My Sister the Heroine, and I the Villainess – Volume 04 – Chapter 106

The lecture hall is packed with students.

Some of them look like they were half-dragged to the event, while others simply look bored. There are even students who are trying to fall asleep. Only a handful of students who are serious and studious are here on their own free will.

I’m sitting in the crowd, crossing my legs arrogantly.

It’s an event in which students debate about a topic. They’ve recognized my talents and selected me as one of the students to participate in the debate. In truth, it’s satisfying my pride. I like to be acknowledged by people. It’s somewhat similar to being praised.

But here, I will be facing off against Michelie.

I will soon face my ruin.

To be honest, I am aware that everything I’ve done to this point has ended in failure. Fate, which is the only thing I could see clearly, just seems off now. The ideal situation is clearly different from the current reality. It’s not completely unsalvageable, but the first act is already over. If I leave things as they are, it will be completely impossible to put fate back on its tracks.

That’s why I have to face off against Michelie today, and during this event, I have to burn this image of me as the villainess into the minds of all the students, especially Michelie.

Prince Endo has just finished his boring speech as the student representative. It’s almost time for me to get on the stage.

The debate concerning judges is about to begin, and I will go up on the stage to face Michelie.

While I’m preparing myself, a student stands in Prince Endo’s place.

The student has cold eyes with long slits. Her long hair sways with each step she takes. She isn’t tall at all, as she has to step on the dais itself. It’s Surfania.


That was really unexpected.

Is she going to be the judge of this event? Every year without fail, the judge was always a member of the student council, so what is she doing up there?

Surfania is looking straight ahead.

“Good day to you. I am Surfania Calibrachoa.”

The sullen expression is gone from her face, and her voice is resounding surprisingly well in the lecture hall.

“I have been somewhat involved with the debate today, so I have come to give a short speech. I hope I will not take up too much time.”

For an instant, the lecture hall is filled with whispers.

It’s rare to see a shut-in like her to stand in front of so many people. And she doesn’t like attention either. However, she has earned a little fame on campus. Everyone knows her.

Surfania continues as if she wasn’t bothered.

“The extent of my involvement is related to the judges. This may be a common mistake among first year students, but the point of a debate is not to win an argument through words. Instead, it is to debate about the topic at hand and train your skills to get a third party to agree with you. Thus, it is fair to say that in a sense, it is more difficult and important to be a judge.”

She shows no ounce of nervousness despite her shy nature.

I can tell there’s a little hesitation, but she’s bold in a way. She hasn’t left a good impression on everyone, yet she doesn’t look bothered by the fact.

“In other words, a judge has to be completely fair. However, it is a tragic fact that people tend to take social status and position into consideration. Many students of the Academy are of royal blood, or have a good family background. We cannot outright deny the possibility that the faculty behind them may have authority and influence over them. If we allow the student council to judge on their terms, then there is the fearful possibility that their relationships will be an additional factor that hinders their fair judgment. They may agree with certain individuals simply because they said so. I am sure that everyone knows too well that such people exist within the Academy.”

Don’t look at me.

Fine, whatever, I’m a villainess anyway. Just because you’re standing there gives you the power to speak and suppress any counter-arguments. And I’m glad you know where I stand.

But what I don’t get is why Surfania is taking on the role as a judge. It can’t be that she’s suddenly awakened to the value of education. She has a lazy personality.

I thought she had an ulterior motive, but it looks like she’s just giving a speech in front of the audience. A rather long one.

“As representatives of the students, the student council members have served as judges every year. However, no matter how outstanding they may be, they are still students. That is why I have suggested to give the position of judge to someone from outside the Academy, and the student council has approved my suggestion. In order to achieve that…… Sigh. Never mind. In any case, allow me to introduce the judge for this year.”

Perhaps she got tired of it. She cut off her speech midway.

Is she okay?

I’m a little concerned that she doesn’t seem to care about being in front of so many people.

Then again, she probably wouldn’t want someone like me to worry about her.

It may be a little more difficult in persuading the judge now. I have no problems with the student council members because I know their personalities, but I can’t help the situation now. And it doesn’t matter who the judge is. What I have to do there is to attend the debate and denounce Michelie.

Yes. there is only one thing I have to do. Not to win the debate, but to act as the villainess–

“The one who has kindly accepted to act as our judge is none other than the famous and knowledgeable Lady Mariwa Toinette.”


Yes, there is only one thing I have to do.

I look at the tall, thin, and merciless man-eating fiend, and feel determined.

To run away at full speed and full power!

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