My Sister the Heroine, and I the Villainess – Volume 04 – Chapter 89

It’s a good spot under the sun.

I’m leaning into a comfortable chair and dozing off.

I am Christina Noir. The villainous daughter of the Duke.

It has already been two years since I parted ways with Michelie and moved into the dormitory within the Academy.

I’ve been getting taller at a healthy rate, but that has come to a stop lately. I have also been unusually aggressive in making myself look good, in order to present myself as the villainess who would stand in Michelie’s way.

It’s the period before lunch. I’m taking an afternoon nap in an empty classroom, while other students are still in their classes.

The sunlight shining through the window makes me feel a gentle warmth. I’m staving off my hunger with drowsiness. In these light dreams I’m enjoying, I always see my beloved sister.

Michelie Noir.

She’s the heroine of this world. My adorable younger sister. I haven’t seen her at all in these two years. Even during long vacations, I’ve been staying in the dormitory and lazing about instead of going home.

But I’ll be able to see Michelie soon.

I’m happy about it, but also a little sad.

It’s time to face the fate that I should gracefully accept.

I was enjoying what little peaceful time I may have left, but even that has come to an end.

“……Your Highness. Don’t show your crappy face to me just as I’m waking up.”

“You’re the one with the stupid face.”

It’s Prince Endo who woke me up with his footsteps. He frowns and gives me a displeased look for occupying this classroom.

I woke up from dreaming about Michelie and saw his face. It’s only natural for me to hurl an abuse upon seeing that much of a difference.

The prince is also seventeen years old. He’s somewhat sensitive, but he’s also become manly. It’s not just his appearance. He has also become just a little more mature. At least he’s a lot more decent than he was before I enrolled.

“The fact that you’re here means that lessons are over, right?”

“They ended just now. Weren’t you in class?”

“I skipped.”

I answer with a yawn. Prince Endo sighs, but I don’t give a damn. I’m a villainess, so why should I be an honor student taking classes seriously?

I’m a villainess whose role is to oppose and obstruct Michelie. I have to behave like one. It’s outrageous for me to have good conduct.

I’m currently living a life far unbecoming of a proper lady. I don’t take lessons seriously. I disappear from the dormitory and squander my money downtown everyday. To put it in simple terms, I am a problematic child and a delinquent.

“Well, I’m going to the dining hall.”

It’s now lunch time, so I stand up. By the way, what I was sitting on is the seat of the student president, the very top position of the student council.

Of course, I’m not the student president. The president is none other than Prince Endo, who’s right in front of me. Oh no, I’m making it a habit to sit in this chair because of how comfortable it is.

“You should come later, Your Highness. I mentioned it before, but there’s a big event going on.”

“You mean your plan to play the villainess and bring me and Michelie together?”

“Yeah, that.”

I told him about my fate without going into too much detail.

The long school break is over, and the entrance ceremony for new students also came to an end without a hitch.

Today is the day after Michelie’s enrollment. It’s also the first day of Labyrinth Destiny.

My reunion, as well as the event where I reveal myself as the villainess, will take place in the dining hall.

Endo shrugs his shoulders lightly.

“Got it. I’ll go once I rush this task.”

“For the student council?”

“Yeah. The newspaper club has put together a stupid feature article about the new students. I have to inspect and approve the contents for publishing. Those guys are annoying, sending it right before the deadline.

“The newspaper? Oh, the extras?”

He nods.

There was an extra section from the newspaper club about the entrance ceremony in Labyrinth Destiny too. It was about Prince Endo and Leon, if I remember.

It was subscription based, but the newspaper club was mostly responsible for gathering and publishing the latest information from that point on. In the real newspaper club here, there are quite a number of students who are active in it. There’s even someone following me around.

Prince Endo is in charge of submitting the news.

“It’s going to be published after school today. Are you gonna read it?”

“No way, why would I read that?”

I’m not interested in anything other than Michelie. I might be interested if it’s about Charles, but I don’t care about Endo or Leon.

“Anyway, just hurry up and finish the damn thing, then come to the dining hall. You have to.”

“You don’t have to tell me again. Hurry up and get lost. You’re an eyesore.”

That should be enough from me. Satisfied with my daily dose of abusing the prince, I head off to the dining hall.

“……I wonder how much more adorable Michelie has grown.”

Even though I’m overcome with the joy of seeing Michelie all grown up, I’m also depressed by the fact that I have to be cruel to my beloved sister. Nevertheless, I proceed to my destination.


Endo Edward sighed after watching Christina Noir leave.

Christina was about to mistreat Michelie from this point on, and he would provide comfort to Michelie, who would fall in love with him. That was Christina’s plan.

Then, she was going to behave arrogantly all around the Academy.

Endo didn’t understand why Christina would go so far for someone she was always arguing with. But somehow, he could sense that she wasn’t doing it for herself, but for Michelie.

“……Hmph. I’ll just have to use that fool.”

The entire plan was Christina’s suggestion. There was no need for Endo to restrain himself.

Even then, there was something off about her saying “I’ll become a villainess” with a smile.

After cursing her, Endo redoubled his focus on the newspaper.

The Academy’s newspaper club was all about gossip, so usually there would be a lot of attention gathered around noteworthy students.

But it was also uncommon for the extra section to be focused on a single student like this time.

A must-see for new students. A feature article for the most popular student, Christina Noir!

There was a lot of passion put into this article and this huge title. Endo thought that there would be a self-portrait of the “sophisticated” Christina, but there was only a photograph that was recently developed. By the way, just taking one photograph cost so much money that even the wealthy would hesitate.

He sent his approval of the passionate news, and mumbled.

“What exactly is she trying to achieve?”

Fate itself seemed to be missing.

Things were going as expected for everyone other than Chris herself, after all.

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