My Sister the Heroine, and I the Villainess – Volume 04 – Chapter 87

With only a week left until school starts, Endo Edward was currently quite confused.

“So, what’s your business?”

“Aah, um…nothing.”

Sitting opposite Endo – was Christina Noir.

From her hair to her eyes, this girl was rebellious. She still used an old agreement to be rude to him, the Crown Prince of this country. Endo couldn’t understand what his younger brother Charles’ saw that was so appealing in this woman.

She had come to visit Endo alone. It is well know that Christina and Endo are on visiting terms. It is also known that they had become acquainted because of Charles. That was why people didn’t think it was unusual for her to come to his room by herself.

However, this was actually the first time time Christina had ever chose to call on Endo at the palace. He had thought she must be up to something, but her attitude didn’t really seem like those were her intentions.

“In truth, I would actually like to ask a favor…rather, I don’t think this is a negative thing for your highness, but….well, that’s not it…”


He scowled at Christina’s stammering.

Avoiding the main point, and continually rambling on without saying much, it was quite depressing. At first, Endo had been on edge thinking she had come to stage a surprise attack, but it seemed that wasn’t it. Putting together her confusing words that were all over the place, he could only make out that she had some kind of request to make.

But looking at Christina’s distressed face, it was impossible to think that this was someone requesting a favour.

“Quit the foolish prattling, just get to the point already. Do I need to kick you out?”


Since so much time had passed, Endo had encouraged her out of the kindness of his heart, but the brat responded with a tut.

If he had to kick her out, he was never letting her into his room again.

Her beautiful eyes showed surprise, but Endo was already beginning to go to call someone.

“Well, certainly this is out of character for me…Your Highness, you like Michelie right?”


Finally onto the main subject. He didn’t deny it, but rather nodded his head without a trace of shyness.

Endo had a soft spot for Michelie since the moment he first saw her. Endo could tell that Chris, being Michelie’s older sister, didn’t like that one bit.

“And so what? I won’t give up just because you so.”

“…I see. What I want to ask is, why Your Highness likes Michelie? Of course, she has the looks of an angel, and the heart of an archangel so of course there’s that, but as a noble she is not without faults. Since she is only adopted, wouldn’t it prevent you from seeing her in a marriageable light?”

“It’s not as if I’m just attracted by her looks. Sure, I won’t deny it started from that but…her character, her abilities, good fortune, Michelie is blessed in every way. Something as trivial as her position in society, since it’s me I can overcome anything to protect her.”

“I see…”

Arms folded, Christina having heard Endo’s clear declaration closed her eyes.

Like that she contemplated.

This also seemed to go on for a while. While waiting for Christina to respond, more than four of the cookies on the table ended up disappearing into Endo’s stomach.

Enough already let’s kick her out.

Just when he had decided to dispose of Christina who acted so selfishly in front of royalty, Christina opened her eyes.

“I can help you.”


He was sure he must have misheard.

“How could someone like you help?

Even if he could cautiously hope those words meant what he thought, he couldn’t believe they were true. It was impossible to think that the woman in front of him had just said those words.

“I’m offering to support the progressing relationship between Michelie and Your HIghness Endo…Michelie’s future is hers to choose is my belief, but still. I can just barely tolerate helping you. ”

“…what are you even talking about?”

“that last part, I was just talking to myself.”

“Then say it in your own time.”

“You are quite right.”

Christina smiled obediently, bringing her eyes back from her thoughts to meet Endo’s gaze.

“I thought I would have to keep searching for a potential partner for Michelie, but it seem you’re not the worst choice. As such, it’s easiest if we collaborate from the beginning. ”


This time it was Endo’s turn to consider.

There was probably a catch somewhere in her words, but he ignored it.

Christina’s suggestion itself was not bad.

“While I can’t give you the details, after Michelie enters the Academy in two years time, I will support you and Michelie’s relationship. While it’s not as if you can’t just marry Michelie using your power, you probably want it to be mutual right? I’m saying I’ll help you out with that.”

At any rate, Christina was Michelie’s older sister. In romance, having their family onboard was a huge plus.

“Well then, okay. You can assist me.”

“Must you be so egotistical, Your Highness? You’d be much cuter is you were meeker.”

“Like you can talk, Christina Noir!”

“Ha. Well, since the route has been decided, I can be a little relieved. Just for that, I am thankful to you.”

It doesn’t sound like she’s thankful at all, that unpleasant tone.

Endo glared at Christina’s meek attitude with eyes narrowed.

“Speaking of, it seems you scored top place on the exam. Rather than things two years in the future, have you prepared for your student representative welcoming speech? As a noble, don’t bring us shame.”

“Naturally. Your Highness’ worry is needless.”

At Endo’s attempt to trip her up, her shoulders shook with laughter.

“You know I’m a genius, right?”


What is this? Hearing Chris’ strong guarantee Endo, who was completely confident in himself, for the first time in his life felt as if he was on shaky ground.

He felt as if he had been caught in a landslide, or had put his foot in his coffin, he felt like he had committed a mistake he could never get out of.

“I, uh…I see.”

Anyway, in order to calm his sudden uneasy, Endo drained the remaining tea in his cup.

Somehow he still felt that sense of dread.

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