My Sister the Heroine, and I the Villainess – Volume 04 – Chapter 97

Enjoying the fragrant steam which rises from my cup, I slowly sip the black tea.

His Highness Endo on the other hand, is still restlessly scanning over documents. His drink has been ranked up from tap water to at least hot water. Rona is such a kind girl.

“Bastard, if you don’t have any business then go home already.”

“I refuse.”

Averting my gaze from Endo’s glare, I just ignore him. With a sideways glance at everyone else working hard, the taste of this tea as I relax is really exceptional.

“However, You Highness. Every time, you’re always working through documents. Is it fun?”

“It’s not a question of fun or not. It’s my responsibility.”


How uncomfortable, all Endo ever considers is whether it is his obligation to do it or not, rather than if he actually enjoys it.

Still, that His Highness has come this far, is proof that it is possible for anyone to achieve personal growth. After all, rather than the schooling he received as a child, the environment he is in now has certainly greatly contributed. But really, just what where they teaching a kid in ‘how to be a good King’ palace primary school to warp them so badly?

There are just so many documents though.So many things needing approval though means that the student council has had almost everything in the Academy dumped on them. Since I was a little bit interested in just what needed approving, I tried to peek at some of the ‘accepted’ documents.

“Oi, quit it. You rude bastard, you’re going to give me more work to do by messing up the order.”

“Good idea If you’re troubled then I’m happy as…..can be?”

While talking back to an annoyed Endo, I scanned my eyes over a few documents. It seems to be about approval of student autonomy and activities of gathering group activities, but within the pile was something else.

“….What is this…”

It was a copy of a newspaper. It was probably here because it had required publishing approval and the actual copy was provided. Catalina, one of my followers, had been talking about the upcoming edition before the entrance ceremony.

And written in this newspaper, was praise for my various actions these past few years? It had many similarities to the edition from the game, but it didn’t follow the plot at all!

“Y-your HIghness. Just what is this?”

There was a slight tremble to my voice at this inconceivable article. My face felt frozen as I tried to ask just what was going on.

I don’t understand the meaning of this?

I am the villain. The person who will be expelled from aristocracy, must be disliked by the whole school. Just what is this ‘fruits of goodwill’ I’m holding?!

Well, well, I will have to forgive the existence of such a thing as this newspaper. This is the work of my followers. Obviously they must have altered the article to improve my reputation, no one could honestly believe such trash.

Even if it’s positive and favourable to my actions, it won’t affect the plot at all since Catalina wrote it.

That I can excuse, but just what is this ‘fan club’ the article mentions?

How can there be over two hundred members? In this school, excluding new students, there are only three hundred students left in total! What do they mean first place in the school popularity vote?! What is this forgery…

Perhaps, this fanclub and popularity vote, this is all just me hallucinating. That’s it. I just need to confirm it with Endo.

“I won’t comment on the newspaper, but what is this fanclub thing it mentions? Surely they weren’t given permission to form such a disgraceful club. Surely at such a proud school as ours, our student president would never let such a vulgar thing happen right?!”

“Now you decide to care about vulgarity?”

I don’t care. I do not mind, but this is wrong. I behaved the opposite of a cultured young aristocrat, I made sure everyone avoids me, I was always consistent in being trash.

“No, but this is just plain wrong! What is this thing anyway, I never knew something like this existed!”

“You didn’t know about it?”

Endo sends me a look of disgust as my tone gets louder.

“While I won’t comment on just how insensitive you can be to not know of it’s existence, of course I would never authorize a club for someone as stupid as you”

“What did you just-!”

“You are really bothersome.”

Shut it. A fan club that just worships me…this is gross. Understand a fair maiden’s heart Endo you knucklehead. OH no, I forgot you’re just too stupid for that Your Highness.

But that means Endo knew about this fan club situation all along…Then what’s with this casual response?!

“Rona dragged the other members of the student council in and forced them to approve it. It was a day when I was absent.”

“….Why would Rona do something like that?”

“Who cares about the reason, but she’s the founder of your fanclub.”

“What?! Oi Rona….just where did she run off to?!”

“She escaped a few moments ago. You know Rona, always a step ahead with her great intuition. Her ability to sense a crisis is quite admirable.”

“I’ll be back, I’m gonna chase after her!”

“Please don’t come back.”

At this unexpected emergency, I rushed out of the student council room. Since he sent me off with such a remark, next time I would definitely be as annoying as possible to him. Looking both ways down the corridor, there wasn’t a trace of where Rona had gone.

“Oh, if it isn’t Lady Chris.”

However, luckily my other entourage, Catalina was around.

“Oi, Catalina. Did you see where Rona went?”

“Yeah? I just saw her speed walking real fast off ‘ta somewhere….legit young lady aristocrat’s sure are something huh. Even at that speed, she didn’t lose any of her normal grace. SO that’s her full power mode eh.”

Sounds like it would have been quite a funny sight, but she was really going to far into detail.

Tch, I clicked my tongue. Seems like it would be hard to catch up if I give chase now. It seems she somehow managed to completely evade me. However, I am blessed with good luck.

RIght here is another of the culprits.

“I have no choice then sigh. Catalina, you’ll do.”

“Oh–, what’s up? If it’s something for Lady Chris then I would do any–”

“It’s about what’s written right here.”


When I thrust the newspaper I’d taken from the student council room, her face showed her obvious guilt.

Seeing her behaviour my eyes squinted with suspicion.

As I thought, these kids have indeed been hiding things from me.

“So, Catalina, just what is this?”

“I’ve finally been busted…..”

I don’t know for what purpose they founded this, but a joke thing like this definitely didn’t exist in Labyrinth Destiny. Such a thing as a fan club, it will ruin the scenario of the downfall of a villainous noble daughter.

It is only after my downfall that Michelie can rise above. If they become get in the way of that, then even if they are my followers, I cannot forgive them.

Looking clearly at Catalina, her expression becomes solemn.

“I understand. I shall explain. if you would go ahead into this empty classroom please.”


Seeming resigned, she didn’t even try and get out of it. Catalina opened the door to the empty room and gestured for me to enter.

It’s good if she’s given up. In order to start the questioning, I naturally walk into the room as if I have never opened a door myself.

Just as I entered the room, the door slammed shut behind me.

“Well then Catalina. Explain this to me so I can understand every–”

Upon turning around, my words were cut off.

Catalina had not entered the room.

This kid, she actually shut the door just after I went through.

IN a rush I pulled the door back open and looked left and right, but again there was no sign left. Unlike Rona, Catalina wasn’t one to care about dignity. It’s not hard to imagine her barrelling down the hallway without a hint of grace or poise.

Left behind in the doorway, my shoulders shook with anger.

“You have just sealed your fate, you hear me!”

My scream echoed through the empty classroom before it was quiet again.

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