My Sister the Heroine, and I the Villainess – Volume 04 – Chapter 81

I was the failure who let myself be talked down by Father, but thinking I’m going to give up here is a big mistake.

I love Michelie.

She’s the most important thing in the world to me. That won’t change no matter what Father says. I love Michelie. That thought is the only clear thought in my head.

So I clung to it desperately. With anger and duty pushing me forward I search for countermeasures against Father.

There are two years left before Michelie enters the Academy. From there another four years until graduation. Within that time limit I examined every single possible way to stop Michelie being sent to a monastery.

I am the daughter of the Noir family. A genius child born into the high ranking nobility. I was blessed at birth with my abilities.

But that was all I had.

To consolidate the power and influence I require will take ten, if not more, years to happen. If I am seriously going to oppose Father, then I need more.

I came to the conclusion that right now, no matter how hard I try, I do not have the power to overturn Father’s decision. Once you enter a convent, you can never leave. That is an ironclad rule no matter which convent it is.

Six years just wasn’t enough time.

As a child by myself there was nothing I could do, but I can ask for advice. I don’t want to burden Michelie, besides she has less power than I do. Charles and Endo are from the royal family. I can’t tell anyone the circumstances behind all this, so even if I cooperate with others, the six year time limit is standing in my way. There was a limit to the connections of a child.

With those worries, there was a knock.

“Miss, It’s nearly time for ms. Toinette to arrive….”

At the maid’s news, my face grimaced.

The hesitation in the maid’s voice is probably because she can sense my ill mood. The timing is bad. I hadn’t even figured out how to deal with Mariwa leaving, I clicked my tongue at this horrible timing.


There was someone I could ask after all. The most dependable person I know.

Exactly. I should ask Mariwa.

This was a great idea. There was no one more suitable to consult than Mariwa.

“Okay, please bring her here!”

“Y-yes. certainly.”

She seemed surprised by my sudden attitude change, but she left without voicing any doubts.

Meanwhile, my heart had brightened with the possibility of solving the issue.

I just need to get Mariwa’s collaboration in sorting out this mess. If I do that, then I can keep consulting Mariwa in the future. I would have an excuse to keep seeing her.

As if the fog had suddenly cleared, my problems seems to be solved one after another.

Waiting impatiently like that, the maid finally showed Mariwa in.

“I’m so glad you’re here Mariwa! I have something I need to ask you about!”

“I’ll listen after class.”

My energetic greeting was coldly rebuffed. Well, it’s always like this anyway. It’s not something to get depressed over.

Once Mariwa was sure I had, though somewhat reluctantly, taken my seat, we begun the lesson.

“Our class today is the last time I will teach you as a home teacher. So with that announcement, let me hear your thoughts on Philosophy.”

Starting with an announcement like that, class felt more serious than usual, so I pushed away the other thoughts. Rather than what I wanted advice on, I switched my mind to concentrate on class.

“Philosophy is not only the basis of all academic disciplines, but it is also the most important of them all. However, it is an academic field that doesn’t have a single correct answer.

“There’s no correct answer?”

“Yes, Plainly speaking, this doesn’t only apply to philosophy. I have educated you on various methods until now. Beginning with etiquette, than liberal arts, etc, we went through many questions, giving each a yes or no answer. However, while these answers are unavoidably beneficial and convenient for our current society, there is no absolute correct answer.”


I showed her a truly pathetic face.

With one class, she had flipped everything on its head.

“What’s with that. So all our lessons up until now were meaningless? That’s pretty cruel.”

“They were not meaningless. They were key points for your survival. But that is just saying they have meaning. You must not follow blindly and allow yourself to be trapped by other’s way of thinking. I will teach you one thing. To divide everything into being correct, wrong and neither, is fatal. There is no difference between those three.

“…Sorry. I don’t fully understand.”

“I see, then I shall offer you an easy to understand guiding principle for your life. I do not expect you to understand everything today, but I just ask that you remember what I will tell you today,”

Even a genius like me can’t comprehend what Mariwa is trying to say. Without extra information it’s really hard to understand. Even Mariwa expected it would be like this so she put it as easily she could with her next words.

“….Love your fate”

My breath stopped.

“In this unreasonable world, that repeats a daily life full of complaints – without averting your eyes from all the possibilities – as it goes before you, love your fate.”

Hearing the last thing Mariwa will teach me, my heart feels like it’s going to stop beating. even as I feel it jumping in my chest.

To give Michelie freedom to choose her future, there is only one choice I can make, and it was here the whole time.

I now clearly know the answer, my messy tangled heart was put at peace.

“Everything you have experienced, for better or worse, has made you who you are today. That is what is called ‘Love your fate; as long as you remember them, these words will help you in your life.

‘Ha, hahaha.”

Laughter leaked out from my mouth.

Aaah, I finally get it.

As if someone turned on the lights, I can finally see the road ahead.

Who knew, in the end I didn’t need an extra consultation with you.

“…..What’s wrong, lady Chris?”

“Nothing at all. I got it. I finally understand Mariwa”

Even though I felt like I was about to burst into tears, I forced a smile.

Even though I know that many painful things are waiting for me, I was resolved to walk this path.

I know it will involve betraying most of the people I’ve encountered until now, but I’ve decided to choose my most beloved sister.

I remember every key event that leads to the conclusion I need. It’s just as Mariwa said.

Let’s believe in it and love it.

“Thank you Mariwa, I really, truly, understood.”

‘Ah, is that so?”

I smiled sweetly as Mariwa looked at me unconvinced.

‘Yup. my future from here, it’s been decided.”


Perhaps Mariwa was sent as a push from fate, but it doesn’t matter anymore.


That which I have denied all this time. The truth I knew when I met Michelie for the first time, the knowledge of my previous life.

In that story there is no bad end. Suffering was always waiting for Christina.
There were three endings to the game, and Michelie achieved happiness no matter which it was.

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