My Sister the Heroine, and I the Villainess – Volume 04 – Chapter 114

I am Christina Noir. I am a genius.
With my mother’s blessing, I stood up on my own two feet at the mere age of one. When I was sixteen, I shattered Destiny to pieces through the bond with my beloved sister. And I’ve graduated from the Academy at the age of eighteen.
Thus, I’ve formally entered the political realm of high society.
I’m in the waiting room at a party. I’m dressed in luxurious clothes, and I’m just a little nervous.
I may say that I’m fully prepared to do what I have to, but I know it’ll take more than being prepared.
The first step to saving my sister is overthrowing my father. And in order to win her freedom in the true sense, I have to overthrow this society that runs on social status.
Even for a genius like me, my enemy is strong and formidable. Even though I have many allies, my opponent seems limitless in strength and number.
I hear a voice beside me, without a hint of nervousness.

“To think that I would be debuting in high society.”

Surfania mumbles thoughtfully. Hearing her say so, I begin to relax my shoulders.

“……Yeah. Since childhood, you’re probably the one who has changed the most.”
“That may be.”

She agrees with me, as if realizing how much she has changed.
Since we’re both the same age and are members of royalty, we’re in the same waiting room. Or rather, we asked to be in the same room.
Surfania is always cutting corners on her appearance, but today she’s dressed wonderfully, and she looks just like a proper lady.

“Aren’t your sisters happy that you’ve decided to debut in high society?”
“Be silent. I don’t want to remember the sight of them dancing in joy.”
“Ahaha. I can’t even begin to imagine that.”

Her sisters still have a pretty serious sister complex. Seeing such a gloomy sister walk a decent path in life must have made them so happy.

“By the way, why are you helping me, Surfania?”

I’m referring to my plan to save Michelie.
Charles is helping me for my sake. Rona is helping me out of pure admiration, and Catalina is probably taking my side mostly to change the social system. As for Leon, well, he’s probably helping for Surfania’s sake.
I can tell that Surfania has no interest whatsoever in my ideals and goals. I have to find out what’s driving her.

“Is it out of friendship? Are you playing along because we’re best friends? I’m glad.”
“Stop saying such stupid and annoying things.”

Surfania is ruining my joke.

“After everything is over, I think I shall make a story out of your chaotic life. I shall then live a peaceful and quiet life on novel royalties. That will be my reward.”

Well, if that’s all she wants, then I don’t mind at all.
The biography of my greatness will surely make a bestseller, and will most likely be written in history as well.

“I’m going to cause a great commotion that will take years to quell, you know?”
“That’s fine. That in itself is worth writing. And I’ve already decided on the title. ‘Labyrinth Destiny’. How does that sound?”
“You have no sense of delicacy at all. Can I burn it?”
“Of course not!”

Surfania screams in my face. I’ve finally found someone who’s harder to deal with than Prince Endo.

“……It’s almost time to enter the party. I’ll be going ahead of you, Missus Noir.”
“S-shut up, Miss Calibrachoa!”

My face is turning red in response to her teasing.
She’s calling me Missus instead of Miss. I don’t have to explain what that means. ……I’m too embarrassed to say it.

“Alright, alright. I’ll see you at the party then. I’m looking forward to your daring deeds.”

Perhaps having had her satisfaction in teasing me, Surfania looks at me with an abusive smile, then allows her father to escort her out of the waiting room.
The room becomes completely silent as I see her off. A thought comes to my mind, and I blurt it out.

“……Now that I think about it, Mariwa is always going to be Miss Toinette, huh.”
“Do you want me to make you silent?”

I was caught by surprise. I look outside to see who it is.

“Y-you’re here, Mariwa.”
“Yes. I am here to accompany you and your friends today, after all.”

It’s Mariwa Toinette. Her eyes are as sharp as a hawk’s. She’s not wearing a fancy dress, but her clothes still make her look surprisingly graceful and elegant.
In order to show my resolution to overthrow my father, I asked Mariwa to accompany us for our formal debut in high society. I told Father not to come with me, and he looked rather depressed. I honestly wish he would relax. I’m about to make him suffer from now on, but as a present, I also intend to let him live a peaceful and quiet life as soon as possible.

“Thanks for accepting my request to accompany us. ……But is it really okay?”

It was a struggle before I was born. When Mariwa was with Princess Evelia, she didn’t show herself in public.
Mariwa nods without a second thought, as if she fully understood my doubts.

“I do not mind. I do not intend to fail again, and I have nothing else to lose now.”

If she says so, then all the better. I possess the same overwhelming popularity as the late princess, who lived in the previous generation. Even though Mariwa is of that same generation, she will be of help to us through her connections. That’s very reassuring.
Mariwa escorts me out of the waiting room and accompanies me to the party.
My body is trembling, not out of nervousness or fear, but out of excitement. The struggle that awaits me is probably going to cause the greatest commotion in my life.
In order to free Michelie from the shackles of a hierarchical society, I’m going to destroy the institution of nobility itself.
All in all, I’m a person who likes to stand out. And my sense of purpose comes from facing and overcoming difficulties. I never thought that such a wonderful public stage awaited my beyond my past life in Labyrinth Destiny, from which I have broken free.

“Now then, Lady Chris.”
“Stop calling me Lady, Mariwa. I’m not a child anymore.”
“My apologies, Missus Noir.”

My cheeks are flushed red, and I’m frowning.
It’s my first step in my debut in high society, and my battle against the governing system.
My heart is pounding in expectation and preparation for the long, distant battle ahead of me beyond that door. Mariwa looks at me in a final confirmation.

“No hesitation.”
“Of course.”
“And you will not fear whether who likes or dislikes you.”
“And whomever you may hurt, you will not recoil from the pain.”
“I’m fully prepared.”
“And…… you will not go off somewhere far away, all alone?”
“……I won’t!”

I’m staring straight into Mariwa’s brown eyes. Knowing that I won’t waver from now on, I affirm all of Mariwa’s questions.
Finally, Mariwa nods.

“In that case, let us go.”

That’s right.
This country will know my name.
This body is a parting gift from my mother from childbirth, and Mariwa has raised me well. I will devote myself to my sister, the heroine. But in this story, I am not the villainess.
I open the door to the elegant gathering of ladies and gentlemen, the door to my battlefield.
Everything is unknown from this point on, but I know I will enjoy it rather than fear it. A world where everything is predetermined is such a fragile one.
In this unscripted world, Mariwa tells me the role that is more fitting for me.

“From here on, you are the main character.”
“Of course.”

I proudly accept my role.

“I am Christina Noir.”

That’s my greeting as I enter. I haven’t forgotten the manners and etiquette I have perfected so well, but I’m trying to break the tradition and charm everyone by acting like myself.
Everyone is staring at me dumbfounded. I raise my voice in order to publicly announce my intention to start a revolution.

“I am the main character who loves my sister the heroine, and I am a genius!”

The world in which I am the main character has just begun.

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