My Sister the Heroine, and I the Villainess – Volume 04 – Chapter 82

Let’s respect it.

Whether it’s execution, suicide or exile to a nunnery, whatever conclusion there is to Christina Noir’s life, I will respect it.

She always followed through. By sacrificing herself she gave Michelie happiness.

That is the road I too shall follow.

It’s all decided.

There’s one month left until the Academy entrance ceremony. I have so many things to do before then. Since I’m going to change the direction of my life, I need to change the very way I have lived my daily life until now.


Sitting in my room I swirl a pair of scissors around.

These dark and simple scissors are large and cut with finality. This heavy weapon in my hands was something I stole from the maid’s quarters. I had brought them here because they are necessary for what I’m about to do.

Since I decided to follow the scenarios of ‘Destiny Labyrinth’, there was something I had to do first.

It’s a crucial part of the scenario. Rather it is what drives the whole story – my relationship with Michelie – so I need to make our relationship what it was in the original scenario.

In the game Michelie and Christina were already enemies by the time Christina entered the Academy. Although the description said that Michelie idolised her sister, the villainous Christina tyrannised her and looked at her with disgust.

They never clearly said why. From the words and actions of the original Christina it seemed she thought Michelie was her father’s secret child born from a mistress and thus hated her for it.

But you know it was probably just like this.

That Christina was me.

That’s why I have to immediately recreate what happened.


Motionless, I stared at my reflection on the blade.

The sin I’m about to commit, I dare say father won’t punish me.

Hurting Michelie and pushing her away, he will think it’s my rebellion against his claim that she ‘deceived’ me. I’m about to do a terrible thing to Michelie. ‘I have never been deceived by Michelie. So, don’t send Michelie to a monastery.’ The things I’m about to do, he will surely misunderstand them like this.

That’s why Father won’t say a word and pretend that nothing happened. He’ll just overlook this as a childish rebellion against him.

“Such a convenient excuse….how annoying.”

I feel like I’m going to throw up. My hands holding the scissors are trembling. The things I’m about to do, even if I’m not punished, I hate it.

It must be because of stress. As a headache starts to throb, I hear a knock at the door.

“Big Sister, I’m coming in.”


Michelie enters my room, with no idea what’s about to happen she approached me with a happy smile.

Today is the day Charles will come to visit. She always visits me in my room before he arrives, which is why I had to do it today.

I must finish this before Charles arrives.

“Ehehe, Until Charles arrives why don’t we-…..Eh? Big Sister. What’s wrong? Are you not feeling well?”

What’s about to happen, my determination right now; Michelie who knows nothings, tries to read my espression.

My face right now is probably pale as a sheet. I knew from what I saw in the scissors.

Looking at me, I don’t know what Michelie is feeling.

“….Stay away from me”


More than hurt, she seems bewildered at these words I’ve never said to her before.

Her troubled face is attacked by confusion. The weak part of my heart is screaming that it’s not too late to stop this now.

I crushed that voice.

“W, what’s wrong Bis Sister. Are you that sick? I’ll call the doctor? It, it will be okay. Even if it’s contagious, whatever disease it is, since it’s you Big Sister, I’ll stay right by your side!”

She seems to have reached this conclusion by blaming my words on illness.

My self hate will leak out. Of course, up until now I would have responded just like that.

But I’m a villainess. I have to corrupt my soul. To let go of my beloved little sister. This is nothing more than the beginning of what will happen in Destiny Labyrinth. To make Michelie a true heroine, she needs a villainess like me to stand in her way.

Therefore I cannot choose words she can misunderstand.

“…..Michelie. Do you know your origin?’

“Ummm, I’m Big Sister’s little sister?”


As my beloved sister had just said words that would make me happy, I put my arms around Michelie. Without the slightest resistance Michelie hugs me back.

“What’s wrong Big Sister. You seem a bit different?”

“….Different…Huh. That’s right.”

Michelie is sweetly looking up at me confused, but this time I’m not hugging her to show her my love.

I raise the loose strands in my arms, and with a short movement I twist my hands. Like this you can easily gather lots of hair without pulling hard. It’s even easier because Michelie’s hair is so very soft.

‘Michelie. Someone like you has no right to the Noir family name.”

“Oh, really?”

“Ahh. Actually, you’re not even of noble blood.”

“Oh Okay.”

Because Michelie is actually royalty.

But I have to hide that for now, and instead make my expression one of disgust. Even hearing this new information, Michelie doesn’t seem shocked at all. It’s surely because she trusts our bond unconditionally.

Without caring about her lineage, she has full confidence that our bond is the strongest.

That is correct, but it is also wrong.

I love Michelie. But even so, from now on I will trample her love for me into the ground.

“Seems you still don’t get it”

My voice trembles. ‘because you’re pretending’ says my head. This can only be described as an abrupt rash act of violence to a clueless innocent.

Slowly and carefully, I gather all of Michelie’s hair in my hand so as not to miss a single strand.

The top part of Michelie’s hair is tied in a ribbon, but the rest is left to flow down her back. While making full use of her wavy golden hair, the ribbon makes an accent.

I have both the loose and bound parts in my hand, and then I use the scissors.

These scissors cut with finality. In order to cut through all the hair, I hack at the hair in my hand. Snip-snip.

Michelie’s hair is easily cut off.


Michelie’s hair was left in my hand as the red ribbon fell to the ground.

Michelie’s face showed the start of confusion. Certainly, she felt her head suddenly become much lighter. Michelie’s hair now hung in a mess above her shoulders, her hands grasped where her hair had been, disbelievingly.

The cut off golden hair was still in my hand.

Michelie blinked blankly.

“Um, Big Sister?”

“Michelie. You are. not. my. sister.”


She surely has no idea what I just said, what I’ve just done to her.

After coming so far, as I look at the childish confusion on Michelie’s face, the guilt that wells up in me can’t be held back.

In my chest, I felt my heart crush, my stomach felt like it was being ripped apart, I felt like all my organs were trying to force their way out of my mouth.

In this aristocratic society, the worth and importance of a woman’s hair, is something I am well aware of. I understand that in this society, you will be held in contempt just for having short hair. These emotions are so strong, it felt like they were tearing my body apart, I could only grit my teeth and try and hold them back.

From now on, I must feel this way for the rest of my life.

“I am a noble. You are not. So listen up.”

“Bi-Big Sister?”

My heart died hearing her voice. Looking at her uncomprehending face, it seems I’ve managed to trick my little sister. I don’t think she’s seen through me.

Even so I mustn’t waver.

Looking straight into her eyes I declared it.

“You, are not my sister.”

I’m sorry Michelie.

To selfishly drag you along like this, I’m so sorry.

Even if it’s for the sake of your future happiness, it’s something I decided by myself. Without asking Michelie first, this is something I went and did for myself.

To show finalise our seperation, I let Michelie’s hair drop to the floor.

“This is the end of our relationship.”

Thinking of the burden I’ve placed on Michelie by selfishly throwing her away, I know.

Michelie is a………’pitiful child’


As if she finally understood what had happened, the light disappeared from Micheli’s eyes.

Now that I was sure, I turned on my heel. Leaving being the shattered Michelie, I left the room.

Calling me back, didn’t happen.


I walked down the corridor alone. I wanted to hit something as hard as I could. I wanted to scream. I wanted to distract myself from these feelings.

However, I did not want such a light punishment. For Michelie’s happiness, I need not be forgiven, something like happiness I don’t get to wish for. This is my choice.

For this, one day I will have to pay dearly.

Whether it be with death, suicide, or exile.

In my future these are the only three options. No matter which, I will suffer in the end. Thinking of that, my heart calms a little.

I didn’t know.

Alone, muttering in my head I walked down the manor’s hall.

I didn’t know, I would feel such comfort, knowing that one day I would receive the promised punishment.

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