My Sister the Heroine, and I the Villainess – Volume 04 – Chapter 79

I opened my eyes.

As soon as I did I was aware of my surroundings. From my dream I opened my eyes to the real world. With that, I’ve already forgotten what I was just dreaming of.

Looking up at the bed canopy, I blinked owlishly several times.

The sunshine coming in from the window was radiant. It’s morning. I’m an early riser, but my head is still blurry first thing in the morning. With my thoughts still catching up, I can relax in bed without my usual impatience. I just lay there, still, not fully in reality for several seconds, before finally I’m truly awake.

“Sun’s up…”

Muttering as I got out of bed, I let out a big stretch. It feels nice to move the body after it’s become heavy from sleep, but it doesn’t get rid of all the drowsiness.

Already done with the morning preparations, the maid calls out once she’s sure I’m up.

“Good morning Miss. Let me help you get dressed.”


Using the water prepared in the bowl, I wipe my face with a cloth. Though I’m left feeling refreshed, the dregs of sleep are still hanging on. The last bit of drowsiness won’t leave me just yet. It’s persistence is annoying, but it’s always been like this. I already know what I need to do to.

“Hair….First I need to…..arrange my hair”

“Yes, yes. On it.”

The maid sits me down on a chair, before brushing my hair out. Just a little more and I’ll be fully wake up.

“Your bed hair is the same as always. Your hair has a mind of its own, every morning it sets a challenge for me.”


“Yes. …..Ahaha You’re a true young miss.”

“Mmm I am?”

Combing through my hair, the maid has a small smile on her face as she seemed to enjoy my sleepy responses.

My hair is unruly, It’s especially bad first thing in the morning. The maid who does my hair every morning is a lot better at it than I am.

Having my hair brushed like this feels nice. Secretly enjoying this luxury, I become fully awake from talking with the maid.

“Today, what plans do I have again?”

“yes. I have been instructed to bring you to the master’s study after breakfast.”

“Father? I wonder why.”

“I wasn’t told any more than that. …..Ah. Young miss, Which dress should we go with today?”

“Hmmm, Give me a second to pick.

While checking my schedule my brain gets up to speed. All the subtle thoughts in my mind become clear. By the time I’ve gotten dressed, I am my usual perfect self.

“Okay, First off let’s go wake up Michelie!”

“Of course.”

To my usual announcement, the maid shows a wry smile as she bows. ….

Going to wake up Michelie is my daily routine.

Or rather, I actually wake up a little bit earlier just so I can wake Michelie up. I quietly enter Michelie’s room early. That way I can see Michelie’s peaceful sleeping face.

Her resting face is exactly what I imagine an angel would look like. Her golden hair is spread out in waves. her cheeks look so soft I just want to poke them.

This small time where I can monopolise her is my privilege as an older sister.

“Isn’t my little sister just the cutest”


I will never get tired of looking at my angelic little sister.

Since she’s still dreaming, of course Michelie can’t hear me, but she still reacts to my words. Well, at least that’s my embarrassing thinking.

Though she’s so cute like this, it’s about time to wake her up. I give her shoulder a gentle shake.

“Michelie, It’s morning.”


The shine in her eyes when she just wakes up is the most beautiful sparkle in the world.

Looking at me with those eyes, Michelie hugs me with a happy laugh.

“….It’s big sister,”

“Yup. It’s me.”


Pretending to be asleep, Michelie clings to me like a spoiled child. Even though she’s so grown up now, in the morning she still acts like a little kid. Since I’m also out of it in the morning I understand. So just in the morning, I don’t think about keeping away from my sister and just spoil her as much as I can.

Like this, the time I get to spend with her before she wakes up isn’t all that long.

“Good morning Big Sister.” …

“Mhmm, Morning Michelie.”

Michelie greets me with a smile from within my arms.

“Let’s get you up and dressed eh.”

“Will Big Sister be doing my hair?”

“Of course, well with some help from the maid as well. After all it’s fun to play with Michelie’s soft hair!”

“Ehehe I also enjoy having you play with my hair. ….One day I hope to be able to do your hair for you Big Sister.”

“I think you might be exaggerating it in your head but…Why don’t you try it today?”

“I can?!”

“U- uh, well Of course. You don’t need to be so shocked….”

As I carefully comb Michelie’s hair, I’m a little puzzled by her enthusiasm. What ribbon should we use today?. While thinking things like that, I try and imagine a hairstyle that will suit a sister as cute as mine.

I don’t have long left before I enter the academy after all.

Like this, same as always, we sisters get to spoil each other…

Just like that the day passes as usual.

I wake up my beloved little sister, peacefully eat breakfast, and then remembering Father’s summon’s I head to his study.

It’s probably related to when I’ll leave for the academy. If so, then it’s not really anything big, so I don’t need to prepare myself to face Father all that much.

“Once she graduates from the academy, Michelie will enter a monastery.”

Fate had bared its fangs.

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