to withdraw from the club.

While I was at it, I was also able to find out why they created the fan club in the first place.

Many of them asked me for monetary compensation in exchange for their withdrawal.

I’m actually relieved they brought that up. It means they joined purely based on their own benefit.

That’s good. It wasn’t because they really liked me.

And bribery is indeed fitting for a villainess like me. That’s why I let them list the price, as long as I could afford it.

Bright yellow snacks, my own support, and whatever connections and concessions I could provide.

Anything but my late mother’s keepsakes and things that Michelie and I cherished. The fan club members became greedy thanks to my generosity.

They asked for my uniform buttons, my scarves, my ribbons, and even my signature.

……Why were they asking for useless things like these?

What’s this weird feeling that I can’t shake off? I thought they would ask for more materialistic things. Why would they ask for things worth nothing more than keepsakes?

Thanks to them, all my buttons were gone, and Lyndis devoted herself to sewing buttons onto my shirt to the point where she was beginning to look upset. Freesia then suggested that we hold an autograph session.

Everyone seemed to be satisfied to a certain degree. Thanks to that, I was able to handle it calmly.

It was actually a good idea for an idiot like her, but signing over a hundred times was honestly exhausting.

“It is done.”

Freesia wipes off her sweat after enjoying her labor.

She looks so carefree and joyful. To be honest, I’m a little envious.

“Yeah, it is. We wasted a whole day……”

“Do you think so? It was not a waste to me…… By the way, Lady Chris.”

Freesia turns to me in the now empty classroom.

“May I have your autograph-eee?! W-what are you doing?!”

“Alright, alright. I’ll give you my handwriting so stay still, you idiot.”


It was such a stupid request, I grabbed her cheeks with one hand and wrote my signature on her face with my other hand.

“But I wonder what they’re going to do with the things I gave them……”

“Wouldn’t they put them up as decorations?”

“What for?”

As usual, she said something I couldn’t understand. Looking at my autograph on her face, it seemed as if she was one of my personal belongings.

Leaving Freesia aside, I can understand why everyone else would want my autograph. They could obtain small loans just by showing my signature. It’s true that they could use it for personal gain, but it’s nothing I should care about.

At least, it’s not an immediate concern, unlike my uniform buttons.

“Even though it may not be worth a lot, I am sure they will be proud they managed to get your autograph, Lady Chris. I wonder how I should preserve this autograph on my face–”

“Just wash it off your face.”

“B-but that’s such a waste!”

Freesia is truly an idiot for marveling over a signature on her face.

Well, I’m bringing myself to ruin, so I doubt they could use my autograph in the future. That’s why I think the autograph session was a waste of time.

In any case, it’s over. I’ve managed to get them to disband the fan club thanks to this. Now I can prepare myself for the next event.

“Now, Freesia. You know about the introductions for the new students, right?”

“But of course.”

I’m referring to the party on the last day of the Founder’s Festival. The new students will be attending.

The Academy gets to show off how many new students they have.

It’s such a big event that even Freesia knows about it.

Upperclassmen aren’t allowed to attend this party. Instead, there will be a separate party elsewhere on campus. Prince Endo should be managing this party with the help of the student council. ……Rona is one of the council members and is gone, but it should be fine. Endo should be able to handle it.

There are people who can bully Michelie on my behalf.

That’s where Freesia comes in.

“I want you to pick on Michelie at the party.”


She’s surprisingly excited.

I haven’t even had the chance to go into details.

She’s an idiot, but she’s straightforward and good natured. But she’s an idiot.

I thought she would hesitate to hurt people, but she simply nodded in response. I wonder if it’s because I ordered her to.

“Really? I’m ordering you to bully Michelie, you know?”

“Please do not worry. I couldn’t ask for more.”

Freesia makes a tight fist with determination.

“I have to show that wicked girl some pain!”

“Wicked girl?”


It’s a title unfit for the angelic heroine of this world.

But I can’t convince Freesia that Michelie is an angel. I’m the villainess who’s supposed to be cruel to Michelie. I can’t let Freesia know about my love for Michelie.

“I know what you are thinking as well, Lady Chris. We have to correct that hopeless personality, even if it means bullying her.”

“Did something happen between you and Michelie?”

“Well, when I was a child……”

Freesia sulks and looks away.

“Do you mind telling me?”

“It isn’t too big of a deal. I thought she was a good friend, but she used me time and time again, and I felt discarded in the end.”

Freesia is complaining about her. I wonder what actually happened.

I shouldn’t have to say this, but there’s no way my sister would do something like that without reason. She’s an archangel after all. But it doesn’t seem like Freesia is lying either.

Most likely, it happened when I detached myself from Michelie.

I would imagine that a lot happened to Michelie during that time. She must have felt lonely and hurt when her beloved sister cast her aside. She probably wasn’t mentally prepared to make friends, and must have caused some kind of misunderstanding.


“Yes. That’s why I have decided that I will not allow myself to be used anymore.”

I’m glad she has that determination, but she’s an idiot who’s still being used.

I’m the one using her. Well, I do feel bad for getting her involved, but after hearing what she said, I feel less guilt and sympathy for using her.

“Since you have no objections, I don’t have to waste time convincing you. I’ll explain how you should approach Michelie. Follow my lead.”

“Please do not worry, Lady Chris. I have already cast my weakness aside. I will show no mercy or weakness now!”

“Hey, stop lying.”

She’s showing her weakness in being an idiot.

“I am not. I have cast aside my timidity, and have been working on my shyness! The first step to independence is self confidence. You have shown me that, Lady Chris!”

“You were just lying about your timidity and shyness, right?!”

Freesia showing her determination was the most shocking thing of the day.

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