My Sister the Heroine, and I the Villainess – Volume 04 – Chapter 109

“One more round!”

My voice resounds loudly in my own dorm room.

“One more, one more round! I was just about to win! I let my guard down in the early game. There’s no way I would lose–”

“Alright, shut up. Leon. You may come in.”

“Oh, is it over?”

Surfania disregards my complaints, and beckons Leon inside.

She probably discussed this with the maid earlier. It seems that Leon was waiting for her signal.

“It is. Take this seventeen year old girl with the mind of a five-year-old with you. ……It’s this fool we’re dealing with, so don’t let her run away, ever.”

“Okay, okay.”

Seeing that I couldn’t take back my loss, I was about to turn around and run when Leon performs a neck hold from behind me.

She read my intentions. But there’s no way I’ll give up just from being restrained. I am a nimble lady.

“Stop that, you worthless fool! Do you think I’ll take this from you?! I am the daughter of the Noir house! Do you think it’s okay for a commoner such as you to touch me as you please?!”


For someone with no backing like Leon, I can simply tear him to shreds with my authority.

But he doesn’t seem to be afraid of my noble status. In fact, his tone is a happy one.

“As you say, a commoner like me would be thrown in jail along with my family. I would probably be expelled from school. My parents would lose their jobs, and my entire family would be driven to their wits’ end. My future would be so dark.”

“That’s right. If you know that, then let me go. I’ll be lenient and forgive you.”

“Yeah, yeah. ……Well? Do you have the intention to destroy my life, Christina?”

“Is that all you have to say?!”

I scream at Leon, who’s flaunting his own weakness.

When did he learn to use such despicable reasoning? I look at him with disbelief, and he simply shows his enjoyment through his smile.

“You’re a good person, Christina. You wouldn’t do anything like that. I know you won’t.”

“Shut up! Do you have no pride?! Besides, I’m the villainess, so doing that is a simple matter to me, you know?!”

“Yeah yeah. So what’s up with being the villainess?”

“She probably made that up anyway. It was mostly as I expected.”

“You lost to Surfania after making a bet, right? So stay still. You probably got spurred on and agreed to the bet with your own conditions anyway.”

“I-I didn’t– I mean, I lost, but that was the first round, right?! Also, what do you mean, I got spurred on?!”

“Wow. Christina, you lost to Michelie AND Surfania in the span of one day.”

“I’ll kill you Leon!”

I’m howling at Leon who jeered at me childishly.

I lost the debate to Michelie because of Mariwa, and I lost the board game to Surfania because of the early game. Having played with her so many times, almost all of the games were a sure win for me. I won’t let this single defeat ruin me.

“Just a little more, and I would have won!”

“You were always bad when it came to betting during an important time, Christina. And it’s so easy to emotionally manipulate you.”

“This is truly unsightly, flaunting the victories you had as a child. That’s exactly what a child would say.”

“You look like you’re having fun, Surfania.”

“Oh, but of course.”

Ignoring my complaints, Surfania opens the door and leads the way while humming almost happily.

“We took three whole years, including our investigations and preparations. Thanks to that, I was able to see Chris behave in such an unsightly manner. There’s no way I can’t enjoy this.”

“Wow. You’re beyond crooked.”

“Just… let… me… go!”

With Surfania leading the way, Leon is dragging me down the hallway while I’m wildly thrashing about.

At this rate, I’ll be brought before Mariwa. If I don’t stop them now, I’ll be in grave danger.

“Dammit! You’re a guy, Leon. Don’t come into the girls’ dormitory!”

“You’re telling me this now. Obviously I already have permission to be here.”

“That’s right. I even invite him to my room sometimes. You’re such a slow person.”

“Surfania! You’re being called a villainess because you do such stupid things like inviting a guy to your room!”

“Hey, stop being so chaste. I’m just visiting as a friend.”

We’re going down the stairs from the third floor as I’m desperately struggling in vain. We’re almost at the exit. Once we leave the dormitory, Mariwa probably won’t be too far away from us.

“What have I done to Mariwa that I should apologize to her anyway? Nothing? Then I shouldn’t have to apologize!”

“Then you should have no problem showing yourself in front of Miss Toinette. How great. You should stand proud.”

“That’s not the point!”

“Haha! This rowdiness reminds me of the time when we used to gather in the old church. It takes me back.”

“Yes. So let’s go and meet Miss Toinette. Only then will our reunion be complete.”

“S-stop– Let go!”

Someone help me. I’ll be sent to hell at this rate. I didn’t do anything wrong, I haven’t even saved Michelie yet, and I’m about to be plunged to the depths of hell. Someone help me before that happens.

We’re still in the dormitory of the Academy. I have henchmen here. There should be no lack of talented people I can depend on for help.

I look around desperately trying to find someone I know.

“L-Lady Christina?”

I fall into despair upon seeing the only person I know.

“What in the world is going on?”

The one who approaches timidly as I’m being dragged by the neck is Freesia.

Why is it Freesia out of all the people I know? I look around once again, but there’s no one else.

Surfania mumbles as she looks at the girl with two locks of curled golden hair.

“Oh my, isn’t that Chris Number Two?”

“What do you mean, Chris Number Two?!”

I shout in response to the unexpected remark.

I never expected anyone to think that Freesia and I were one and the same. I lost to Michelie at the debate, and lost to Surfania at the board game, but this was the most hurtful compared to everything else that happened today.

“N-no way, Lady Christina Number Two……”

In contrast to my utter shock, Freesia’s face is turning red in embarrassment.

Surfania sulks and frowns when she sees her reaction.

“……That’s strange. I’m pleased at having seen the epitome of idiocy.”

“I for one feel really hurt.”

“I see. That’s great.”

Surfania looks even more satisfied from hurting me. Leon chimes in from the side.

“Lady Istar. I think you can tell just by looking, but these two are much friendlier than the rumors portray them to be. We’re just having fun. So don’t worry about it.”

“Huh? Um, is that true?”

“Freesia, don’t be fooled by them. They’re bad guys without a doubt. Don’t ask or say anything, just call Rona or Catalina here.”

“O-okay. I underst–”

“……Hold on a minute.”


Surfania cuts her off coolly, causing the timid Freesia to tremble in shock.

Her looks are already cold, so she can intimidate people just by using her appearance.

“If you’re feeling unsafe that we’re dragging Chris away alone, then there’s no need for you to call anyone.”

Surfania looks like a flash of inspiration struck her. Insecurity is rising within me. I’m definitely sure she’s going to say something drastic.

“H-hey, Surfania. What are you–”

“You can just come along. Then it will be two on two, right?”

“Ah, that sounds good as well!”

“–Surfania, will you please?!”

She’s cornering me at every move. Freesia seems excited for some reason, shrieking in delight at Surfania’s proposal.

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