Cheat Magician Life That Started From Being Judged Useless – Chapter 02

「I will give you one last chance. Right now, you are going to go in the opposite direction that we take. You’ll go through the wasteland and forest, and at the end of it, you will find a town. Go to the town’s barrack when you arrive. If you managed to do that, then I’ll give it some thought about you joining us.」

The princess that was wearing golden armour said that while pointing at the road that continues beyond the wasteland.

「Eh, b-by myself?」

「That’s right. Is there anyone else besides you?」

「W-what about water and food?」

「There are cases when you will lose all your equipment. In this situation where there are no pursers, all that you need to do is just walk on the road. I have no need for useless people who can’t do even that.」

The princess is so harsh that I think she is made 90% of harshness. She doesn’t even give me a chance to speak. For someone like me who always use the escalator, and always think that taking the stairs is considered losing, this will be quite difficult.

Also, the judging older sister is looking at me with eyes full of pity. Doesn’t that mean that there is something dangerous about this?

「Can’t we at least give him some water?」

Oh! Class representative, you’re so kind!

「Fuu, show me that you can make it though even if you have to drink muddy water.」

Damn, damn, this princess! One day I will make her cry! I will make her cry on the bed!

Thus while I was left alone everyone else got into the carriage and left. I felt so frustrated that I sung Dona Dona while everyone was leaving on the carriage.

Now, even if I stood here nothing will change so I should start walking.

In the sky, there was a shining moon twice as big as the one on Earth. Even if it’s night time, there was no trouble with walking around.

Still, there are no street lamps at all, and if not for the moonlight it would have been pitch black.

I don’t know how long it will take to reach the town, but I think it’s better to

hurry up a little.

In the first place, isn’t it a long distance to the forest? It looks very far or am I mistaken?

Anyway, I continued walking even while mumbling. I’m seriously walking.

How serious, I’m probably wearing the slippers which usually I just lazily step on with my heels and walk with by dragging my feet.

Still, indoor slippers are not designed for long-distance walking. The sole part is thin so my foot started to hurt.

Also unlike the paved beautiful roads of Tokyo, it’s hard to walk because of the stones and sand.

Still, I desperately walked. I felt that I walked for around 2 hours.

We were summoned during the 3rd period so usually it already past the time for lunch. I feel so hungry that it feels like I’m about to die.

While enduring the hunger and the pain of my foot for 30 more minutes. I finally arrived at the entrance of the forest.

It’s a good thing that I arrived, but it’s dark, very dark, and the moon has already started to set. I can barely see a distance of 10 meters.

I can’t see anything further than 20 meters, rather if the moon sets it will be bad.

But after I go through the forest, there will be a town. I’m so hungry so I have no choice but to hurry and go.

So I made my mind and started walking, but honestly, for a city-raised sprout like me, it’s tough and truthfully it’s scary, very scary.

I’m just walking around by touching the things around me. It feels completely like a haunted house. I already started to regret it after walking for 5 minutes. Why didn’t I spend the night outside the forest? It’s pitch black here.

Because I was only hearing the sound of my steps while walking, I heard it.


「Eh, what? Is something there!?」

I hurriedly raised my head to see its shining eyes.

「Uwa ~a~a~a…」

I got scared and screamed while turning around trying to turn back, but there were also other eyes shining in darkness all around me.

『Gya gya gya.』

In the blink of eyes, some unknown creatures came jumping at me.

I only saw a glimpse of them within moonlight. They were small ugly monsters that were the same size as me or little smaller.

「Go-, goblin! Don’t come over here!」

『Gya- gya gya gya!』

I swung both of my hands with all I can trying to push the goblins away, but I received a strong impact on the back of my head and lost consciousness.

What was that about just walking the road!? That evil princess! Someday I will make her cry! I will make her cry on the bed!

Although I was attacked by creatures like goblins and quickly lost my conscious, I quickly woke up.

Why? That’s because I was being eaten!

「It hurts! Damn it, let go of me! It hurts, it hurts, stop it, it hurts.. it hurts. It hurts, you bastards!」

I just kept screaming with all my might. Because both of my arms and legs and even my stomach were being eaten. And without holding back, they tore even more into my flesh so of course, it hurts.

「Ahhhhh, it hurts, it hurts, ahhhhhh!!」

My limbs are being pressed down and I could not move. I felt that something was pulled from inside my stomach. When I looked at what it was, I saw a goblin eating my intestines with its mouth covered in blood.

「Gobo, goho, goho.」

A warm thing crawled up my throat, ah, this is probably blood.

「No, I don’t want to die! I don’t want to die, goho-, help me, goho, help me…help me… help me…gofu- somebody help me…」

I know that my internal organs were slowly being eaten, and there was no way for me to survive, but still, I couldn’t help but pray.

Bu shu~~tsu…

Suddenly, I heard the sound of the meat being crushed, and the neck of a goblin danced in the air.

What? What happened?

『Gya gya gya gya?』

Bu shu~tsu…… bu shu~tsu…… bu shu~tsu……

Meat smashing sounds continued as the sounds of the puzzled goblins disappeared.

I also saw some goblins get their heads skewered with something sharp.

Kasha… kasha… kasha… kasha……

A little while after the disappearance of the goblins’ presences that were

surrounding me, a flock of skeletons appeared.

More powerful monsters… What the hell, I’m done for! I let go of my consciousness again.

Chi ~yun, chi ~yun, chi ~yun……

In the next morning, I woke up to the sounds of birds.

「Ah, so this is the famous 「Asachun」 I see, did you enjoyed last night? Oh, wait!!」

(ED: He’s referring to the morning after a hookup.)

I immediately retort myself for the surprisingly stupid line I said. Jumping up, and there were skeletons surrounding me in the form of a circle.

「Wow, what is this, what is happening? Someone explain to me!」

『I will answer you, My Lord.』

「Wow, an answer came…」

When I got surprised by the sudden voice that was echoing in my head, one of the skeletons bent its knee down.

「Eh, was it you who just answered now?」

『Yes, my Lord.』

Apparently, the voices sounding in my head is some kind of telepathy that’s used by the skeletons.

「My Lord?」

For confirmation, I pointed at myself, and the skeleton nodded.

『According to my Lord’s order, we are protecting you.』

「Er, that, perhaps does that mean, that I was the one who called you all?」

『That’s right, my Lord.』

The skeleton nodded again. I don’t know why, but it seemed to me as if he was smiling in satisfaction.

The number of skeletons that surrounded me was eleven, and there were seven dead bodies of goblins stacked in a place was a little far away.

The wounds on them were still fresh and grotesque.

According to skeleton’s story, they were knights who had been killed a long time ago in an ambush near here.

Because of the regret of not being able to protect their lord, they couldn’t go to heaven, and while they were wandering around as spirits, they heard my rescue order becoming skeletons and killed the goblins.

「But I never used magic before, and yesterday, when judging my magic, I was told that I’m ‘useless.’」

『If you summoned all of us without even awareness, it means that Kent-sama has an exceptional talent in necromancy.』

Aa, having them calling me “My Lord” seem very exaggerated, so I had them call me by my name.

Adding “sama” is also kind of off, but let just compromise with that. By the way, the one who is answering me as the representative for the skeletons is a knight that was the leader of this squad, Reinhard-san.

「To what attribute does the necromancy belong to?」

『Necromancy is a magic of darkness attribute, but it is not a very common magic

because there are few magicians who have darkness attributes.』

「So it was darkness attribute after all, does that mean the ‘Evil Eye Crystal’ not shining was the correct reaction?」

『No, with someone who has such talent like you Kent-sama, the ‘Evil Eye Crystal’ should definitely have been dyed black.』

「But the ‘Evil Eye Crystal’ remained transparent, why did that happen? Was it broken?」

『I wonder, since I wasn’t there when Kent-sama made the magical judgement, so I can’t tell』

A skeleton thinking and tilting his head looks kind of surreal.

「Heck, I forgot something important, why I’m still alive?」

That’s right, I’m sure that yesterday I was eaten by the goblins, even my internal organs got pulled out, but the next day here I’m without even a scratch.

Well, my uniforms have been torn apart. It now looks like a bloody rag, but I didn’t have wounds on my body.

I was very hungry when I woke up, so I had the skeletons collect some fruits.

One type looks like a mango, but it tastes like an orange, and the other one look

Like half a banana and half an avocado with two fused together.

I was puzzled at the beginning because the appearance and taste did not match, but these fresh fruits are very delicious.

『For me, it seemed that Kent-sama have used healing magic on yourself.』

Reinhard-san answered me, but he doesn’t seem so confident about that.

「Healing magic is a light attribute, right?」

『Indeed, healing magic can be used by people who have a light attribute. There are some people with water attribute who can use healing magic, but healing a wound that reached into the internal organ can be only done by those with a light attribute, normally…』

「Normally, does that mean unordinary light attribute magic was used?」

『No, the magic of the dark attribute and the light attribute are said to be contradictory, so normally it is impossible for a person with the aptitude towards darkness attribute to be able to use the magic of the light attribute.』

It seems that the other skeletons around are also listening to the story. Their figures of thinking while tilting their heads together is kind of cute.

『May I say something Kent-sama?』

「Yes, that’s okay, er…」

『I’m the troop’s captain, Bastin.』

They might be slightly different, but it is difficult to identify them individually, because they are just bones.

『This is only a guess, but perhaps Kent-sama possess both of the light attribute and the darkness attribute, and they canceled each other, that why the ‘Evil Eye Crystal’ didn’t react.』

「Ah, now that you said it, it might be something like that…」

The skeletons are also putting their hand palm on their swords while saying 『I see』 or nodding.

「But doesn’t that mean that both should have exactly the same strength, otherwise either of them will show some reaction?」

When I asked another question, the skeletons started to think again while tilting their heads.

Yeah, this is pretty cute.

『I’m not sure if it was because both had the same strength or was it because Kent-sama possessed both attributes which was unexpected, but what we can tell for sure is that, the ‘Evil Eye Crystal’ couldn’t judge you.』

「Yeah, it’s more natural to think that it didn’t react because it was unexpected.」

I was thought to be worthless useless, but it seems that the road to getting cheat power has opened again.

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