My Sister the Heroine, and I the Villainess – Volume 04 – Chapter 74

My name is Christina Noir; and – I am a genius.

It has been ten years since my genius was recognised. Now that I am thirteen, I shall attend the Royal Academy alongside most other noble children.

And this school will become the stage for scenes of the game, just like in my memories of my previous life. Of course, the me right now does not even slightly resemble that stupid role of a villainess. Reigning as a lady of character, I plan to push aside that good-for-nothing idiotic crown prince and cultivate power and influence among the top aristocrats.

For my ‘School Domination Plan’, I was currently sitting with the people who would become my number one and two pawns.

“And with that, tell me how the exam went.”

“Exam? Aaah, do you mean the entrance exam?”

We currently sat in a quiet corner of the church in the neighbourhood. It was a place I had become familiar with after visiting so many times over the past two years.

Playing against my usual boardgame partner; I took their knight and advanced forward with my piece while I talked.

“What other exam would I mean? Yes, the entrance exam for the Royal Academy. How did you go?”

“Mmm, I think I probably passed. There weren’t any problems I couldn’t do after all.”


Even while you say ‘probably’ you’re actually feeling quite confident. To say there wasn’t a problem you couldn’t do, you must be feeling pretty brave. I thought to myself.

His face is still that of a boy, looking at it makes it seem that he won’t grow up for many years. However, even though he’s already so tall, he just keeps growing. Even though I know I’ll also grow some more, it’s frustrating.

Leon Nardo. He was a commoner the same age as me, with black hair and eyes.

Honestly, as a commoner there’s no way he should be able to sit next to a noble like me, but I allow it since my heart is so incredibly generous. Even if they’re a commoner, if they’re smart and funny then I don’t mind being around them.

“Well as long as you pass it’s fine.”

I smiled complacently. Since Leon is going to be my no.2 pawn, my plans are counting on having him helping me out. I’d be in a difficult spot if he didn’t make it in.

It is said that an aristocrat’s duties begin in earnest after graduating from the Royal Academy, but that is a huge mistake. The people who will rise to the top socially and politically will have already begun networking for their future before they arrive at the Academy, and continue making connections.

With my genius, I will certainly stand above them all. As the daughter of the Noir family, one of the three great houses of this country, it is my duty to do so. I must build up an overwhelmingly superior powerbase while I’m a student for my future standing.

But most importantly, it is my duty as the elder sister to make the school a comfortable playground for Michelie when she enters.

With my genius intellect, previous life’s information and my current information network, I am unrivalled. Not to mention with my handy pawns – I will be completely invincible. Hehehe. Laughter bubbled up from within me.

As I laughed in my heart, Leon gave a shiver.

“Did you guys feel something cold just now…?”

“It’s probably just your imagination. We’re indoors after all.”

I cannot let my future henchman know of my scheming, he might reject the honor of serving me if he knew my true intentions. So, of course, I deny the real reason behind his shivers.

“Or maybe it’s because of preparing for the exam? Perhaps you overdid it and exhausted yourself.”

“No, Miss Mariwa told me not to overdo it, so that can’t be it.”

“Why’s Mariwa being all sweet to you?”

There’s no way Mariwa would say that to just anyone. The same Mariwa who is always mercilessly pushing me to the breaking point. She never says anything that caring to me about my health.

“She’s not being sweet, Isn’t Miss Mariwa always like that? She’s not the sort to teach by forcing a student to overdo it.”

“No way, Mariwa follows the ‘If there’s a will, there’s a way’ approach.”

The same person should be tutoring both of us, but his classes sound a lot less harsh than mine for some reason.

“Well whatever. It is Mariwa after all. So Surfania, what’s your next move going to be?”

“…Shut it.”

My future no.1 pawn, Surfania, was taking a long time to make her next move. Well, even if the game isn’t over yet, against a genius like me the winner isn’t really in question. After all, to this day, I have never lost to Surfania… Although I have never won against Mariwa, but let’s just ignore that for now.

I’m pretty sure Surfania just hasn’t improved at all. A shut in as always, same barbed tongue, constantly a sore loser, quick to tears. She hasn’t grown up at all.

After considering her options for ages, Surfania finally makes a move. Since it was an expected move I could immediately counter it.

“If by any chance Leon does fail the exam, Mariwa will probably strangle him.”

“Don’t say such scary things…”
Leon shuddered, already imaging what would happen. It seems that after all these years Leon had at least come to understand just how truly frightening Mariwa was.

“Putting aside such fun talks…you probably passed right? As long as you answered each question; there’s no need to worry about failing. If you’re going to worry, then it should be over your school life starting from spring, commoner.”

Eighty percent of new students at the Royal Academy were the children of nobles. In such an affluent place – a commoner like Leon will stand out no matter what. Especially if he gets excellent marks. He will definitely attract some jealousy.

“If you’re just going to hang out with commoners, then there’s no point in going to the Academy. Make sure to use the chance to make some connections.”

“I’m not really worried about that anyway. I don’t think I’m about to start worrying about my social status now after all this time, It’s fine to ignore them as long as they don’t push it too far, right? And don’t call it ‘making connections’. I’m just planning on making some normal friends.”

“Try and use your head would you. At least have a think about the advantages and disadvantages, okay? If it’s the child of a high rank noble, that’s all anyone is thinking about. You have to be able to show off just what your worth is. Then gather sufficient associates to prove your value. That’s a start. If you’re really struggling, you can use my name.”

“Well…alright. Not that I’ll use your name though, Chris.”

“As long as you understand. Now you just have to work hard.”

I’ll leave him be at the start and see just how far Leon can get by himself. If you say you won’t use my name then, it’s fine to just recruit you later on anyway.

While I planned to drag that shut in Surfania into my camp from the beginning, Leon’s position is different. My connections will spread further if I absorb a faction Leon has made himself without my help.

Heheh. Regardless, he’ll be my follower. I like the sound of that. I love having followers. They satisfy my need for social approval. My plan for school domination is progressing steadily. Still, my number one goal is the Idiot Crown Prince. He will make for an easy victory. If it’s that fool, even Leon could easily smush him.
“Somehow I felt that chill again… So what about you guys? I won’t be mad if you failed the exam. Especially you, Surfania. Since you hate people, I figured you’d refuse to go.”
“Since my older sisters all go there, I have to go… I more or less passed the exam as well.”
In these two years Leon had managed to understand Surfania’s character well, which was to say he didn’t give her words much weight. Without paying much attention to what was being said, after grimacing at the board for a while, Surfania finally moved her piece.

For high nobility like myself and Surfania, if our parents enrolled us, we would without a doubt get in. The exam results doesn’t actually matter. Still, with my score on the exam and noble status, without any royalty in the same year I should easily be the student representative. I’m also confident I got the top score in the exam.

“Oh yeah, the Calibrachoa house’s daughter, their second daughter that is, Miss Ignia is at the school. One grade ahead of us right? I hope we can be cooperative.”

“Stop it, I don’t even want to imagine it.”
As signs of defeat showed on the board, Surfania was twirling a strand of hair in clear agitation.
“Aaaah, that’s right, for some reason Surfania isn’t close with her sister right?”

“It’s just that her rebellious stage is dragging on. Miss Ignia is actually quite easy to get along with, though the eldest sister is a bit difficult – even for me. Since she’s always so energetic, she’s probably involved in lots of activities at the school right?”

“Noisy. I don’t know anything about my sisters. Saying my sister is ‘easy to get along with’ is just her being a wolf in sheep’s clothing…Speaking of tricking people, Chris at school, are you going to constantly be pretending to be a lady in your second form? Because if you are, then I’d prefer it if you stayed away from me. It’s annoying. When you’re like that I get goosebumps.”

“I know what you mean. Chris is like a whole nother person in her second form. Even for me, when you’re in that mode I don’t know if a commoner like me can talk to you or not. If you can, could you not bring it out…?”

“You guys…”

These two saying whatever the want to, my eyebrows started to twitch.

They’ve got some nerve to talk like that about my second form, I have spent over eight years cultivating it to perfection. Just you wait and see, you’ll have class with my second form in class everyday.

“I think normal Chris is best. It sounds like a pain to hide your true self the whole time we’re at school.”

‘It does. I would even prefer the current her over that version. So talk normally.”

“Hehe. Not a chance.”

I rejected the two ‘s counsel of opinion with a snort.

With no mother or wet nurse, the way I speak I was largely influenced by Father. So it’s useless. Even briefly, letting my true coarse mouth talk at the Academy wouldn’t be forgiven for a second.

“We’re trying to look out for you, Chris. Why do you need to be in second form anyway? With your social status, you can pretty much talk down to anyone there. Since your default is spouting self important nonsense, I don’t think you can hide it the whole time.”

“Well yes. To be so picky about her words and tone, it’s just not you at all, Chris. Even Mariwa says so. To train yourself to act one way until you fully understand it, and then put it to practical use. You should at least keep a bit more of your actual personality in your second form.”

“I already said; I can’t. Because how I usually talk is…”

It’s like that.

It’s the same way the villainess, Christina Noir, from Destiny Labyrinth spoke.

“…This isn’t ladylike after all. It seems like a villainess after all.”

“I guess it is like Chris is speaking like a lady …wait, what do you mean villainess? You’ve mentioned it before right?”

“Did I? I don’t recall.”

In order to fool Surfania, who had knit her brows at me, I went overtime in destroying her chess pieces.

“Well, anyway, together all three of us will be going to the Academy!”

Brightly changing the subject, I moved my knight in order to thoroughly defeat Surfania.

The me who was so happy about going to the Academy had no idea what I was about to be forced to endure.

The hardships that fate had in store from me after entering the Royal Academy.

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