My Sister the Heroine, and I the Villainess – Volume 04 – Chapter 98

This wasn’t right.

As I walked down the corridor my chest couldn’t contain the irritation that was welling up.

For the last three years I have been killing myself every day.

I ceased contact with Michelie, forced myself even though I wanted to apologise to her, stifled my love of Michelie, all to live this selfish life.

It might seem like it’s been a fun life, but it is just compensation for cutting myself off from Michelie.  TOP ARTICLES1/5READ MOREShangriLa Frontier Chapter 067 Part 2

And the result has been the betrayal of the people closest to me.

No, betrayal or whatever you want to call it, objectively they didn’t mean any harm, but betrayal is betrayal. Establishing the fanclub etc, they never asked my permission. If I had known about it in advance I would have never permitted it. In the first place why are people even joining this thing? My Behaviour should have been, for a high class Duke’s daughter, absolutely unacceptable. Was it Catalina? Did she pointlessly manipulate my public image?

“Dammit. Don’t be so efficient at such weird things honestly…..!”

As the questions in my head swirled and fought, I didn’t even try to calm my mind.

When I checked, those two had already left the academy under suitable sounding pretenses. Rona had returned home for a sudden matchmaking appointment, as for Catalina it was said that her older brother is on death’s door.

To go that far…Especially Catalina. A guy like Geist, full of life, don’t jinx him by pretending he’s on the verge of dying. Even if you don’t get along with your sibling, don’t just try and kill them off to get out of school!

They’re excuses are blatant lies, but it’s not like I can easily prove it to the administration. I considered going home to check, but that would just be a waste of time.

I should just abandon those two. They were the closest thing I had to friends, but they acted behind my back and then ran away like this in the end. Thinking about it, It’s time to cast them away.

I need to fix this situation pronto though. Just where did my oh so beloved Destiny run off to? I need to get things back to how they should be.

As my thoughts went in that direction, I slammed into another problem.

Endo as he is now, hasn’t he grown a bit too much?

Endo Edward from Destiny Labyrinth was exactly as he was all those years ago when I met him. Back then only his body had grown, he still had the brains and emotional maturity of a toddler. By interacting with Michelie he was supposed to mature and learn about life. That was how this storyline was supposed to go!

But Endo as he is these days? He just has too much common sense!

I had thought it was fine since it meant he wasn’t as annoying as he used to be…but now that it’s come to this, I can’t ignore his difference from his original character. What caused this? Just, but, what can I do now? I don’t think I can make him revert back that much now that he’s matured this far.

“….No, things will work out.”

As weak as I am right now, I could only give myself encouragement.

I am Christina Noir. To perform my role in fate’s script, I was bestowed genius intelligence. To someone like me, nothing is impossible!

So stop hesitating Christina. Anything you can use, use. Just like Christina Noir the evil villainess.

Everything up until now, let’s just pretend that none of it happened. Everything is still going to work out just as it should. This is not the time to be impatient and rush. I just need to slowly and calmly undo each of my errors one by one.

And in order to do that, I headed towards a certain class’ homeroom.

It was not my own class, rather it was a class full of students who had only just entered the academy.Everything will be fine. I had already checked that neither Charles or Michelie were a part of this class.

It was a small class of only ten people. To give each student a great quality of education the Academy had low teacher to student ratios. I looked over the short heads to find the person I needed.

“I’m so happy you’ve called by Lady Christina!”


Sure she screamed in my ear, but I can’t believe I, of all people, jumped in surprise.

I was in shock. Cautiously turning my head, standing behind me, smiling ear to ear, was Freesia.

“Welcome Lady Christina! I am overjoyed that you have honoured me with your presence. Do you have any orders? After all, rather than that Michelie, you have a task for me right? I will do anything your order me to.”

Even though that smile could rival a lady’s mask, it didn’t have a hint of nobility at all. I really have to ask, how on earth did this intense positive minded assertiveness of yours come about from a noble lady’s education?

Also, how come everytime we meet something seems so nostalgic? I just can’t put my finger on it.

Putting that aside, I am in desperate need of a new pawn right now.

“I see. I do have a task for you, but this isn’t the place to talk. Let’s change location.”

“Yes, Aha! please listen to this Lady Christina! I have become a member of Lady Christina’s fanclub!”

“Leave that disgusting thing immediately.”

“I beg your-?”

Freesia, who doesn’t seem to understand my words at all, inclines her head as if puzzled.

“What do you mean by….ahem, speaking of you Lady Christina!”

This strange creature call Freesia continued to trail behind me as I walked. She threw away the problematic topic, even though she obviously had questions, and tried to choose a happier topic instead.

“In the newspaper they handed out at the entrance ceremony, there was a photo of Lady Chris in it! I decided that I must bring it back to my room wit me—”

“Fine, hand it over. I will throw it away.”


Taking the newspaper from her hands, I crumpled it up before throwing it into a nearby trash bin.

“Wh, why are you doing this?!”

“Shut it.”

Tears in her eyes, Freesia was reluctant, but I sharply cut her off. I don’t know how many copies were given out, but each one I find I will personally destroy.

I don’t want to hear about this so called Fanclub. It has become the very symbol of my problems.

My current followers can no longer be trusted. They may not have been malicious to me, nor do I doubt their capabilities. Rather, today has convinced me of the truth. They don’t obey my words.

Freesia though, she doesn’t think at all and instead just accepts all of my words with joy. She is a pawn who obeys my every command, that is quite ideal.

Basically, as long as I can control her well, there shouldn’t be any problems.

“Freesia. I have been entrusted by the Fates with a large responsibility, and take pride in becoming the villainess they have decreed me to be. To achieve this I need your assistance.”

“While I do not understand what you have told me at all…I will do whatever I can!”

Not having a clue, but will still try her best.

Looking at that pure smile, when I should be feeling guilty for dragging her into this, instead I am filled with an unshakeable worry. Something feels incredibly wrong, did I make a mistake somewhere?

First of all, my so-called fanclub, I will destroy you. And then I will take back the gravity and pride of a villainess.

With the clueless Freesia trailing behind, I set off.

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