My Sister the Heroine, and I the Villainess – Volume 04 – Chapter 91

Cutting through the crowd, the first thing I see is a grown-up Michelie.

She has a more mature-looking face, but still has that bright golden hair and blue eyes. She’s sitting so it’s a little hard to tell, but she’s probably not very tall. She looks feminine and adorable. She has grown her hair a little compared to when I cut her hair long ago, but it’s only about shoulder length. It’s a flaw that cannot be overlooked in a lady, but that too displays her beautiful personality. In the first place, hairstyles are merely a tiny fraction of fashion and style. Even though she’s grown up, she’s just as charming as she was.

She’s still the most adorable heroine ever.

A young woman with extravagantly curled hair is arguing furiously with her.

Her long golden hair is rolled up in a gorgeous manner. As if to match it, her face is just as showy. Her eyes are a calming deep blue, yet her demeanor doesn’t reflect any of that.

Michelie is giving her a slightly sharp look.

“……What do you mean, I’m not her sister?”

“I mean just as I said it.”

Michelie is a little upset, but not afraid of her at all.

“You are completely unsuitable to be Lady Christina’s sister.”

The girl with the curly hair says so resolutely.

She has an aura of presence. I wonder if she’s related to Prince Endo. No, she has a different look compared to members of the royal family, so I don’t mean that they’re related by blood.

I mean that she’s an idiot, just like him.

Well, whatever. I should just shut her up and face Michelie.

I take a step forward.

“You may be a little adorable and clever enough to enrol thanks to the Chairman, and perhaps because you are friendly to people, and are also Lady Christina’s actual sister, but that’s just it!”

She’s probably a new student herself, and the context itself is too surprising. I take another step forward.

“What is that girl trying to say?”

I ask that purely as a question, but no one has a response for me. I simply let it slide.

“Do you have anything to say about it?!”

“Um…… Thanks?”

“No! Why are you thanking me?!”

Everyone could tell her words were filled with compliments. It’s only natural Michelie would react that way. But the curly haired idiot seems dissatisfied and steps on the ground angrily.

Even I don’t understand her behavior. Michelie must be even more confused. She looks like she doesn’t know how to respond.

“I’m sorry. I don’t really know what you were trying to say……”

“My, perhaps you aren’t too clever after all. Heheh. I shall explain it to you then.”

These past few minutes, the only thing she has done is expose her idiocy, yet she still looks arrogant.

“Very well. Even I of all people know this, but no other students have ever called Lady Christina ‘big sister’.”

As a convention, girls in this academy who are upperclassmen are referred to as “big sisters”. Sometimes, it happens with class differences as well.

And it’s true that I’m not allowed to be called a big sister.

Michelie’s eyes sparkle as she listens.

“Is that true?”

“Yes. I am certain. And the reason why is because of your existence!”

“Hey. Someone stop that idiot.”

I’ve detached myself from Michelie, but what she’s saying makes it sound like I’m still attached to her.

She’s putting all my efforts to waste. No one moves an inch.

I have always stopped other students, whether they were underclassmen, peers, or even upperclassmen, from calling me “big sister”, by giving them a sharp glare. I’ve done this to go against the culture of the Academy, but another major reason is because I don’t want anyone besides Michelie to call me “big sister”. She’s not completely off the mark, but it annoys me anyway.

While I’m starting to feel anxious, Michelie looks down in sadness.

“……How should I know that? I don’t even know how Big Sister is doing now.”

“Please do not play games with me. I have looked up to her and worked hard for her to this day! She is not a fool to ignore my efforts.”

This idiot isn’t even answering Michelie’s question.

“There is only one person Lady Christina will acknowledge as her sister. That is exactly why I, Freesia Istar, have declared war on you to fight for the title of ‘younger sister’. Do you understand–”

“I see. I understand, Freesia.”

My cold voice overshadows her shouts.

I can’t let her speak any more than this. I may already be a little too late, although it’s probably just my imagination.

Michelie opens her eyes widely in response to my appearance.

“Big Sister……”


Just by looking at her blue eyes, my determination is beginning to waver. What I’m about to say to her is unforgivable.


“L-l-lady Chrishtina?!”

Her upset voice helps me calm down.


I take a deep breath.

“I simply didn’t like being called ‘Big Sister’ by everyone. But Michelie, you were adopted in the first place. You have no blood relation to me, or to anyone in the Noir family.”


Michelie gulps, perhaps shocked from my cruel words.

My voice quivers a little, even though I tried to play it cool.

“S-so don’t get the wrong idea. Don’t take this idiot girl seriously. I don’t think of you as my dear sister at all!”

I said it.

I said the line I was meant to say in Labyrinth Destiny.

I make sure that Michelie’s blue eyes are welling up with tears, and grab Freesia by the collar.

“You, come with me to my room. There’s something I want to talk about.”

“Y-yes! I am honored!”

I’m infamous in the Academy, and I just hinted that I was going to punish her. Why is she so happy?

There’s something wrong with this girl. I was convinced that she’s an idiot at first glance, but now I’m starting to get worried. Does she understand anything anyone’s saying? As I’m dragging her along, I’m beginning to worry about her level of communication.

That said, I’ve done a pretty good ad lib to bring fate back on track despite the unexpected turn of events.

“……Hm? Christina. What have you brought here?”

“An idiot who’s one of a kind these days.”

Prince Endo is a little late.

He gives me a suspicious look.

“What are you talking about? I never told you to make a self-introduction.”

“Shut up. More importantly, hurry up and console Michelie.”

“Console her? Did something happen?”


I start getting depressed as I remember the cruel words I said to Michelie. Prince Endo picks up on that and doesn’t press too much.

“Really? Well, looks like I’ll go see her……”

“Go for it.”

I answer curtly and leave the dining hall.

Prince Endo is going to comfort Michelie who was hurt by my cruelty right at the start of the semester. I’ve done my part in the event in Labyrinth Destiny, and I’m now walking the course of fate.

I feel a little better knowing that.

“L-lady Christina, where are we heading off to?”

“To my room. No one will bother us there.”

“Oh my!”

“Hey, why are you so happy?”

I feel a little uneasy about this irregularity.

Author’s Note: Useless Character Number Four.

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