My Sister the Heroine, and I the Villainess – Volume 04 – Chapter 112

Michelie and I made up.

Well, I was the one avoiding Michelie in the first place. It’s not like we were really quarrelling.

But the fact remains that I could have spent that amount of time with Michelie, but wasted it because of my foolishness.

That’s why I’ve decided to host a reconciliation party for me and Michelie.

“Are you stupid or an idiot?”

My guest Surfania said something, but it doesn’t hurt, or even itch. This is the happiest moment for me in the past few years. Having set up a happiness barrier with my sister as the ingredient, I won’t be affected by any insult.

I called it a party, but strictly speaking, it’s more like a tea party. But I felt like calling it a party anyway. In other words, it’s party time to me. I wanna go all out!

The venue of the party is my room. The only ones I’ve invited are my close friends and acquaintances.

Surfania and Leon are the ones I’ve had a long acquaintance with. I’ve invited my sidekicks, Rona and Catalina as well. I wanted to invite Mariwa too, but I couldn’t help it. Even if I had invited her, I’m sure she definitely wouldn’t come.

It’s really small for a party. But that’s fine.

It’s the first step in showing that Michelie and I have established our bond as the Best Sisters. I no longer have to hide the fact that I absolutely love my most adorable Michelie. The first ones I’m telling are Rona and Catalina, and from there, it’ll be the entire Academy. Rona and Catalina’s loose tongues will surely help spread the news.

The ability to gather such talented people around me is definitely one of my strengths.

“……Argh. Michelie took the position of younger sister in the end.”

By the way, what is Freesia doing here?

The maid prepared some tea snacks, and is eating them in my room with a sulky face. For some reason, the girl with golden rolls for her hair is here too. She’s already a strange creature, but her presence adds a layer of mystery.

I never invited her here.

Perhaps sensing my confusion, Michelie chimes in.

“Oh, sorry, big sister. I’m the one who invited Freesia. She’s an old friend of mine.”

“I see. That’s fine then.”

Of course, the Prince isn’t here. I don’t want to bow down to him, and I have nothing to apologize for anyway. It’s alright. I’m the genius Christina Noir. Now that I have no reason to help him through his romance, he’s just an insect trying to crawl his way to my sister.

“But it looks like everyone’s here. They’re all here because they love you, right?”

“That’s right. It’s something to be grateful for.”

Since enrolling into the Academy, I’ve been behaving as I please, and tried to destroy myself. Even then, there are people who are still willing to stand by me. I’m cherishing this moment in a different perspective.

But there’s someone whom I’ve invited but isn’t here.

That person is Charles.

“……So you couldn’t contact Charles at all?”

“Yeah. I haven’t been in contact with him since we parted ways because of our differences.”

Michelie answers with her eyes cast downward.

“I see……”

I sent him an invitation, and even asked Michelie to tell him just in case, but never got a response.

Charles is the only person I can’t predict. He affirmed his love back in the courtyard in the Academy, and yet he hasn’t taken any steps to approach me yet. I wouldn’t mind if he came in acting all conceited right now.

Also, what does she mean, they parted ways because of their differences? I know they worked together for a while in order to mend the fence with me, but I don’t really know why their cooperation fell apart.

“Well, let’s forget about Charles for now. Here, big sister. Open wide.”


As if seeing my face becoming gloomy, she picked the best timing and gives me a slice of the party cake.

It’s been a while since I’ve eaten deliciously enchanted food. I sense Rona and Catalina staring at me somehow, but I eat it slowly without giving them much heed.

“Ehehe. Is it tasty, big sister?”

“Yeah, it’s tasty! Here, you too, Michelie–”

“Lady Chris! Let me have some of your blessing too!”

“Here you go-”

“Here I come!”

Freesia ruins the mood by impertinently cutting in on our sisterly exchange. I throw a wrapped bone in her direction, and she chases after it happily as I expected.

What is she, a dog?

“Freesia is a fun girl.”

“Yeah, she really is.”

“……She’s cute, right?”

“Not really.”


I look around me while discussing Freesia with Michelie.

Part of this reconciliation party is also an opportunity for my acquaintances to get to know one another. Surfania and Leon in particular have never interacted with my sidekicks. I’m sure there were strange rumors and misunderstandings, so I created this opportunity for them.

But it seems like Surfania isn’t talking to anyone besides me. I broke the ice by asking her how she’s doing, and with the help of Leon and the talkative Catalina, we managed to strike a good conversation.

“Now then, I’m sorry to cut the conversation even though it’s getting deep, but I wish to go into the main event.”

Everyone was warming up to one another, but they gather their attention on me.

“The reason I have gathered everyone here is-”

“To show off your sister!”

“That’s right. My sister is the best!”

Surfania tried to pour cold water on my speech, but she’s not wrong. I do want to proudly show off Michelie. I will no longer hesitate to announce that my sister is the best in the world.

And so I raise my voice.

“And that’s the sister I want to save.”

I’m announcing my intentions to all the people I know here, to my friends and acquaintances.

“You see, my sister was born somewhat special. Because of that, the despicable, cowardly, cold-blooded father of mine, Duke Noir, is about to send her somewhere far away. I want to do something about it, but I can’t do it alone. That’s why I need your strength and wits.”

I emphasized my fair evaluation of my father.

My father may seem to be doing moderately well in society, but he’s a cold-blooded man for neglecting his daughter. I want to work together with everyone in order to overthrow the evil member of nobility that is my father.

“The issue is complicated, and in order to truly save Michelie, we will have to overcome many obstacles. We will need to put our mind and body into solving this complex problem. You will be rewarded. I will give you everything I have. So I would be glad to have your assistance.”

I look sideways at Michelie, then lower my head.

I have the power and position to order people around. I am of the highest status in nobility in this room after all.

But I thought it was natural to lower my head as a friend asking for help.

“I, too, ask it of you. Not for my own sake, but for my sister’s.”

Michelie lowers her head as well.

Surfania is the first to speak.

“……Leaving the reasons aside, this is a serious request coming from Chris. All right, I shall play along.”

“We’re all students of Miss Mariwa. I’ll help too.”

“I’ll stand by your side too, but…… Catalina, what’s with that creepy smile? Are you plotting something wicked?”

“Hehehehe– heh? No way, Lady Rona. I was just thinking how nice it is for you to follow Lady Chris of your own accord.”

“I don’t really know the situation, but I shall do as Lady Chris commands!”

She’s the only one who doesn’t know what’s going on. Leaving that aside, Michelie and I look at each other with a smile as everyone agrees to join our cause.

They truly are good friends. I’m really grateful.

Just as I’m about to thank them formally, the door opens.

We turn around to see who it was. Michelie’s face freezes, and I’m standing here dumbfounded.

“I’ll help too, Chris.”

It was Charles who opened the door.

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